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Ask A Designer: To Match or Not to Match?
Thursday Aug 31 2017

Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions for our "Ask A Designer" series. We are delighted to share with you today expert design advice so get those pencils ready for some serious note taking.  

One question stood out to us, “How can I mix patterns and not be matchy matchy.” This is a question that our designers at The Black Goose Design get asked daily! We have selected a few of our favorite spaces to show you to how to pattern mix like a pro!

Holladay Master Bedroom Remodel

Our client’s dream was to have a master suite that was calm and serene. The white shiplap walls were the perfect place to start. This consistent white throughout was our canvas on which to paint. The pop of color from the sea salt cabinet, the bold pattern of the grey buffalo check, all work to counteract the calm simple bedding. 




With such simple walls and bedding, we needed a rug to break up the solids and give life to the floor. This rug is like artwork and helps tie all the individual colors and patterns together.

upholstered bed


Daybreak Retreat

We love how much our Daybreak client loves bold colors and patterns. Ali was perfect to help our client make all of these patterns come together flawlessly. It is important when mixing patterns to choose patterns of different sizes. We love that she mixed three various sized stripes in one room.

 clock wall


The dining room rug has a bold, large scale pattern, so to balance this Ali selected one color from the rug, and choose a pattern of a smaller scale to coordinate on the drapes.

bright dining room drapery


The Black Goose Design Remodeled Showroom

Designing a showroom is always different than designing a home. Our showroom changes weekly, so we needed a neutral backdrop to show off our furniture. We at The Black Goose Design are obsessed with the paint color Swiss Coffee from  Benjamin Moore and this was our selection of paint for our stunning shiplap walls. We admire this handsome dark grey cabinet for this particular space, the size and scale fits perfectly in this room. We also loved how it anchored and gives depth to this wall that is 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall! We always are delighted when we can layer such a large space with amazing artwork. The new shiplap walls that were installed gives such a crisp feeling and adds textured interest. With such neutral walls and a custom light upholstered sectional, it is always important that the throw pillows, accessories and rugs have bold patterns that helped anchor the space and show off this classic style.



remodel showroom

We hope that we have given you some helpful tips on how to mix patterns effortlessly without being perfectly matched. As designers, we always encourage our clients to be adventurous by incorporating playful patterns in your own home.

As designers, we are confident in assisting each one of our clients in achieving their design dreams and are always eager in making those dreams become a reality! We would be delighted to partner with you to create a master design plan for your space.

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