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Thursday Oct 24 2019 by Stacey Beyer

The fire burning in this gorgeous fireplace isn't the only source of warmth in this beautiful home. The entire house has that favorite-blanket vibe. You can't help but feel wrapped up in it and immediately put at ease as soon as you set foot in the door. 

Welcome to Michelle & Mike's home, designed by Denise Johnson at The Black Goose Design!

“As a professional electrician, I see new builds all the time,” Mike said. “There is definitely a trend towards bright and white right now. I like the open, airy feeling such a look creates but didn’t want to sacrifice the inviting feel warmer tones add. From a building point of view, it's why we paired large windows and glass doors, which keep our space feeling bright, with darker cabinets that add a richness. From there, it was up to a designer to put the finishing touches in place. Michelle and I have worked with The Black Goose Design on past projects, and they were a natural choice here."

A modern, bright environment that’s also warm and rich isn't an impossible goal. It's a beautiful aesthetic and choice to make. Denise Johnson was excited to work on this project and find decorative touches that would continue to add the warmth.

living room2

 “Denise directed us down the right path right away,” Michelle said with a smile. “With her help, we were able to pick just what we wanted from options she provided." 


Michelle has learned from past design experiences that having the right fit with your designer is crucial. 

This place is on fire!  

 “You HAVE to match your designer” Michelle said with certainty. “You have to be able to say ‘I don’t like that’ and feel free to have an open, honest conversation with them. We have that kind of trust with Denise and it has made such a difference."

 sign art

"Admittedly, I wasn't too eager to enter into the designing phase of our home," Michelle continued. "Even knowing I adore Denise, it seemed like a giant chore. But Denise turned those hard feelings around quickly. I warmed up to the idea almost immediately, because I felt such a wonderful connection to Denise. She made things fun!”

sofa sectional

mom balance

“There’s a lot of trust involved,” Denise added. “That trust and an open dialogue are what give you the big picture and put you on the right track."

win barrel chairs and table 

"With any space, I begin with a conversation," Denise said. "My goal is to get to the heart of what our client wants. I want to know the function of the house. Do those living in it have lots of kids? Do they like to entertain? Etc. With initial conversations such as these, I better understand the client’s style and needs.”

 Family of Four in Salt Lake area

“With Mike and Michelle, for example, I know that a big part of their world is their dogs,” Denise added. “They’re done with mashed cushions and sofas that won’t hold up to their pups. This meant a sofa with a tight back.”

“The sofa material was also important,” Michelle added. “Because of our big windows, we knew we needed a high-performance fabric that would withstand sunlight and not fade with time.”

 large living room ideas

“With such specific sofa needs, I was worried our style options would be too limited,” Mike said. “But The Black Goose Design offers more options than I realized. Plus, we were able to customize. We ended up with a sofa we love. What they did for us throughout our home not only met, but far exceeded my expectations!” 

Denise Johnson Black Goose Design 

“Denise was so good about getting me into the process,” Michelle added. “She’s really quick to know what I like and don’t like.” 


One of Michelle’s likes: cooking. It’s a love of hers, actually. This meant the kitchen needed to have a welcoming feel. 

kitchen counter ideas 

FUN TIDBIT: Mike actually installed lighting in their countertops! What a cool effect!

light up counter tops

“We wanted a big kitchen, because it’s the heart of our home,” Michelle said. “I wasn’t sure how we’d make such a large space feel warm and cozy, but Denise had perfect ideas and suggestions.”

thanksgiving looks


From the living room and kitchen, Michelle, Mike, and Denise went on to design the master bath, the entryway, and other areas of the home. Working with a single designer/design firm, makes it easier to create a cohesive look throughout.

BathRoom Remodel2 

“We’ve actually worked with Denise on different projects over the years,” Michelle said. “She truly gets us. When I find that in a designer, I hang onto it. It makes everything easier and the outcome better!”

bathroom remodel1 

bathroom remodel


We couldn’t agree more, Michelle. The client/designer relationship is everything. Knowing that you and Mike are happy with your outcome means we’ve done our jobs well, and that’s everything to us! 

entryway table

“Denise just made this whole experience feel good,” Michelle said. “We love how everything turned out, and, best of all, our kids just gravitate to this house. Now, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!”

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas 

Mike and Michelle are such a special couple and family. We’ve loved helping this chapter of their beautiful story take flight. Are you ready to embark on a new chapter of your own? If so, give us a call at 801.562.1933. We’d love to help you turn your ideas into your dream home. 

Melissa and Mike

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