Designer Tips for Selecting a Stunning Sofa Pt.1
Sunday Feb 26 2017

The Black Goose Design is sharing some excellent educational designer tips when it comes to selecting that stunning sofa you have been dreaming of.  The sofa is likely to be one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in you home, so what really should you be looking for? Size, level of comfort, fabric durability or all of the above? Absolutely all the above, but most of all you want an ultra-comfy functional sofa that suits your every design need within your home. With so many questions it may seem a bit overwhelming but don't worry becuase we can answer all of those need-to-know questions and more in our two-part blog post on some very useful tips on selecting the perfect sofa!

The sofa is a piece of furniture you most likely use everyday. Think about it, that's 365 days just in one year! That is a lot of use so you will want to ensure it stands up to your daily functions and that it is a comfortable high-quality piece of upholstered furniture.


1. Selecting a Frame Style

With the many options of frame styles to select from transitional to traditional our talented designers will help guide you to a sofa frame that will fit your design personality. You want to love the style of the sofa but also think of the functionaly of the sofa. Style is what draws us to a particular piece but it is also important to know what is it constructed of.

  • Think of your sofa as an investment. You want it to perform and give you and your family longevity. A well-constructed sofa should endure everyday use. Make sure the frame is manufactured from a sturdy kiln-dried hardwood. Kiln-dried is a process that removes any moisture from the frame making it less susceptible to possibly distorting the frame shape and also will help with strenghthening the wood. 
  • It is best that the sofa houses a quality suspension system, this is the constructive part that allows you to sit down on the sofa without feeling like you are sinking into a hole. Ideally you should be looking for an "8-way" hand-tied suspension system. This system means each spring beneath your seat is individually hand-tied to eachother and also tied to the frame itself. The 8-way hand tied method distributes your weight evenly when you are sitting preventing your cushions from looking "saggy" overtime. Durable webbing straps should also be placed over this system giving you a sturdy well-built frame.






2. Cozy Cushioning 

Every comfort level varies from person to person but there may be options when it comes to your inner cushioning when ordering a custom sofa. Lee Industries is a wonderful, upholstered furniture company that gives you varied options of inner cushioning for your desired comfort level. A  high-resiliency foam should be used inside of the cushion. This foam will hold up well and give you that little bit of "push-back" when you sit down allowing you to sink in just a bit while the cushion still keeps its shape. There are also options with coils placed into the center of the cushion for an even firmer feel; or if a feather cushion is your preference, that is offered as well. Whatever you select, be sure your cushioning is wrapped in a down-proof ticking or quality dacon wrap as this ensures that your feathers and fill will stay right where you want them to. You can find these wonderful cushion options on Lee Industries website here.




3. Form and Function

We all want our sofas to be pleasing to the eye, but function should also play a large part in your sofa selection.

  • Think in terms of the overall use of your sofa, will it function and serve you properly in the room it will be placed in? Measurements are key and could be a deciding factor when you make your selection. Look at the overall measurements of the piece, be sure it will fit in your space yet still allow for high traffic areas to flow easily.
  • Overall measurments are just one part of the sofa, now you should look at interior measurments. How deep the cushions are, what the seat and arm height might be, would you be more comfortable in a cushion back or a tight-back sofa? These considerations are all vital measurments and factors to fit the right sofa to your comfort level. There are many solutions and options to fit every need. If you need a bit of assistance with this decision, The Black Goose Design offers superior design services. Our talented designers will measure and draft out your space, listen to your needs and help guide you to the ideal sofa size tailored to your exact needs.

You will be ahead of the sofa selection game if you are educated on the type of product you are selecting. Keep in mind these key points when shopping for your dream sofa, you will make a great choice on a sofa that will provide you the longevity you desire!


*Disclaimer: some photos from Lee Industries and Wesley Hall

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