Expert Tips on How to Reveal a Designer Room with Ravishing Rugs
Thursday Mar 30 2017

The Black Goose Design is sharing a little inside designer secret when it comes to the ONE item that will instantly complete a room and bring it to life!

Have you ever felt as if your room was missing something and it just didn't feel complete? Most of the time the missing element is an area rug. This essential piece acts as a grounding feature and a visual focal point in your space. Placing an area rug in a room prevents the feeling as if your furniture was "floating." An area rug will tie your entire floor plan and furniture pieces together with ease, and rugs are a must-have piece to a well-designed room.


The simple element of adding an area rug to a room has the power to pull your entire designer look together creating a cohesive feel into your space. Think of an area rug as stunning artwork for your floor. It can add playful pattern, a burst of color and neccessary texture to your room. The search for the perfect rug can be somewhat of a challenge but our expert designers are here to give you some useful tips on what to look for and helpful sizing guidance when selecting the ideal rug for your space.


 1.Durability and Use 

Consider where the rug will be placed in your home. You will want to feel at ease with the durability and maintenance of the rug especially if it will be located underneath a dining table or a high-traffic area. One of the most durable types of material that is woven into a rug is the celebrated natural wool rug! Wool is naturally thick, strong yet still maintains a softness about it. Wool also contains a built-in protectant called lanolin that acts as a sort-of defense against moisture and it can repel small spills making blotting up those little "uh-oh" type accidents easier. Wool can be a bit on the expensive side but it is more than worth the investment. A well-woven wool rug has natural, amazing attributes that can endure many years of use and eventually become a treasured heirloom piece. Feast you eyes on some of our most luxurious and favorite wool rugs!



Other natural fibers could include cotton, jute, sisal or bamboo. Each is a natural option for area rugs depending on your comfort level and durablity expectations. These particular fibers may be more sensitive when it comes to high-traffic areas, and generally these materials would act as good use for a medium to low traffic area of your home. 

2. Content of the Area Rug

Synthetic fibers are also an option for durable area rug content. Similar to how fabric threads are combined, the same idea is applied here. When synthetic fibers are combined together, they can produce a strong and somewhat durable piece. Acrylic has the ability to clean up easily and can mimic a wool-like feel if a soft rug appeals to you. Polyester, polypropylene, olefin, viscose, rayon and nylon are all good options. They typicallly can retain their color fastness, they are resistant to mold and mildew and also have a soft hand to them. The design industry has even created an evironmentally-friendly material called PET which is made up of a durable polyester fiber and recycled plastic bottles, eco-friendly and extraordinarly exquisite!

These rugs have a blend of viscose and wool giving a patinated vintage look. We love the subded pattern adding just enough interest without overwhelming the room.




3. Designer Style

Now that we have covered the content and durability of the area rug now comes the fun part, selecting the perfect pattern and style for your room. When introducing an area rug into a space it comes down to finding that precise balance of pattern, color and texture. Think about the other pieces in your room, are they neutral based pieces? If so, it may be a good idea to select a rug that will bring life and vitality into your space, perhaps something with an eye-catching pattern. This same idea can be applied if you have bold and dramatic furniture pieces, by bringing in just a touch of color and subdued pattern in your area rug can complement your beautiful furniture pieces and still achieve your desired designer style!

You will not want to miss part two of our ravishing rug post coming soon! We will be spilling expert designer tips on the perfect area rug placement and size for your space. 

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