Complete Your Room with Designer Draperies: Expert Tips from Kelly
Thursday Jan 25 2018

Today we are thrilled to hear from one of our talented designers, Kelly. She is giving some helpful design advice on how she works with clients to achieve the perfect finishing touch to a room with window treatments.  

dining room draperies

As designers, it is our goal to complete the room with every designer detail including window treatments. Dressing your windows is like the icing on the cake, or the perfect accessory to your fashionable outfit, it just feels complete!

The same rule applies to draperies. After investing in a room full of gorgeous furniture, accessories and artwork, you want the space to feel finished to perfection. That can be accomplished with the final touch of window treatments.

custom roman shades

We all strive for the room that we see in a designer magazine, or perhaps on social media. Kelly mentions, "At times, there may be  a client who purchases a room full of beautiful furniture, but are still feeling like the space is not completed. To eliminate this feeling, window treatments are the solution to finishing off the room." Every room and window are unique, and it is helpful to collaborate with a designer when it comes to window treatments. This ensures the right treatment will be installed, also that the design style, coloring and pattern will complement the room.

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There are many styles of window treatments, from Roman shades to dramatic drapery panels. Partnering with an expert designer is key. Kelly listens and guides her clients to the best application of window treatments that will give them that beautiful, functional and finished look. Window treatments are a great way to introduce pattern, color or soft texture into a space. 

red roman shades

Blinds or shutters are great for privacy and light control, but it is the window detailing that really showcase the room and make it shine! Kelly adds, "the truth is, even if you do have blinds or shutters, you need draperies to soften the hard surfaces of the room. They aid in sound absorption, especially if you have higher ceilings or hardwood flooring. Draperies also add key texture and vital color to the space." 

family room sectional

"By establishing the need for a window treatment, I can then work with a client to achieve the overall look and feel they desire in the space." By engaging with the client and asking what their personal needs are for window treatments, we can focus on what will work for them. The client may want the focal point to be on the window treatment itself. In this case, we would select a high contrasting or patterned fabric to really highlight the windows.

modern interior design

If a softer look is desired by the client, a subdued window treatment can be applied. Window treatments can also provide more of a supporting look that blends in and harmonizes with other furnishings. 

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It is always a great pleasure to work with every single client and assist them in achieving the designer look they dream of! Dress up those windows and complete your space with the perfect designer draperies from The Black Goose Design!


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