How to Create Layered Bedding like a Designer: Expert Tips
Thursday Feb 14 2019

It is with great delight we're sharing some designer secrets today on how to layer your bed like an expert! Last week on the blog we gave some insight on the importance of creating a tranquil and serene space in the master bedroom. With these helpful designer tips, you will be well on your way to completing your restful master retreat with the perfect bedding! 

1. Foundation

Start off with the correct foundation for your bedding, invest in an excellent mattress. We spend a fair amount of time in our beds so why not be kind and rejuvenate your body with a great night's rest on a high-quality mattress! Our expert designers agree that bedding can be beautiful, but overall it must be functional. Heather suggests to select the best fills and inserts for your pillows and duvet. This will make a tremendous difference on the overall appearance, we always suggest goose down fills! We promise you will not regret it, a down fill will add the perfect plumpness to your bedding look!

upholstered headboard


2. Selecting a "Base"

The first layer is key as this will determine a "base" color for your bedding. A good idea is to keep your main pieces in the bedding neutral. This allows for flexiblity to add color in other areas. Color or pattern can be applied within your throw pillows or an additional duvet at the foot of your bed. Selecting a neutral base will also prevent the overall presentation of the bedding from looking too busy. Heather also adds if your sheets have a pattern, place your top sheet upside down, so that when you fold back the sheet the pattern is showing!

master bedroom bedding

3. Add in Plush Pillows

Now let’s talk pillow configurations, you want to create height and fullness throughout bed because it is essential for keeping visual appeal. This can be attained by using larger sham pillows as a starting point. Keep in mind the scale of the bed. If you happen to have a large bed, it is best to use a larger-scaled pillow or sham to set as your background. This will keep the balance throughout your bedding grouping.

Wlove to layer in oversized pillows, which we call Dutch Euros. They are bigger than a typical Euro and only two are needed on a king bed. Below is a fantastic example of a Dutch Euro from Amity Home, a company that we proudly carry. Just look at those beautiful ivory knit pillows, what a dream!

dutch euro sham

To give you a size reference, throw pillows can be approximately 23"x23" or 21"x21". Size and scale are always important in overall design, and we recommend sticking with these larger sizes and trying to avoid going any smaller than these suggestions. 

textured throw pillows

Blending all of those lovely throw pillows together can be a breeze! Bedding comes to life when varied patterns and color are mixed together, so do not shy away from practicing this expert method. When collaborating your throw pillows, remember to balance larger patterns with some smaller prints and solids. This an excellent designer guideline to follow. Vary sizes of your pillows as this keeps visual interest and will create a cohesive look to your bedding.

master bedroom pillows

upholstered headboard

4. Layer Unique Details

There is one final touch to make your bedding look elegant and finished with designer flair. Be sure to include a unique and eye-catching detail atop the bed. Be bold and display a fun throw pillow or two. Mingling in a dramatic textured throw can also add a stunning element that defines a designer look. A few extra details are a welcome invitation to cuddle up in all of those glorious bedding layers. We love putting a bolster or lumbar pillow up front so that the pillows gradually decrease in size and because they are oh so pretty! 

embroidered pillow

If extra "fluff" is what you desire, incorporate a feather insert into your duvet, sometimes two! This simple trick will make a world of difference in achieving the results you want! A feather bed will contribute depth, dimension and drama. These three elements are important factors when creating perfectly put-together bedding.

Tailored, short bedskirts are a trend of the past. A fresh new alternative to explore is a waterfall drop bedspread. This stunning new trend in bedding covers from Pine Cone Hill and is a great solution as it enlongates the bed and visually adds fullness. 

We proudly work with Pine Cone Hill and Amity Home. These companies are at the top in the bedding industry. Beautiful bedding with all of the extra details can be special ordered to your personal design style. Selecting your perfect bedding is important and should be as unique as you are! Heather, as well as our entire design team, are eager to assist you in creating your ideal bedding collection with chic style.

 neutral bedding

These few simple tips will allow your bed to look incredibly inviting and make your room a dream come true! At The Black Goose Design, we have a gorgeous selection of beautiful bedding to suit your design style. We are happy to assist you in putting together the ultimate bedding ensemble to ensure sweet dreams! 


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