Expert Designer Tips for Custom Millwork in your Home
Thursday Jan 10 2019

We all know the moment your heart skips a beat when you see a perfectly designed space with all the stunning finishwork and details. In that dreamy moment we think, "Wow, how can I recreate this designer look?" The Black Goose Design is sharing some expert designer tips on how to create a custom look in your home with detailed millwork!



First off, what exactly is millwork? Millwork is all of those dramatic designer details that gives a spectacular custom look and complements the overall architectural design of a home. Millwork can include crown moulding, finished trimwork, interior doors, shiplap, board and batten and wainscoting. Basically any type of woodwork that is made from raw lumber and that is cut or trimmed in a saw mill defines the term, millwork.

coffered ceiling


Ceiling details are always a unique and unexpected way to showcase beautiful millwork. Incorporating wood planking or a stunning coffered design detail can impact a room and create a beautiful design element.

double door entryway

We adore the contrast of the crisp white mouldings with the inlay of this warm natural wood planking. Ceiling detailing can add a subtle accent to your space and will create a distinct and unanticipated custom look to your room. 

wood inlayed ceiling

double french doors

Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams are visually stunning and can be a tremendous feature within a room. Wood beams add so much character and charm to a home. There are many ways to style wood beams that will cohesively and effortlessly blend with your design style. A vertical or horizontal pattern can elongate and suit your space perfectly. Another option is to match the pitch of your ceilings with the beams. This will give a glorious outline with architectural detail. Natural wood color brings a warm, rustic texture. However, if sleek transitional design is what you desire, painting the wood beams will still give you a beautiful custom feature that is bright and airy.

custom wood beams


The crisp and uniform look of shiplap, nickleboard and wood paneling can be seen everywhere throughout the design industry and for good reason! This sleek wall treatment can intermix with any design style giving an eye-catching custom look to any wall. Installing shiplap horizontally will give an expansive feel to the room. This beautiful board also gives a lustrous texture that plain or painted dry wall just cannot. 

shiplap staircase

This millwork treatment is an ideal way to create a custom look in your home. Adding millwork to your home may seem overwhelming or a large project, but it is relatively simple and can make a huge difference in the overall look of a space. A helpful suggestion is to start in an entryway, bedroom or hallway. Keep in mind key areas and focal points within your home. These particular areas may be the perfect place to apply this distinct treatment without overwhelming a space.

master bedroom shiplap

master bathroom nickleboard

custom wall treatment

Shiplap is so versatile when it comes to design styling. A deep and moody paint color can instantly bring a modern and transitional look. Mix up paint colors with millwork on an accent wall to create depth and add a distinct design feature. Another helpful tip is to ensure you are selecting the correct width of the planks you are using for your space. When it comes to sizing, generally speaking a five to six inch board is used. Do not shy away from using a variety of mixed-width boards both in flooring and on your walls. Remember they do not need to be the same size. 

shiplap fireplace

Wood Paneling 

Wood paneling in many applications gives a room a sophisticated and special detailing that is always impressive. A variety of panel styles can be used to complete the overall fashion and design of your home. Wood paneling, board and batten and wainscoting are all exceptional and custom treatments you can easily incorporate.

board and batten wall

A flat recessed panel will give you a clean, smooth transitional feel while raised panels with decorative moulding tend to be a bit more formal and traditional in style. Wainscoting gives your home that classic, "high-end" appeal and will allow you to admire those custom details for years to come.

board and batten staircase

diamond wood paneling

Wood paneling can visually break up larger wall expanses while still adding a decorative element. We adore this intricate pattern and design on the ceiling. This is a great way to tie a room together nicely.

wainscoting wall treatment

custom wainscoting

custom cabinetry

Crown Moulding

Decorative mouldings and crown mouldings also give an impactful presence to any room. This delightful trim is simple, yet adds so much elegance and appeal to this master suite. 

master bedroom wainscoting

Essentially, incorporating any type of beautiful millwork into your space will instantly bring in a key tonal texture within the walls (or ceilings) of your home. As designers, we always suggested selecting specific millwork you really love! Millwork will be a part of your home forever so selecting a style that makes you feel the happiest will, in the end, be the very best choice for you and aesthetically for your home. We offer the very best professional interior design services in Utah to assist you in your design needs. Our talented designers are always eager to create a personalized design plan you will adore! 


*Disclaimer some photos from MadebyMood, Houzz, Elizabethstreet post, Lowes and Emily Henderson Design

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