For the Love of Pillows
Thursday Apr 11 2024 by Stacey Beyer

At the Black Goose Design, we’re always up for a little pillow talk. How about you? Let’s take a look at the latest in trends and styles for this must-have accent element.


Color, Color, Color!

Huzzah! Color is back! And pillows are the perfect way to introduce the hues you choose without a significant room makeover. Because color is on trend, you should have no problem finding the ideal combo for your home.


Play Up Patterns

Bold patterns are big, and not just in the literal sense. They’re also hugely popular this season. Adding at least one bold print to your pillow mix will add new energy to your space. This goes double if you’ve been leaning into the neutrals for a while now. We’ve certainly found ourselves on neutral ground these past many months, so we can’t wait to see more powerful prints in play.


TIP: Want to work more patterns into your decorating? Start with one major statement piece first and then incorporate colors and smaller prints that complement the focal piece. This will allow you to work up to a look you want and keep things from feeling too busy or overwhelming.


Make It Multi-Color

With colors back in a beautiful way, it’s fun to weave more vibrant shades throughout your entire house. A great place to start is with a focal patterned piece that has several colors. It will give you many options to pull from and use elsewhere in the home.


Texture Time

You know we love an opportunity to add texture, and pillow placement is an easy way to make it happen. Texture seamlessly adds a new design element without having to coordinate a color or pattern.


Mix It Up

Ready for this? You can mix multiple patterns on a single sofa or bed. We know, we know, this can be a tricky one to embrace at first thought, but there are ways to combine different patterns successfully. The balance comes from being thoughtful about the patterns you choose. For example, a busy floral print is likely going to pair easier with a striped pattern than it would another floral, which could end up competing for attention. Sure, pillow fights can be fun, but not when it’s accent pillows, fighting for the spotlight.

TIP: Besides considering pattern types when combining several, you’ll also want to keep scale in mind. Having a balance of small, medium, and large patterns is definitely the way to go. Too much of any single size will either start competing, which can be exhausting to the eye, or it will all blend together, which lacks impact and likely isn’t the vibe you seek.




Ready to play with your pillows and breathe some new life into your home this spring? Stop by and see our latest assortment of must-have spring styles, prints, colors, and textures. We always enjoy helping clients mix and match, whether you’re working with all new options or simply want a few new items to add to your existing lineup. That said, if you are looking to enhance your current look (vs. replacing), don’t forget to either bring your pillows with you or at least snap a few pics first.


We can’t wait to see you soon, beautiful pillow people! 

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