Five Post Holiday Home Decor Tips
Thursday Jan 11 2024 by Stacey Beyer

If Taylor Swift says it, it must be true. You CAN leave the Christmas lights (and décor!) up ‘til January. When it’s your place, you certainly do make the rules. That being said, it never hurts to weave in a few friendly suggestions and tips when you decide it’s time to take your beloved holiday décor down for another year. Even if you’re an everything-is-down-by-December-26th person, you’ll find some helpful nuggets below to get your 2024 off to an organized start. Take a look!

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Five Tips for Your Post-holiday Home

1. Dig Deep with a Deep Clean

When you’re in between holidays, it’s the perfect time to give your surroundings an extra bit of elbow grease. As you’re taking down your twinkly lights and baubles, clean those surfaces. Don’t forget the hidden trouble spots, such as inside and beneath furniture. While you’re at it, wipe down your mantels and baseboards. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new year.

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2. Keep or Donate? Time to Re-evaluate Your Décor

You have all your surfaces clear, now's the time to decide if you still love your everyday décor. Does something feel tired and dated? Now’s the time to donate and replace.

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If replacing décor isn’t in your budget, see what kind of new energy you can give old items simply by displaying it in a different area or pairing it with a different piece. Some of our fav tricks to try include stacking some books beneath a décor piece or positioning it next to a painting or lamp for a quick refresh.  

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3. Brrrr… Warm Things Up by Creating a Cozy Vibe

It may not be Christmas anymore, but the weather outside remains frightful. Warm things up indoors with added textures and layers. This can be done with accent pillows, throw blankets, fur hides, warm lighting, and candles. If you remember this post from last year, we’re all about gorgeous flameless candles, which offer battery-operated ambiance and never melt away.  

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4. It’s All in How You Organize It

You’re already in cleaning mode. Seize the day and throw in a little organizing. Does that sideboard look cluttered because you can see your kids toys through the glass? Add baskets or totes to tidy things up. Containers can come in unexpected ways. We even have faux books that look beautiful on a shelf while doubling as remote control holders. Finding pretty ways to keep the clutter from feeling cluttered is a fun game to play. Come on in. We’ll join you for a round and find your ideal storage solutions.

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Extend this organizing opportunity to your holiday décor. Make this the year you put a little extra thought into how you put your stuff away. Add labels. Make groups of like items. Organize things by how they’re displayed in the home. Even consider snapping a pic of the display before you take it down and adding it in with the tote of décor for reference next year. Putting in the time now will make the busy holiday season that much more enjoyable 11 months from now. While you’re at it, set aside anything that simply doesn’t inspire you anymore. Donating beats storing if you know you won’t get it out again. Someone will be delighted to give the piece a new home and new life!

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5. Strength in Numbers … Hire an Interior Designer

If you realize after taking down your seasonal décor that your home needs a lot more than a few new accessories, hire an interior designer. We can help you with a renovation, fresh paint, updated flooring, and new furniture. If doing this work sounds like it would take more time than you have, you should know that we also do accessory installs. Let one of our designers help you transform your space.

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Join us and raise a glass. Here’s to a happy, organized, clean new year. Cheers! 

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