Expert Designer Tips for Layering Beautiful Bedding
Thursday Feb 23 2017

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to sucessfully creating that perfect bedding look? We all desire that gorgeous bedding ensemble that makes you want to cozy up right in the middle of all of that beautiful bedding!

Well, get ready for some expert designer tips on how to turn your bedding into a luxurious layered slice of heaven!

Creating a designer bedding look can seem complicated, but really this process can easily be achieved by thinking in simplistic layers! Be sure to begin with a quality bed that you truly adore! Whether your style is simple and modern, or timeless and traditional, The Black Goose Design carries an exclusive selection of stunning beds that will complement your beautiful bedding. 


 1. The Foundation

Start off with the correct foundation for your bedding. By "foundation" we mean investing in an excellent mattress. We spend a fair amount of time in our beds so why not be kind and rejuvenate your body with a great night's rest on a high-quality mattress! Our expert designers agree that bedding can be beautiful, but overall it must be functional. The Black Goose Design has well-constructed mattresses that provide ideal support and will suit your level of comfort.



2. Selecting a "Base"

The first layer is key as this will determine a "base" color for your bedding. Our expert designers suggest selecting a duvet that is neutral. This allows for flexiblity in other areas of the bedding where you may want to pull in an accent color or a pattern. Perhaps this particular color or pattern could be applied within your throw pillows or an additional duvet at the foot of your bed. A neutral base will also prevent the overall presentation of the bedding from looking too busy.


Another helpful tip to add "fluff" within your bedding is to incorporate a feather bed into your duvet. This simple trick will make a world of difference in your bedding when completing your look! A feather bed will contribute depth, dimension and drama. These three elements are important factors when creating perfectly put-together bedding.

3. Create Height with Pillows

Now we can begin filling in those essential layers with pillows. You want to create height and fullness throughout bed because it is essential for keeping visual appeal. This can be attained by using larger sham pillows as a starting point. Keep in mind the scale of the bed. If you happen to have a larger scaled bed, it is best to use a larger-scaled pillow or sham to set as your background. This will keep the balance throughout your bedding grouping.

 4. Fill-in with Euro Shams

The second layer of placing 26" Euro shams will naturally allow the eye to fall from the larger background shams toward the front of the bed. This is where color and pattern come into play. Let your personal design style show within the shams. Our design team at The Black Goose Design always suggests using a quality feather down-fill inside of your shams because the down will keep its shape visually, giving a look of fullness.

5. Add Depth with a Duvet

Here comes the extra "fluffy" part, an additional duvet folded at the foot of the bed lends softness and great texture. 

A lighter weight quilt that complements your Euro shams can also be included. This is an ideal way to tie in the coloring or pattern that the Euro shams may have allowing the bedding to flow properly.

6. Include Personality with Pillows

Now here comes the really fun part, blending all of those lovely throw pillows together! Bedding comes to life when mixing in varied patterns and color so do not shy away from mixing different pillows together. When mixing in your gorgeous throw pillows, remember to balance larger patterns with some smaller prints and solids. This an excellent expert guideline to follow. Also change up the sizing of your pillows as this keeps visual interest and will create a cohesive look to your bedding.


7. Placing those Gorgeous Details

Oh yes, there is one final touch, mingling in a dramatic textured throw. This is a welcoming invitation to cuddle up in all of those glorious bedding layers.

Sleep in style and ultimate comfort with cozy bedding layers and perfectly-plumped pillows. The Black Goose Design has one-of-a-kind bedding and extraordinary throw pillows ready to grace your beautiful bed. Allow our expert designers to create a personalized luxurious designer bedding look just as unique as you!

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