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Helpful Designer Tips to Refresh your Home after the Holidays
Thursday Jan 3 2019

As the cheerful holiday decorations are back into storage, we start to feel a little blue and our homes begin to look a bit sparse. Our talented designers are here to help you to keep those wintery blues from starting to settle in. The Black Goose Design is excited today to share some helpful designer tips to keep your home looking refreshed and renewed for the upcoming year! We are delighted to spill some useful designer advice on how to breathe life back into your space and keep your home looking beautiful.

1. Incorporate Organic Elements

We all adore the gorgeous boughs of the Christmas tree, garlands and holiday greenery but as they are tucked away our homes are feeling a little scant. An excellent way to invigorate your space is to add some organic elements and greenery back into your room. Allow pops of greenery and organic texture to flow thoughout your home. A fiddle leaf fig tree is a perfect solution to add an adundance of height and fullness into your room. Fill in with smaller to medium sized plants and greenery sprays within your accessory groupings. Greenery accents are so versatile and will instantly bring vitality to any room.

fiddle leaf fig tree


large tray on ottoman


interior design Utah


2. Refresh Throw Pillows and Home Decor 

Brighten up your surroundings with fresh new throw pillows! An easy way to refresh your decor is simply by switching up your pillows with some energetic color and textiles. This small change will completely change the entire look and feel of your space and spruce up that sofa! Try introducing a new bold color scheme, pattern or playful texture within your decor to add visual interest and dimension.

custom upholstered chair

Another helpful tip is to take this opportunity to eliminate clutter and rearrange your home accessories. With the holiday decorations clear, it is the perfect opportunity to "regroup" your home decor and switch some things around. Layer in some pretty pottery or large statement pieces into your room to create an eye-catching vignette. We always suggest grouping accessories together atop a large tray. This is a great way to keep things looking simplified and organized with design-savvy style.

interior design accessories

custom living room furniture

textured throw pillows

white brick fireplace


 3. Layer your Home with Warm Lighting

Accent lighting is always so inviting and brings a feeling a comfort, especially when the holiday lights were all aglow. Bring back that warm ambiance within your home by layering with key lighting pieces. Lighting is a powerful and vital element of interior design and it can elevate, highlight and set the tone for your entire space. Treat your home to a new lighting feature such as a stunning chandelier or gorgeous accent lamps. When lighting is used correctly, it can enhance and accent your space.


dining chandelier

accent lighting

interior design great room

painted cabinetry

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5. Create a Focal Point with Key Pieces

Starting with a fresh space will give you the option to create a stunning focal point within your room. A mantel tends to be a natural focal point so why not layer it with some fabulous accessories? Showcase a large sparkling mirror or two! A mirror reflects beautiful light and gives the appearance of a brighter, lighter space! Incorporating dramatic designer accessories with varied sizes will assist in creating a harmonious balance. 

mantel accessories

Treat yourself and your space this new year to a fabulous furniture piece! A small splurge on a stunning piece such as a large sideboard or even some smaller accent ottomans is a great way to make a design statement. Unique furntiure pieces will visually give you change you crave and can impact your room in an exciting new way. 

large sideboard

interior design Salt Lake City

Perk up those walls and add some new artwork! Artwork is a wonderful way to easily expand coloring and interest in a room without overwhelming it. Layering in art pieces will allow for visual balance and flow throughout the room.


bedroom furniture

Now is the perfect time to embrace the feeling of an open and refreshed space during 2019! Allow our talented designers to assist you in renewing your home for the new year! We are always eager to assist you to acheive your interior design goals. We are ecstatic to share wonderful design inspiration and ideas to refresh your home. It is always a pleasure to share with our readers exclusive designer tips! Cheers to the new year!

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