Helpful Furniture Care and Cleaning Tips
Thursday Jun 1 2017

We all have experienced the excitement of selecting that perfect piece of high-quality furniture and admired it's beautiful details wishing it could stay "new" forever! The Black Goose Design is here to help you always have that feeling when it comes to taking care of your furniture . Today we are giving you some helpful tips on how just a little tender loving care for your furniture will go a long way when it comes to achieving longevity of your most cherished furniture pieces. Just as you care for and clean your home with daily or weekly tasks, furniture should be included on that list as well!

Custom Furniture

When you have finally invested and filled that picture perfect room with furniture you adore, ensure that investment is well-maintained and looking it's best for years to come. It takes a very small amount of your time to properly maintain and keep your furniture looking fresh and renewed. A little love and attention towards your furniture can go a long way and is well worth the extra care.


1. Wood Care

The natural beauty of wood is stunning and with the proper care it will endure many years of use.

dining table


  • Be aware of where your wood pieces will be placed in a room. Make sure that wood is never in direct sunlight for an extended period of time this will help to avoid fading the finish.
  • Keeping wood dry is also essential for good care, be sure to wipe up any spills right away. Wood that may be exposed to moisture leads to warping the structure of the piece and the finish to peel away.
  • Protect your wood table from scratches or dents with a tablecloth or fabric table runner. Never ever place hot pots or pans directly on a wood surface, hot temperatures may bubble and lift the protective finish burning the wood.
  • Avoid placing any type of material on top of your wood that may contain chemicals that could penetrate your piece and potentially leave a permanent mark in the finish. Always make sure wood furntiure is clean and dust free. Dust with a clean cloth or a small amount of quality furniture oil and remember to dust with the grain of the wood this will keep surfaces stratch free, rich and beautiful.



2. Upholstery Care

Show some love to your favorite cozy chair or sofa, these pieces get used daily and can take some wear and tear!

custom sectional

  • Upholstery needs proper care, just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there. The same amount dust that ends up on your wood surfaces is on your upholstered pieces as well! Frequent vaccuming of your upholstered pieces will help to prevent dust build-up embedded in the fabric fibers.
  • You live on your furniture and spills will happen, when they do be sure to immediately gently blot-up spills, do not rub! Rubbing back and forth will break down the fabric fibers leading to pilling of the fabric and possibly setting the stain.
  • A professional cleaning of your high-quality upholstery at least once a year is recommended and is key for longevity and freshness!
  • Most upholstery fabrics have a cleaning code or a lettering code. Generally most upholstery grade fabrics will have an "S" code cleaning label, meaning it must be cleaned with professional grade cleaning solvents not soap and water. The fibers of an "S" cleaning code will not react well when cleaned by regular detergents. Occasionally fabrics marked with a "W" code can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner, and distilled water is usually recommended. 



3. Cushion Care

Caring for the inner cushioning of your upholstery is just as important as taking care of the outside.

throw pillows

  • Be sure to "fluff" up your inner cushions and throw pillows, this helps with maintaining their proper shape!
  • Always rotate your loose cushions, we know there is always a certain spot you always like to sit so don't let it get saggy! To avoid over-use and sagging try rotating and turning over your cushions. Even wear throughout your sofa or chairs and can really help with extending the life of your inner cushioning.
  • Your cushions will give you the best performance and support when they are consistantly rotated and "fluffed".



4. Leather Care

Leather is supple, rich and a naturally gorgeous product that is so durable. To maintain it's beauty you will need to care for it properly! 

leather sofa

  • Be aware of where your leather may be placed, leather can crack and appear dry when it is placed near a heat source like a furnace vent or a radiator. Keep your leather pieces at least two feet away from heat sources. Avoid keeping leather in exposed sunlight, just like wood and upholstery the sun can potentially ruin your beautiful leather by fading the hide.
  • The use of a good leather cleaner and conditioner every six months is recommended, leather can dry out just like skin. Replenish it's moisture by applying a good leather conditioner to your piece this will aid in bringing back it's richness.
  • Although leather is strong and can take some use, be aware of sharp objects that could potentially puncture or scratch the hide. If a scratch does occur apply a small amount of distilled water and blot with a clean dry cloth.
  • Keep in mind leather will soak up oils so be aware of any overspray of furniture polish.This could damage the leather hide or could leave it feeling sticky.
  • Always clean with a damp cloth, vaccum and dust properly by keeping the surface clean, this allows for the leather to breathe and helps the hide to last longer.


A little love and attention towards your furniture can go a long way and is well worth the extra care. The Black Goose Design offers a furniture protection plan by Guardsman. A protection plan is the best way to care for your furniture investment. Guardsman's Furniture protection plan and cleaning products will give you peace of mind when it comes to lifes "uh-oh" moments like spills, stains and even damage! 

Take care of your furniture investment by properly maintaining each piece! Happy Cleaning!

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