Designer Tips for Creating a Restful Master Retreat
Thursday Feb 7 2019

Today we are addressing one of the most personal spaces within the home, the master bedroom. This intimate space should be the one space you always look forward coming home to. We are so excited to be sharing some helpful designer tips to make your bedroom into a restful retreat. The bedroom is a frequently overlooked space, and the last to be completed but we are here to inspire you to change that. When it comes to master design planning, the bedroom should be one of your top priorities. Why? With so much of our valuable time being spent within this space, it is important to create a place where the soul feels completely comfortable and relaxed in every way possible. 

master bedroom

To create a calm and serene space, it is important to keep in mind the color palette of the overall space. Be sure to use soothing colors that will evoke a feeling of relaxation for you. Neutrals and softer colored hues are usually a great place to start when selecting your color choices. Softer, smooth colors blend effortlessly together and are key to encompassing a "zen" like feeling.

accent throw pillows

Every master bedroom needs a comfy spot where you are able to sit and enjoy the ambiance of a private space away from the rest of the busy home. A small chair or even a petite bench at the foot of the bed can be the perfect solution to create an inviting haven just for you.

master bedroom settee

master bedroom bedding


Selecting the perfect bed can be a tough choice with so many options to select from. Not to worry, our talented designers are happy to assist you in finding a bed that is your dream come true! Keep in mind what style will work best for you, your space and lifestyle. Master bedroom planning is not only about serene beauty but functionality as well. One of our favorite bed choices is an upholstered headboard. The soft, cushioned back of the upholstery will give you comfortable support while leaning back or reading in bed! Your bed should envelop you in total "cloud 9" comfort!

upholstered headboard

Bedding is also a large part of making your master retreat complete. Layered detailed bedding will make a substantial difference in how your bed not only looks but feels! Luxurious and subduded bedding atop this amazing upholstered bed gives a sophisticated yet welcoming look. Textured throw pillows paired wtih a simple striped quilt are a match made in designer heaven! Adding texture within your bedroom is vital. The texture may be within wall treatments, accent pillows or an area rug, it is vital to create visual substance and interest within the room.

master bedroom bedding

Use a combination of light sources in your bedroom to promote gorgeous illumination from every angle. The master bedroom lighting is all about creating a delicate mood where you can unwind with a soft glow about your space. A large chandelier can be a decorative focal point that produces overall ambient lighting. Bedside lamps or pendants are also a great way to include accent lighting around the room. Layering many types of light is essential for cozy atmosphere. 

bedroom natural lighting

Another helpful tip is to install a dimmer switch. This allows you to be in control of how much light is generated within the room. 

bedroom chandelier


Detailed furniture pieces will contribute character and charm to your serene space. It is always a great idea to incorporate larger scaled pieces if your space can accomodate it. This gives a dramatic effect to your room and an added bonus of storage space! Unique nightstands or small bedside chests are also an exceptional way to add a touch of elegance and show personal style.

large furniture sideboard

Let's face it, we all work extremely hard, you deserve a place of ultimate beauty to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Make your master bedroom a refreshing space that is blissful to you. Allow our talented interior designers to assist you in making your designer dream home or master suite a reality! 

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