Expert Tips on How to Reveal a Designer Room with Ravishing Rugs Pt. 2
Thursday Apr 6 2017

Welcome back to the second part of how to select a ravishing rug to complete that desired designer look for your home. In our last post we had touched on the content of the rug and the best application for where your gorgeous new rug may be placed. Let our designers help guide you through the next step of the rug selection process.

Once you have selected your perfect area rug, the next step is selecting your size and placement of the rug. A great question we as designers get time and time again is - "what is the correct size of rug should I be looking at in my space?" Choosing the correct sizing and scale are key when it comes to area rugs. The rug is your foundation to your living area so choosing the right size and placing it correctly is critical to a well-balanced room. 

1. The Placement

Typically you want your rug large enough so that all pieces of furniture placed in the room are connected or touching the rug, creating that grounding effect and defining your seating space. An excellent way to know exactly how large of a rug you will need is to tape off the desired size to see the measurement visually and give you a good idea of how much of the floor would be covered giving the room balance. The sketch below shows a great example of this rule.



2. The Size

When it comes to dining areas, this can be a tad tricky to tackle. A general rule to help guide you for your dining space is to maintain at least 18" to 24" out from the table giving you access to pull your chair from the table yet still be seated on the rug surface. When in doubt it is usually best to go bigger if you are debating between two sizes, and asthetically it is visually pleasing and appears balanced.



Rugs do come in varied sizes depending on the manufacturer. General sizing is usually, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 8ft, 7ft x 9ft, 9ft x 12ft and even larger. Have a good idea on the size you are after before you begin your rug hunt because this will help you narrow down your rug choices. 


 3. Complete the Look

Rugs add such a soft warmth and welcoming feeling to a space they also contribute pretty detailing to any room. They are appealing in design, add visual interest and can make all the difference for a beautifully-designed space! An area rug will complete your space and is the must-have item for cohesively bringing together your entire room with ease.

The Black Goose Design carries a large selection of rugs from companies that offer a variety of durablity options, beautifully patterned and vibrant colored rug pieces to suit your personal design style.

Refresh your space, pamper your floors and complete your home with a ravishing rug!