Designer Tips for Creating a Cozy Coastal Home
Thursday Jun 28 2018

Today we have the pleasure of hearing from one of our expert designers Denise. She is dishing some of her top tips on how to create a fresh coastal feel within your home. When it comes to designing clients homes, Denise is always ecstatic when they request a crisp coastal style. Her amazing talent and adoration for all things coastal showcases beautifully in her many design projects.

To Denise, coastal is defining a specific "feeling" of a space rather than a theme of seashells and palm trees. It is all about loving your surroundings and creating a relaxed tranquil feeling in your space.

A light and serene color palette sets the mood for a peaceful retreat. Refreshing, soothing colors like moody blue-green hues and natural textures are always a must for achieving a coastal look!

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Incorporating a contrast of crisp white details will always give a hint of coastal atmosphere within your space.


accent chairs


custom draperies

Denise has been in the design industry for over 20 plus years, and with many diverse styling trends she feels as the coastal look has always felt like "home" to her. She adores nautical finds like unique sea glass bottles, white worn accessories, and oversized shells. Her favorite coastal detail is her collection of sanddollars that are beautifully displayed in a large glass jar with white sand. Denise recently purchased a home with gorgeous original wood flooring which flowed perfectly with her white casual slipcovered sofas. Adding just an inkling of coastal touches can go a long way without feeling overwhelming or a defining "beach house" look. 

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coastal style

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Combine natural light wood tones and touches of texture throughout the space. Using soothing colors will help transform any home into a cozy place to relax.

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Pairing deep sea blues with warm wood tones creates visual interest with a bold statement of color. 

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Do not limit your coastal vibe exclusively to the interior of your home, the exterior of your home can define your style as well. A refreshed painted pale blue door is a welcomed sight to greet friends and family. Adding charming details such as a simple lanterns or a natural jute rug will also complement your coastal look.


front door custom color

white home exterior


master bedroom

Add in accent pieces such as oversized seaglass jar and eclectic vintage artwork in unexpected places. These small details will help to bring in the tranquil and calming sense of the ocean.

coastal accessories


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The Black Goose Design is always delighted to create a cozy coastal space tailored to your personal style. We all want to have a sense of serenity and relaxation within our homes. There is no better way to love your surroundings and feel like you are on vacation everyday than with coastal touches throughout your home. Thank you Denise for your helpful tips on creating a composed coastal space! 

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