Designer Spotlight Kelly Winn: Top Design Trend for 2019
Thursday Jan 31 2019

Welcome back to our final designer spotlight highlighting interior design trends in 2019. Today we are ecstatic to be hearing from the talented Kelly Winn. Her top trend focus for this year is all about incorporating vivid color throughout the home especially within artwork. We are seeing a large rise in rich and vibrant color incorporated throughout the home. Kelly is enthusiastic about the varied mediums of artwork and vibrant coloring being introduced to neutral palettes. These absolutely gorgeous art pieces Kelly is sharing on our blog today are from a wonderful art company with enjoy working with, the Soicher Marin Gallery. This stunning artwork is on display at our beautiful showroom floor located in Midvale, Utah and also can be special ordered.


Kelly Winn interior designer

Artwork can showcase your true designer style and personality. A large amount of wall space within the home is dedicated to displaying visual images that you adore, so make the best use of that prime real estate. Graphic prints, pen and ink drawings always peek a visual interest with chic style. Black and white coloring with simple shapes add great interest not only in the subject matter but in the amazing quality of the calligraphy itself!


simplistic artwork


calligraphy artwork

Grouping these simplistic art pieces together can make a large impact in a room. These elegant prints flow perfectly in this space and complement the beautiful bedding. Muted coloring will give sophisticated and sleek presence when combining multiple art pieces together.

artwork grouping

Larger scaled art prints can really brighten up a room and give a fresh perspective to a space. Switching up your artwork is a wonderful way to add a splash of color and give an entirely new appearance to your room.



transitional artwork

black and white print

Another trend Kelly is seeing is the introduction of photography in a unique and unexpected subject matter. Photography is such a classic accent to use in a home, and we are excited to be seeing a fresh "untraditional" take on artwork for 2019. Interesting photographs are art pieces that make fantastic conversation pieces to grace your home. These captivating photos will intrigue your guests and will add great visual interest to your space.


photography artwork

photography artwork

Finally, Kelly adores that watercolors are back! This exquisite method has been missing from interiors for years but this medium is largely on trend and making a beautiful impression in many forms. One of the best features of watercolor is the variety of shades and color tones that can be displayed. Many magnificent colors can be present in a single painting, and these various colors will allow you to easily complement your furniture, area rugs and home accents that you may have in the room.


watercolor artwork

watercolor sketch

Artwork with both vibrant and ombre coloring that flows effortlessly together will be forever an eye catching focal point in any space. Play off of the many colors that are found in watercolor paintings within the accents you have in your home. Incorporating small doses of color throughout your space will create consistency with seamless design.

large colorful artwork

This stunning medium is not only for artwork displayed on a wall, but it is largely being used within accents of the home as well. Phenomenal textiles are also included in this artistic manner. These incredible chairs showcase a large watercolor print that enriches and gives zest to this fabulous space.

accent watercolor chairs

Watercolor paintings and prints are visually impressive and expressive. The many colors, that flow cohesively together within a watercolor piece, create fluidity and bring a lightness into the room. 


watercolor textile

Lastly, another unique way color is being introduced in art is through reproductions of fabulous textiles and ornate wallpapers. The everlasting beauty of a classic cruel needlework is now being framed as art and we completely are smitten with this idea. Gorgeous creations of hand-stitched art should be cherished and admired. Framing and displaying extraordinary textiles will add depth and dimension to your walls.

needlework art

cruel needlepoint pillow

Wall art in many forms is a key element that will pull together a space and make it feel complete. It is important to select art pieces that speak to you and will make your heart happy everytime you see them. Selecting your perfect artwork should be an enjoyable process and admiring your choice pieces will give you joy for many years to come! 


large bird artwork

Balancing your home with many types of artwork is vital to acheive superior design. Using a variety of mediums with artwork in your home will spark visual interest and complete your overall interior design. Adorn your walls with captivating artwork that will bring you delight with each new day. Our skilled designers are eager to assist you in selecting magnificent artwork to grace your home for years to come. 


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