Create a Designer Christmas Tree in Three Easy Steps
Wednesday Nov 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Decorate a tree that sparkles in three easy steps. The expert designers at The Black Goose Design have tips to create an evergreen look that’s on point!

 tree trends 2022

Before we get into the our three tree steps, we have a few go-to tips we use at The Black Goose Design.

Tree Tip 1: Balance your size. Include larger items (stems, large bulbs, paper chains, etc.), medium elements (traditional bulbs, trims, etc.), and small elements (lights, tinsel, etc.). Thinking in this S/M/L way helps the tree feel balanced. 

Tree Tip 2: Once your tree is lit, start with a few key large items and then fill in with medium and small items.

Tree Tip 3: Blend a few new favs (if you wish) with some classic family favs to keep your tree feeling special and uniquely yours.

Tree Tip 4: If you love the look of a tall tree but don’t have one, place the tree on a small end table. Use a stylish tree skirt or throw (we love faux fir at the bottom of a tree!) to disguise the left. Not only will this give your tree a boost, it leaves more room to easily get to the gifts beneath.

Tree Tip 5: Flock is fun. If you're looking for extra texture, consider this cool faux snow option.

Three Tree Tips

Okay, now that we have a few key tree tips in place, let’s get to decorating! If you want to light your tree, begin by adding lights, from there, we suggest taking the following approach: 

tree flocking 

1. Start with stems. Stems, also known as picks, are a larger focal point, so it makes sense to start here. Place a few in strategic spots around the tree. Your tree will instantly start to fill in with texture and color.

tree stems 

Stem Tip: Feel free to stick with the same style or mix and match in styles that complement.


2. Time for the larger ornaments. These can be harder to place, so it’s’ wise to get them on early.

 how to decorate a tree

3. Finish off your look with the small details. Fill any remaining holes with small bulbs and trinkets. For extra texture, try tying small ribbons to the branches. We adore a slim velvet trim!

 new christmas ornaments

There you have it! In three simple steps, your Christmas tree is holiday perfection. Of course, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention a fourth and ever-so-important tip – HAVE FUN! Don’t overthink it or get too caught up in trends and “perfection.”

 holiday metallics

Happy holidays from your friends at The Black Goose Design! 

Join Us in Welcoming Ashley Bell
Wednesday Oct 26 2022 by Stacey Beyer

It’s always a happy day when we get to introduce a new team member at The Black Goose Design. Meet Ashley Bell, a designer as skilled with traditional pen and paper as she is with CAD creation. She loves the classic simplicity of neutrals but also finds herself drawn to the ornate and eclectic. Let’s get to know Ashley a bit better and learn a few fresh ideas to try in the process.

 Ashley Bell

Ashley is from Idaho but moved to Utah when she started school at Ensign College, where she studied interior design.

“I’ve loved gaining real-world experience beyond the classroom.”



winter bedding ideas 

“The bedroom is so cozy and offers a unique opportunity to really bring out the personality of the homeowner. It’s a place you can express the client’s unique taste and focus on them in ways you can’t always do in other parts of the home.”

Q: How do you find out what those unique aspects are?

A: I spend time getting to know them and how they tend to use the space from a practical point of view. But I also observe their likes beyond interior design. What style of clothing do they wear? What art do they like? These observations are great clues when thinking of ways to make a bedroom feel custom.




 winter textures to try

“I always love bringing in and combing different textures, but the winter months offer an even greater opportunity to layer. Visual textures that make you want to reach out and touch are my favorite.“


FAVORITE COLOR COMBO: Neutrals & Pastels

winter pastels

“I lean towards an absence of color when designing for myself. I love a very neutral palette of lights and some pastels.”


YOUR STYLE: Parisian/Maximalist

ornate style 2022

“More is more! I think the reason I’m personally drawn to calmer/less color is to balance my desire for the ornate in style and the eclectic. Shopping in antique stores is a favorite of mine when I’m traveling. I love bringing in the past with things I’ve found along the way. With a less exact color scheme, it’s easier to work a variety of different pieces, old and new, that have more maximalist appeal.”

GO-TO TIP: Love It

 The Black Goose Design

“This might go without saying, but don’t get it if you don’t love it. When filling a space, it’s okay to take it slow and let the design progression happen organically. It’s more significant to wait for a perfect item to fill a space than to simply put “stuff” simply for the sake of filling the space.”


Ashley is an extremely talented designer who can sketch detailed renderings on paper or using a computer. Her fresh eye and unique style interests make working with her fun. The best part is, she can work with any style or interest. Perhaps your minimalist and feel less is more. That’s okay. Ashley certainly has much to offer you in your design project process. We’ll leave you with a look at some of her portfolio pieces. Reach out today by calling The Black Goose Design or stopping in to learn more about Ashley and set up a consultation.


hand drawn rendering

kitchen design board 

 design board and rendered floor plan

residential floor plan 

 digitally rendered elevation

hand drawn rendering

kitchen elevations

Welcome Sweater Weather with these Quick Design Tips
Wednesday Sep 14 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Fall into a cozy at-home vibe without going “in your face” with autumn additions. These simple updates will give your home a seasonal shift without feeling overdone. Take a look at some of what we're loving right now at The Black Goose Design!

fall 2022 trends

Set the Tone

Adding earth tones is on trend right now, no matter the season, but this is an ideal time to get on board with the idea if you haven’t done so already. Look to natural wood finishes and warmer hues to add some autumn elegance.

home decor baskets

Switch Up Your Greens

No, we aren’t talking your latest smoothie ingredient. This is all about swapping out florals. You can reuse jars and pots and simply add some fall-inspired arrangements. Our go-tos are fall berries and, of course, autumn leaves!

autumn wreaths

Let’s Layer

Adding a few extra throws and swapping out your accent pillows instantly ups the cozy level.

fall accent pillows 

how to decorate your home in September

Accessory Recess(ory)

Don’t forget to put away accessories that don’t work with your fall décor. It’s okay if some items need to hibernate for the winter. Rather than working around colors that don’t evoke a fall feel, swap them out for more season-appropriate looks. Or, if you prefer a look that lasts, turn to metallic neutrals, like these gorgeous gold canisters. 

gold canisters 

Light it Up

Candle light is always a good idea. Especially now, when candles are battery/remote operated, making them convenient to use. You know such light is the perfect fall finishing touch. Plus, candles are a gorgeous fixture to use throughout the upcoming holiday season. Get them out now and have one less thing to do later.

candle trio

Come in and check out our Radiance Candles in ivory and champagne. These gorgeous neutral shades complement so many décor styles and seasons!

autumn ambiance

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to go nuts with décor updates. In this in-between time, as we eagerly await the coming holiday decorating season, try making a few adjustments using any of the ideas above. It will get you thinking sweater weather without layering on a bunch of extra work. Visit The Black Goose Design today for more looks you're sure to, ahem, fall for. 

Why Wallcoverings Are a MODERN Design Solution
Wednesday Jul 13 2022 by Stacey Beyer

What comes to mind when you think “wallpaper?” Grandma’s kitchen, perhaps? Actually, this is no longer a look of the past. Today’s wallcoverings are modern and amazing. Perhaps you’re already on the wallcovering wagon? We’re right there with you! We love the way this modern design solution can transform a space!  

bathroom accent wall 

wall texture


Why not? There is MUCH to love about wallcoverings. Here are just a few of the many benefits:


Whether you want a bold hue without the mess of paint or you want to take it even further and add an entire mural to your wall, wallcoverings provide the solution!

floral wallpaper

modern wallcovering 



These aren’t your grandma’s wallcoverings. Today’s designs are far from flat. Available textures include linen, vinyl, leather, grass cloth, cork, silk, raffia and more!

textured wallpaper

pink wall paper


Thanks to the dynamic designs and textures, wallcoverings can take a flat wall and bring it to life!

2022 design trends 

elegant bathroom


Ready to welcome wallcoverings into your home? We’re here to help. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to flip through our many samples. If you aren’t sure what look would be best, we can offer helpful tips, or you can hire one of our trained team members to do a site visit and work on a more complete design plan with you. After all, we love sharing our wallcovering wisdom and would be thrilled to talk options with you soon!  

How to Select the Right Rug for Your Space
Wednesday Apr 27 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to this magic carpet ride! We compiled our go-to rug rules of thumb. From size and material to care and maintenance, consider this your go-to source for rug wisdom. 


Like any other textile, rugs come in various fibers and finishes. Understanding your different options and what to put where will help ensure your rug stands the test of time.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar  



Placement: High-traffic areas, such as entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Quality: Extremely durable.

Avoid: Outdoor usage — wool is best for indoor use.

Pricing: Varies, depending on construction. Machine-made is the less expensive option, while hand tufted means a price increase.

Maintenance: Wool will shed but does so less and less with time. You can vacuum wool, making it easy to clean.

Note: Hand-knotted wool rugs will sprout. When this happens, simply trim the pulled areas with scissors.



Placement: Great in high and low traffic areas.

Quality: Durable, lightweight, and soft.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on construction, pattern, and blends. Cotton is typically less expensive than wool.

Maintenance: Hand wash or professional cleaning. 

Note: This is typically a thinner rug, which makes it great for layering!



Placement: Great in high and low traffic areas, both inside and out (when under a covered porch). 

Quality: Durable.

Maintenance: Jute can be “dusty” and frequently shed. Avoid spot cleaning. 

Note: Jute rugs are dyed with vegetable oil, which means they’ll fade in the sun. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight.



Placement: Best in high to low-traffic areas.

Quality: Durable, but not as durable as their wool counterparts.

Pricing: Inexpensive option when wool is out of your price range. Offer the look of a high-end traditional rug without the price tag.



Placement: Great for indoor/outdoor use.

Quality: Durable.

Maintenance: Can be hosed off and cleaned with diluted bleach.



Placement: Great in lower traffic areas, such as bedrooms

Quality: Durable and soft but does not tolerate spills well.

Avoid: Getting it wet.

Maintenance: Any liquid, including water, can discolor a viscose rug. Avoid damp forms of cleaning.

Note: This is the softest rug you can get your feet on. If you love the idea of walking on butter, you’ll love a viscose rug.           


One of the most common questions we get is about size. What size rug should you get for your space. Here are a few helpful points of reference:


Beneath a Bed

Queen Bed: Minimum rug size is 6x9; ideal size is 8x10

King Bed: Minimum rug size is 8x10; ideal size is 9x12


Beneath Living Room Furniture

This one has many variables to consider (size of room, placement of furniture, etc.). With that, it’s best to look at your rug as an anchor. As long as the front legs of your furniture items are on the rug a minimum of 4-6 inches, you’re in good shape!


image credit: Lindsay Salazar


Beneath a Dining Table

A dining room rug should extend 24 inches past the edges of the table. Ideally, you want the legs of your dining chairs to be on the rug. Specifically, the side chairs, which can sometimes mean placing a custom rug order to get the perfect size. For tables extending longer than 8’, 9x12 rugs can come up short. We know not everyone can afford a custom rug. Don't fret. If your host chairs hang off the rug just a bit, we won’t tell.


Dining Tip: Select a rug with a low pile to keep chairs from catching as they slide in and out. Ideally, one that cleans easily.


In the Entry

Go big! Avoid 2’x3’ rugs in this area to keep the rug from looking like a door mat. A larger rug in your entry will elevate the look and create a more inviting space. Since this is where people enter the home from outside, durable and cleanable are a must! If it can fit, 5x7 is a great size for this space.



When rug shopping, the main thing to remember is that every space is different. With that, these rug “rules” can vary from space to space. If a typical rug size doesn't fit your space, we have custom rug options.



We always recommend following the care instructions on your rug tag and having your rug professionally cleaned. We also recommend using a rug pad, which helps prevent slipping hazards, adds comfort, and creates added durability.



We have hundreds of rug samples in store. Guess what?! You can even check them out to see how they look in your home before making a purchase. Stop by today and try a few on for size. Rugs are a wonderful way to update the home, create warmth, and make your surroundings all the more inviting. Rugs for the win! 

Pillow Talk: Tips for Flawless Decorative Pillow Placement
Wednesday Feb 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

It's the final week of February, and love certainly lingers in the air. Perhaps that’s why we long to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Actually… on second thought… this pillow talk is all about the sweet somethings. More specifically, accent pillow pointers! Let's look at a few tips and tricks for accenting your sofa with this decorative dream:


Step 1: Bring on the Bookends

When adding decorative pillows to your seating, a safe approach is to begin with a foundation pair of matching pillows. We like to refer to these as your bookends, as they create a strong anchor, a pleasing sense of balance, and an obvious frame for everything to come afterward.

pillow pointers to remember 

PILLOW POINTER: Bookends can be solid or patterned. There's no right or wrong option.

bookend pillows 

Pilow Pointer: Here's some budget-friendly buzz to note. A neutral bookend, like these divine white pillows, can sit pretty all year long, while those that come after can change with the seasons. 

living room looks that last all year long

Step 2: Add Accents

This second pillow layer is a great place to break away from mirror images and instead select two pillows that complement.

 decorating with gold

PILLOW POINTER: A good rule of thumb to keep in mind here is the overall size of the print. Opt for small, medium, and large patterns for easy movement. If you were to use all large-patterned pillows, the eye wouldn’t know where to look, whereas a progression in size is easy for the eye to follow.


Step 3: Do you, pillow, take these pillows…

Want to tie your look together? If your answers is an enthusiastic “I do!,” the marriage pillow is key. This bridge connects all of your pillows, typically through color. In true matrimony fashion, a marriage pillow creates unity by representing shades from each of the pillows in play. 

how to place decorative pillows on a couch

Commitment issues clearly aren't a problem for this handsome fella. With shades of blue and gold, he's the family man of pillow, here for the long haul. 

 the marriage pillow


Just like that, you’ve mastered flawless sofa styling! Not wanting this love fest to end, we’ll leave you with a bit more pillow talk and tips to try:

1. We know, we know... Again with the texture. What can we say, it just feels right. ;) Pillows are an excellent place to incorporate different finishes. Whether you’re pairing linen with knit or velvet with cotton, combining different finishes is always a good idea!

 2022 pillow trends

2. Monochromatic doesn’t mean monochro-boring. A single color scheme is classy and calming. To ensure this solo approach doesn’t turn into a sofa blah, vary your prints. Pssst… Don’t forget to keep the scale/size of your patterns in mind and vary those, too.

positioning pillows on a sofa 

3. Say yes to solids. As much as we adore patterns, weaving in a solid is a, well, solid choice. It offers grounding and allows the surrounding patterns to shine.

how to style accent pillows 

4. Little lumbars are like the team-building exercise of pillows. They’re there to support the whole gang as another unifying option to consider. Have fun mixing up the height of your pillow tops from time to time!  

pillow pointers

Want to mix and match pillows until you find your perfect match? Stop by The Black Goose Design, here in Midvale, Utah, and try ours on for size. We’re happy to help and offer suggestions or simply let you do it to it until you’ve found perfect pillow placement.

 The Black Goose Design

3 Easy Post-holiday Design Ideas to Refresh the Home
Tuesday Jan 11 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Putting the holiday décor away is a bittersweet experience. It’s nice to have things back in order, but it can also leave things feeling… bare. After all, glitter and lights and packages galore can be a tough act to follow! If you now find yourself feeling the post-holiday void (or you simply want a new ‘do for 2022), try these three simple tricks:


A common design slip comes when décor items used are all the same (or nearly the same) height. It’s one of the great things about a Christmas tree — it adds height to a space. Follow the pine’s flair for design and introduce another taller element into your space and see if it doesn’t create some more interest.

The Black Goose Design 

Height to Try:

  • A tall furniture item, such as a cabinet or
  • Draperies
  • Floor lamp
  • Plants: Why should evergreens have all the fun? Try a faux tree. Olive is one of our favs! (available at The Black Goose Design). If you have a green thumb, you can always go for the real deal, which is good for you and good looking!



Just as the holidays warm a space with furs and flannels and all the warmth of winter, texture can continue to create a cozy vibe well into spring.

 winter bedding looks

Texture to Try:

  • Add a throw to your sofa
  • Try new throw pillows on for size
  • Update an area rug



Kids aren’t the only ones who love a good game of dress up. Dress those windows with new window treatments. Like icing on the cake, this is a sweet way to transform a space with a perfect finishing touch!

roman drapers 

Treatments to Try:

  • Drapery panels on larger windows
  • Roman shades in the kitchen

 2022 looks for the home

Chase those winter blues away with these easy-to-apply ideas. They’ll add instant warmth to your home and fill that holiday void in no time. Our designers at The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah are always happy to meet and discuss your unique space and ideal solutions. Call to schedule a consultation today.

Take Your Design Experience to the Next Level with Rachel, Our Newest Team Member
Wednesday Oct 13 2021 by Stacey Beyer

What do you get when you combine a designer with a team player with a CAD specialist? Rachel Corbett, our newest team member at The Black Goose Design.


With a degree in design and certified CAD abilities and training, Rachel has proven an outstanding addition since starting at The Black Goose Design six months ago.


“Having Rachel here has been awesome,” Manager Georgia Kendall said. “She’s always willing to help with anything around the store, she brings fresh perspective and ideas to the table for our clients, and her CAD drawings elevate our services, particularly where the construction process is concerned.”  


When asked about her favorite aspects of the position, Rachel said it's the variety and creativity that bring her the greatest job satisfaction, as well as the team she works with. 


“My grandma was an artist,” Rachel said. “I remember how she’d come from work and paint to fill her creative bucket. It’s nice that I get to COME to work and be creative. It’s the best possible outcome for me.”

Clearly, talent runs in Rachel’s family. No wonder she’s always had a desire to make.

“I’ve always been into interior design, but I grew up in a small town and didn’t know it could become a career. My interests grew when I worked for a local store in town, doing DIY projects and preparing furniture to sell. That opened my eyes to schooling possibilities.”

After getting her degree in design, Rachel pursued CAD (computer-aided design). 


Having this service offered at The Black Goose Design makes a big difference for our clients. Especially those building a home or office space.


“Using CAD, I can download an architect’s floorplan with their precise measurements. We can then add furniture options in, complete with measurements, so clients can see how a piece will fit with the overall flow of the space. Where architects are always quite busy getting their jobs done, I’m glad I can take this on for our clients and make the process easier for everyone involved.”


Here, Rachel drafted a fireplace design for a client so they could envision the end result and unique brick pattern before committing to the style.


It’s fun to see the end product and how closely it aligns to the work Rachel does upfront.


In this example, Rachel created a digital version of a gorgeous flooring design. 

The end result is a perfect match and certainly doesn't disappoint! While we aren't going to reveal the entire thing yet, here's a sneak peek. 


Beyond drafting, Rachel also enjoys using a computer to create 3D mood boards for clients.


“Mood boards are a great way to identify a client’s true style. I ask clients to provide inspiration images and we can pinpoint what it is they want. There have been many times when I’ve asked a client what their style is. They’ll respond with something like Farmhouse, so I’ll show them that style and they’ll realize that isn’t actually what they want after all. This is why time spent on mood boards is time well spent. Plus, it’s fun getting to connect creatively in this way.”


Want a mood board or a drafted floorplan to design from? Wise choice. Stop by and talk to Rachel or any of the designers at The Black Goose Design. Our team loves working together, collaborating and pulling from our unique strengths, all to ensure you get the best possible outcome on your project. 


Welcome, Rachel! We’re so happy you’re here. You really do make our services that much better, and you’re such fun to have around. Clients and team members alike are in for a treat when working with you!

Modern Meets Traditional, Part Two
Wednesday Aug 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the fab Canyon Residence, one of our latest new-build home projects to reach completion at The Black Goose Design. This attractive transitional design blends modern lines and prints with more classic curves and traditional colors.

All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

2021 canyons home trends 

In our previous post, we were inspired at the home’s seamless inside/outside living space, as well as the way its mountainous surroundings influenced the overall look and feel. Today, we’re taking in the details and more of the inviting interior.

 indoor outdoor living space

The dining room is an ideal example of transitional design. The curve and style of the chairs paired with the contemporary fabric beautifully illustrates the blend of modern and traditional.

transitional style dining room 

You’ll find another example of transitional chair styling in the living room. We love how modern complements traditional!

 living room ideas

In this attractive arrangement, the traditional finish of the warm white oak seamlessly joins the modern upholstery on the bench and the more dramatic dark wall.

white oak mud room 

If this remarkable home teaches us anything, it’s that anything can work with design. You don’t have to fit a set mold or trend to create a home that feels current yet classic. Don’t ever shy away from your style. Instead, stop by The Black Goose Design and let’s explore it. Together, we’ll come up with fresh takes for the looks and pieces you love. It’s a process we enjoy so much, and we can’t wait to experience it with you soon!

See more of this stunning Canyons Home reveal here

Window Treatment Wisdom
Tuesday May 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It’s no wonder window dressings are commonly referred to as “treatments.” If there’s an important player in a home that should be treated well, it’s the windows. That said, your treatment choices should accent your space and not act as focal points. Let’s remove the blind(s)fold and take a look at various treatment options and why they work well.

roman shades in kitchen 


Whether your window treatments are strictly decorative or serve a functioning purpose, they bring the benefits. Check out these window-treatment pros:  

  • Add color
  • Present pattern possibility
  • Create texture
  • Soften external noise
  • Increase insulation
  • Reduce internal noise (echo, vibration)
  • Provide privacy
  • Enhance or block light (depending on finish)



As a general rule of thumb, it’s smart to place curtain rods close to the ceiling, as it makes the room appear larger. We also advise extending the length of your rod beyond your window so your panels can sit past the opening and not in front of it. This will make your window look better and maximize light flow. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, including these golden guidelines. It’s why we encourage you to consult one of our team members at The Black Goose Design when choosing window treatments and placing hardware.

The Black Goose Design 

Speaking of hardware, it’s not as simple has hanging a curtain from a rod. Your hardware options vary depending on the purpose and type of treatment you’re adding. Let’s take a closer look at one of our go-to rod options…  


Traverse curtain rods use an internal track and slide system and clips or curtain pins to pull curtains/panels open and shut. They’re ideal for:

  • Functioning window treatments that are opened and closed regularly
  • High/tall windows
  • Heavy panels/curtains

 traverse rod

when a traverse rod makes sense


…Do as the roman shades do. At The Black Goose Design, we’re big fans of this low-profile option. It’s ideal for spots with limited surrounding wall space, such as kitchen and bathroom windows, as well as windows that share real estate with surrounding furnishings (bed, sofa, table, etc.).

small window treatment ideas

how to dress windows behind furniture 



Why should walled windows have all the fun? Don't forget to dress those doors! Contact one of our designers to discuss your door design ideas.

window treatments for doors 


Let’s close the window on this conversation by reiterating our top treatment tip — draperies and dressings of all kinds should serve to enhance your overall space, not steal the show. Don’t be shy if you’re feeling stuck or unsure. We’re here to enhance your window wisdom and help you come up with the perfect treatment plan for your home. Stop by, call, or even reach out via DM on Instagram.

Design To YOUR Tastes and Create a Space You'll LOVE
Wednesday May 12 2021 by Stacey Beyer

At The Black Goose Design, it's no secret we like talking trends. Part of being good at our jobs is knowing what styles are in, what’s coming our way, and what's cycling out. That said, we’d like to take this opportunity for a little PSA, if you will.


Always decorate to your tastes first. Trends come and go, but your unique likes reflect you and, therefore, serve as a source of joy.


Take this year’s Pantone colors — sunny yellow (Illuminating) and Ultimate Gray. While this is a classic combination, it isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Love blue? Decorate in blue! All about vibrant colors and strong prints? Embrace the bold!

After all, how boring would life be if we were all doing the same thing? In the spirit of such variety, let’s take a look at a few looks we love right now that aren’t necessarily on any expert’s hip list but remain gorgeous nonetheless!

 designing a space you'll love


Starting with a neutral foundation is a great way to incorporate color, because you can easily swap those colors out as your interests and seasons change.

 add pops of color to a bedroom



Blue seems to be the superhero of the color community, as it can pop as an accent color AND also step in as a neutral. Check out how it plays that neutral role beautifully here!

 design with blue as a neutral


Scrolling Pinterest and Instagram, it’s clear neutrals are having their day (which we fully support!), but it’s not a one-or-the-other game. As much as we appreciate classic neutrals, we still get excited to see clients using bold colors and prints. They can add such energy and delight to a space.

 decorate with rich colors

 image credit: Wesley Hall

Clearly, there’s plenty of room in the design sandbox for all styles. Stop worrying about the "shoulds" and "dont's" and simply embrace your own wonderful interests and tastes. It's key in creating a space you'll love for years to come! Perhaps you've started down this path but find yourself feeling a little stuck? That's what we're here for. We delight in getting to know you and, as part of that, understanding what speaks to you from a design point of view. Stop by so we can get the conversation started and help you put more YOU into your beautiful surroundings!

7 Lighting Tips to Update Your Home (and a SALE)
Wednesday Mar 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Ah ha! Like the flip of a switch, new lighting easily updates any home. After a year spent indoors, it’s only natural to desire a breath of fresh air. Unlike bigger cosmetic changes, such as paint and flooring, lighting changes can be completed quickly. Plus, we're having our popular Spring Sale event at The Black Goose Design, making now the bright time to make such updates!


Seven Lighting Tips to Update Your Home


Both indoors and out, your main entry lighting is important. For its function, of course, but also because it communicates your style to your guests before they’ve even set foot inside.

entryway lighting 

exterior home light fixtures

TIP: Chandeliers are a common choice in this space, but it depends on the amount of room you have. Our team at The Black Goose Design can help you figure out the best size and style for your home.


BRIGHT IDEA #2: Light Attracts Light

Think about where your family gathers. How is the lighting in those areas? If you plan on updating your home’s lighting in stages, communal spots are a natural first choice.

 dining room lighting

TIP: For your dining space, select a fixture that complements your table. If you have a long table, consider a longer option. If your table is round, on the other hand, and the area surrounding it is limited, a more compact choice, such as a striking drum, makes sense.

 overhead lighting for small dining area

BRIGHT IDEA #3: Mood Matters

From bulb tone (warm vs. cool) and intensity to the style of your fixture, lighting choices will vary from room to room and area to area of your home. The master bedroom is a wonderful example. Being where you go to unwind, warm light is a calming choice. For your fixture, opt for something that supports the overall look of your space. This chandelier, for example, is understated and romantic in its design, which goes beautifully with the neutral color scheme and soft florals.

 master bedroom chandelier ideas

TIP: Ceiling height plays a part, but please don’t feel as if you’re out of luck if your ceilings aren’t vaulted. The Black Goose Design has pieces for all floorplans.

TAKE NOTE: We love lights with a temperature of 2700-3000 Kelvin! 


BRIGHT IDEA #4: Add Wall Wow

Wall sconces are an on-trend choice that will immediately up the class and sophistication of your space. Of course, the added light they introduce is always nice! And being on the wall (or even the mirror!), they free up table and counter space -- another sconce score!

sitting area in master bedroom

 bathroom sconces

TIP: Consider your power source. If your sconce needs to be plugged in, there’s the chance you’ll have unsightly cords to contend with. Fortunately, with the help of an electrician, sconces can be hardwired, which means they don't have to be plugged in. If you don't want to cut your wall, however, you can can strategically hide your cords to keep your space looking sleek. 

BRIGHT IDEA #5: Enhance the Details

Shelf lighting brings in yet another light source without the need for any major electrical updates. At The Black Goose Design, we have numerous cabinets and display pieces available with built-in lighting, as well as options with lighting attached. This allows you to up the ambiance while giving your precious photos and keepsakes the spotlight they deserve.


TIP: You can also add lighting to existing furniture. Ask our designers how this simple trick is done.


BRIGHT IDEA #6: Consider Closets

While your closet might not be the first spot you consider when making lighting selections, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides furthering the overall style of your home, it also serves an important role. After all, this is where you go to glow. It's important to see your style choices in full brilliance. 


TIP: Even the closet is worthy of an overhead wow, but it’s the lights IN the cabinets that are the real show stoppers. Add these touches and your accessories will really sparkle!


BRIGHT IDEA #7: Play with Pattern

Why have one fixture when you can add three? Fill the space in larger rooms with smaller repeating fixtures, such as pendant lighting.

kitchen lighting 

TIP: Hanging multiple pendant lights above a kitchen counter is common, but this patterned approach also looks great in entry ways, halls, game rooms, and even outdoor living areas. 

entry way design ideas 

Yes, if you want your home’s design to really shine, lighting is an important factor. Stop by during our Spring Sale and discover how to give your home a brilliant update. Bring pics of your space, inspiration you love, and questions you have, and our team at The Black Goose Design will help you find your ideal illumination.   

7 Reasons to Work with a Designer
Wednesday Mar 10 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Working with a designer at the design phase of a project? Seems like a no-brainer, right? Not always! Especially in the age of Pinterest and Insta, it’s common to take the “I’ve got this” approach. And more power to you if you do! The problem is, what can look like a fun and easy endeavor on Pinterest boards is actually a much bigger puzzle to piece where new builds and renovations are concerned. After all, it’s about creating a cohesive feel throughout. More importantly, it’s about creating a space that realistically meets your needs and serves your unique family flawlessly. That’s a tall order for even the savviest of screen scrollers. Hiring an interior designer can be the best investment in your project. It’s the wise move to make, and our team at The Black Goose Design is here to share seven reasons why.

 The Black Goose Design



We’ve discussed the reasons why it’s smart to have a designer by your side during the construction stage of a new build or remodel. Now, let’s look at why it also makes sense at the fun decorating portion of the project.



Simply put, this is a BIG undertaking. With years of combined schooling and experience, our team knows how to effectively scale such a task. More than that, we know how to prioritize and properly order the steps involved so we aren’t putting any carts before horses. We say nay to that kind of time waster! Having the ability to break the steps and decisions down might not seem like a big deal right now, but we assure you you’ll feel otherwise a few weeks into a solo project of this scale.

where to get design help in Utah 


Okay, so it might seem counterintuitive to advise hiring help to make your design process MORE personal. But knowing YOU and your needs are always our first priorities. We know the questions to ask and conversations to have to get us to your ideal outcome. In other words, we’ll take your most-loved Pins and translate them it into YOUR home, with your unique flair and fabulousness.



We don’t make random purchases here and there. We KNOW product. We know what sofas stand up to children and pets. We know what coffee table shape fits best in a specific room footprint. We know what table will serve both as your everyday dining and a place to host Thanksgiving dinner. We begin by knowing you and your vision for your home (see #2), and we combine that with our extensive product knowledge to get you THE BEST selection of pieces for your day-to-day living.

 how to choose fabrics


Do you have those spots in your home that just don’t feel quite right and you can’t put your finger on why? Totally normal! This is another area where we come in to lend our know-how. Sooo… you’ve got the sofa table… now what? We can tell you, again based on ideas that are both practical and pretty. (Sorry, fancy vase, you simply aren’t two-year-old friendly. But here’s another awesome option that is! You know… as a ‘for instance.’)

 why work with an interior designer

Remember, design doesn’t stop at furniture. Accessorizing is all about striking balance. Comparing it to fashion, each decorative pillow and piece of wall art is like jewelry for your room. When done well, it creates the perfect finishing detail. Alas, when done poorly, it can detract from all of your hard work and become an eyesore.


5. IT’S PERSONAL (part 2)

Okay, so we already said this, but let’s take personalizing to the next level. Beyond function that works for you, we’re talking detail. The sentimental pieces, the photos, your children’s artwork… all of the amazing details that make a house a home. We know how to blend that love layer with new pieces to create a fresh, balanced outcome that is very much YOU.

 how to dress a coffee table

6. IT’S A COST (and headache) SAVINGS

Rather than guess at pieces and go through the process of ordering online, only to have to then return, we can bring many of the samples to you. From color swatches to actual accessory samples, we can try accents on for size, so you can keep only what captures your heart. It takes shipping costs and return fiascos out of the picture. Plus, it allows you to compare selections in a real-life way, which makes a HUGE difference in finding your look.

stylish footstools  


Going back to our jewelry analogy, creating a beautiful room is like putting together an outfit. You don’t want to wear all of your favorite things at once. They simply won’t go together. With home décor, we can help you select only the items that will work well together and create a stunning overall look. Suffering from decision fatigue? We get it! Often, it just takes a second set of eyes to make such decisions. On a larger scale, we’ll help you create a beautiful room that complements another beautiful room and another and… well, you get where we’re going with this. We’ll help you create a consistent tone and feel throughout your home. An entire experience, if you will, and an experience you and your lucky guests will LOVE!

 entryway design ideas

There it is, friends — seven+ reasons why working with a designer at the design phase of a project is a GREAT idea. Of course, we hope that designer is a member of The Black Goose Design team. We delight in learning about you and turning your hopes and dreams into reality, whether you’re making over a room or creating from the blank canvas of a new home. Stop by or give us a call to discuss how we can come together and make your plans happen. 

6 Reasons Why It's Important to Work with a Designer During the Construction Phase
Wednesday Feb 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It’s a common misconception that designers come into the building/remodeling phase when it’s time to pick furniture and add decorative touches. Truth is, it’s even more important to have dedicated design assistance at the construction stage. After all, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend all of the money and time on a new build or remodel, only to find they aren’t in love with the outcome. So sad! Our team at The Black Goose Design is trained to know YOU and your unique wants and needs. We’re able to see every detail, even before a space has actual walls to adorn. Let’s look at six reasons why working with a designer at the construction phase of the process is key.





Enough said, right? Some feel it costs MORE money to hire a designer, when it can actually be a big cost savings. Having a designer involved as you select structural and cosmetic details will have you making confident decisions, so you can avoid buying the wrong things and/or those nasty change fees later on in the building process, as you realize something isn’t working. This is a very common (and understandable!) pitfall when building without a trained eye in your corner.


As some would say, this isn’t our first rodeo. Giddy up! Where you’re not likely going to have much experience building and remodeling homes, we've spent years refining our technical skills through schooling and hands-on training. We know what questions to ask, what's trendy vs. timeless, what mistakes to avoid, and what must-have features to add.

custom home building in utah

designers who help with custom home building


A BIG part of any designer’s process is getting to know you. What is YOUR vision? What do you want out of your home? As funny as this sounds, a good designer often knows more about what you’ll want than you do. At least initially. Because of that, we help ensure you’re adding details to your plans that will best serve you in the long run. Need a table that seats 12? We can make sure your dining area will accommodate. Want a sofa table with lamps? We know to incorporate floor outlets into your space and where to put them. Want natural lighting to hit just right? We’re all about window placement pointers! And the list goes on!

natural lighting design ideas

how to plan your living space before a design

custom carpentry


People often want to choose paint first. Reality is, you should first identify any must-have elements that can't/shouldn't change. Perhaps there's only ONE rug you love, one tile that makes your heart sing, or one perfect sofa/chair fabric combination. These details should lead the way, with paint selections to follow. This allows you to choose shades that enhance your must-haves. With more than 900 shades of paint, it's far easier to adapt your paint to fit your finishing details. Of couse, this also brings up the fact that there are 900+ colors. Yowza! Don't worry, we know how to narrow that massive swatch book down to your perfect pairings. 

how to select paint 


As designers, we have the tools needed to bring plans on a spreadsheet to life. By creating samples, pulling swatches, and designing room renderings, we can turn data and lines into a first look at your new home. And who doesn’t want to see what their space could look like BEFORE making big decisions?!

(Okay, we confess: Designers are part wizard.)

 working with an interior designer


We work with many excellent custome home builders. Being on the building team in this way is a role we thrive in. It's our joy and pleasure to serve as a voice between the builder and you, the amazing homeowner, to achieve the best results for all involved. 

Randi Smith

Ready to get to work? So are we! Call or stop by The Black Goose Design today to explore your options and get your design bestie by your side. Together, we’ll turn what's often an overwhelming process into an experience that’s fun and beyond rewarding! 

Meet New Design Team Member, Madison Johnson
Wednesday Jan 27 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Grab the welcome mat; we have a new team member. Madison Johnson is the latest designer to join The Black Goose Design. She recently moved to Utah from Michigan, where she worked as a designer for several years. Up until her move, much of her design focus was on the foundation-level details (paint, flooring, lighting, etc.). She now enjoys taking the process even further with the finishing details we offer.

“I’m excited to add the staging and furniture aspects of design to what I do,” Madison said. “Whether I help clients with just the finer details or we start from the ground and work our way up, it’s already proving to be very fun work.”  

 staging tips

Beyond her professional work in design, Madison has a personal attachment that adds to her background and know-how.


“As I child, I was that kid who was constantly rearranging my room,” Madison laughed. “I come from a family of designers, so my parents always supported my creativity. In fact, we now work together flipping homes. The start-to-finish process of turning a run-down house into a gorgeous home has taught me so much. I know the experience makes me better at my day job.”

 madison johnson designer


We asked Madison a few questions to get to know her even better. Take a look!



A. The entry of the home. Even though it’s the first room most guests see, it’s often overlooked or a design afterthought. I like putting the focus on this space. it’s where guests are first introduced to the personality of the home and those living in it, so you want it done right. Setting an intentional tone in the entry is important.  

 entry way design ideas


A. It gravitates towards modern, but with soft accents thrown in. I like the way warm tones add a relaxed feel to a modern home. Of course, the beauty of being a designer is that you get to experience all sorts of styles and tastes. It keeps things interesting and makes the work that much more rewarding.

2021 on trend colors


A. Softer tones and natural elements that complement modern design schemes are big. For example, champagne, which is a softer take on metallics/neutrals, will make its debut.



A. As you begin a re-design, it helps to start with a central item. A piece of art or favorite pillow can help you make unified decisions throughout the home. Starting with a key piece makes it easier to make color choices, pull fabrics, and find the right furniture. It also helps your designer get to know your personality better.  



A. Every stage has something wonderful to offer, but I’d have to say the reveal is the sugar on top. Seeing the client’s reaction when it all comes together is magical. It’s like all of the dots have finally been connected.



A. I always do a 3D rendering for my clients. The visual representation helps us picture various outcomes so clients can be confident in the decisions they’re making. I put a great deal of effort into communicating ideas to ensure we’re on the same page with things every step of the way.  

 3D room design rendering

design services at The Black Goose Design

Something that’s been helpful lately is my ability to work with a client remotely. With enough input, I can do a great deal virtually, which clients have appreciated since COVID happened.

entry way swatch idea


Before-and-afters are always fun to see. Check out these dramatic transformations from Madison's portfolio:

before: kitchen

after: kitchen

before: bath

after: bath

before: entry

after: entry


Whether you want to work with Madison from afar or come in to The Black Goose Design to get to know her better, she’d love to help you create a space you adore. 

2021 Color Trends with The Black Goose Design
Wednesday Jan 13 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Now that the New Year's Eve champagne cork has popped, it's time to celebrate color pop. Add a fresh feel to your home with a new coat of paint in any of the inviting 2021 on-trend shades. To get you inspired, our team at The Black Goose Design is here with our favorites. 


2021 HUE NEWS WITH DEL REANNE LUCAS: Welcome back, warmth!

So glad to see the really warm tones coming back for 2021! Muted golds, greens, and clay colors are the newest accents. Combining these with warm creams, tans, and grays will create some interesting moods. From totally renovating to just replacing accents with the new palette, it should be a fun endeavor! Try a bit of paint or some new accessories to get you started.

 color trends 2021 warm paint colors 2021 on-trend colors

Even the temperature of the grays has gone up.

warm grays warm gray trends

The trick is blending what you currently have with the fresh palette and make it look on purpose!  Our interior design team is ready to help you do just that!


2021 HUE NEWS WITH RANDI SMITH: Add Sparkle; Enhance Detail

I love a jewel box room at the front of the home. It could be a formal living room, music room, or office. We made a long room feel cozy at our Federal Heights Remodel by using Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore.

 The Black Goose Design

I love a pop of color on the mill work. It gives a room depth and character. In our Federal Heights remodel, we used Woodlawn Blue by Benjamin Moore.

 painted mill work

With the tall ceilings and dramatic angles at our #MilesfromthePost home in Big Cottonwood Canyon, we decided to paint both the walls and celiings in the same color. We had a few wood accent walls. The rest of the walls and ceilings were painted in Colonnade Gray by Sherwin Williams.

painted ceiling  

2021 HUE NEWS WITH DENISE JOHNSON: Going Green; Embracing Monochrome

I’m loving the pops of green! I recently used Rosemary by Sherwin Williams for a client’s island and built-in breakfast nook. It creates a very inviting feel.

green for kitchen  

We also refreshed the client’s railing by painting her null posts in black (Caviar by Sherwin Williams) and white (Alabaster by Sherwin Williams). Black is ALWAYS a favorite neutral!

 warm monochrome warm black and white combo


Color is back! One of my current favs is Wall Street by Sherwin Williams, which is a versatile blue-grey color that pairs beautifully with a warm white. For a moodier look, go all out and paint the trim work in this rich shade.

image credit: Sherwin Williams

wall street paint



I’m drawn to green kitchen accents. Give it a try on your cabinets or the island.

Some soft greens I adore are:

green color trends green paint to try in 2021 green paint ideas for the new year

Dark green cabinets with gold or champagne hardware are always a crowd favorite!  

For interior paint in larger, open spaces, I see the trend going toward softer neutrals. The gray phase is mellowing out, and I think off whites will be coming back.A couple to take note of are:

must-have warm whites whites that warm in paint

Swoon! Who’s excited to warm things up in 2021? Even if you’re not ready to commit to paint, you can take your first steps by adding warmer accents (decorative pillows, florals/containers, wall art, area rugs, etc.). Stop by The Black Goose Design any time (Mon.-Sat.) to chat trends and see what we have in store.


Happy New Year!

Meet Designer Del Reanne Lucas Wilson
Thursday Nov 12 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to another meet-and-greet. Today, we’re joined by Del Reanne Lucas Wilson. She brings 35+ years of professional design experience to The Black Goose Design, including two years as a senior designer at our sister store, Down to Earth at Gardner Village. Del Reanne is a creative who believes beautiful interiors have the power to transform daily life. With an eye for quality, a superior sense for style, and a client-centered approach to her work, she’s a strong addition to our team.

 Del Reanne

Del Reanne has two rules she always follows when working on projects: 1. Her clients must love the experience and outcome; and 2. Everyone involved must have fun!


We’re confident you’ll have fun getting to know more about this talented lady. Read on to see samples from her impressive portfolio and pick up some design tips along the way.



Quick Q&A With Del Reanne


Q. What is your favorite room to design?

A. My favorite space is any one I’m currently working on. Each has so much to offer, making every design experience special and memorable.


Q. What do you feel sets you apart as a designer?

Q. I’m really good at pinpointing a person’s style. More often than not, clients are unsure about what it is they like. Nurturing them through this part of the process is one of my favorite things to do. It’s how I connect to my client and also how I help my client connect to our theme and process.


Q. What is one go-to design tip you like to share with clients?

A. Don’t be afraid to branch out and explore possibilities before you make design decisions.



Exploring possibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming. Fortunately, Del Reanne knows just what to do to ensure clients enjoy the experience and land on looks they’ll love.


“It’s my job to stretch each client so they know where they’re comfortable. If I show them all the same concepts within a single genre, it’s not stretching them. I would hate for them to see something after a project is complete and ask why I didn’t share it with them, so I ensure our options are all explored. It’s how I hone in and get clients extremely comfortable. After all, you can’t appreciate one style fully if you haven’t seen its counter. I believe in being thorough and exploring to the fullest to ensure every client is 100% confident in the choices they’ve made.”



Let's take a closer look at some of Del Reanne's work.  


As these impressive transformations show, Del Reanne can take you from start to gorgeous finish, whether you’re building a new home or simply want to update your current place.

how to update a dated kitchen 

“Before we began this process, the homeowners were pretty sure they needed to buy a new home or build,” Del Reanne explained. “It’s amazing seeing what kind of transformation can happen within your existing space, no matter how dated.”

 family room before and after


Isn’t this a show-stopper? Del Reanne worked on it in Phoenix several years ago, proving she’s ahead of the curve where trends are concerned.

Phoenix AZ home 

living room ideas


Del Reanne worked with the team at Down to Earth on a 2019 Parade of Homes residence, but her role extended beyond design. She acted as a liaison between the stylists and the builder. It’s a task her depth of experience prepared her for, as she’s worked with every facet of the design process over the years. While this was the first Parade for Down to Earth, it was the sixth for her, so she knew what to expect and helped guide her team to this striking and well-received outcome.

Parade of Homes 2019

Of course, we’re honored to work alongside someone with such talent and experience, Del Reanne, but it's your personality and heart that really close the deal. You're a special part of our team, and we’re so glad you're here!


No project is too big or too small for Del Reanne or any of our team members at The Black Goose Design. Stop in and see how we can fit into your next design endeavor. 

Meet New Interior Designer, Monica Woodland
Thursday Nov 5 2020 by Stacey Beyer

Hello! Please join us in welcoming Monica Woodland to The Black Goose Design.

 Monica Woodland

Monica has a long history with The Black Goose Design. She’s been a loyal customer for 20 years and in her 10+ years of design work with two different firms, she often came to us for furniture and decor to complete many of her clients' projects. 

“Even though I’ve only been an employee here since August, it already feels like home.” Monica said. “I think some of that comes from the many years I’ve spent shopping here, but it’s also about our team. They already feel like my extended family.”

The path leading Monica to our family is a special one, involving her own family. We’ll let her tell you about it:

“It started when my father passed away,” Monica said. “For as heartbreaking as that was, it also offered clarity. In April, I was furloughed due to the COVID pandemic shutdown, which gave me time to think about fulfilling my purpose. As much as I liked my previous employer, I knew I needed to seek a new job with a different firm. That's when I stumbled upon The Black Goose Design listing. The way things just sort of fell into place, I knew my dad was opening doors for me. Now I can continue doing the work I adore and know I am supposed to be doing. Losing a loved one was a poignant reminder that life is short and I needed to take a leap of faith and join The Black Goose Design team."

The Black Goose Design

We love when life paths so perfectly align. Many who work for The Black Goose Design have known Monica for years as a valued client. To now have her on our team is such a gift!

Q&A with Monica

Q. What is your favorite aspect of design?

A. Color and textiles. A little pop of color goes a long way. Right now, I’m preparing a color scheme for a client that’s made up of blues. By adding just a hint of kiwi, it really brings it all together. I’ll even dress this way sometimes… like an all-black outfit but with pink shoes. Just the smallest amount of a second color can really add energy to a room, an outfit… anything.

 blue with pop of kiwi color scheme

Q. What is your favorite space to design and why?

A. I love working on kitchens and family rooms, because those are the areas where families create so many of their memories. It’s where holidays are spent and where people come together.

living room design ideas 

Q. What is your go-to design tip or advice?

A. Home should feel welcoming… a place where people can come in and relax. Creating that kind of feeling is always my goal.


Thank you, Monica. You already bring so much wisdom and warmth to The Black Goose Design. We’re so grateful our long history with you turned into having you on our in-house team.


With the holidays around the corner, now's a great time to add welcoming touches to your home. If you’d like to sit down with Monica or any of our team members to discuss your options and ideas, stop in or give us a call.


We'll leave you with a few of Monica's latest design boards she's created for clients since joining us. As they show, this talented lady has a gift when it comes to getting the most out of a space and bringing a fresh feel to any project she works on. 

Design with Color Using the 2020 Benjamin Moore Color Trends
Thursday Oct 31 2019 by Stacey Beyer
“A fresh palette. A revitalized spirit. A soft, rosy hue blooming with potential. Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year 2020, First Light 2102-70, is the backdrop for a bright, new decade.” —Benjamin Moore website


benjamin moore 2020 color of the year

image credit: Benjamin Moore


Wow! Well said, Benjamin Moore! We at The Black Goose Design find your description of First Light 2102-70 to be spot on! It IS blooming with potential. 


first light design ideas

 image credit: Dash & Albert


There was a time when this hue was simply labeled “pink” and viewed as a focal color. My, how things have changed. Today, it’s considered a staple neutral… as much as black, white, gray, beige, navy and other go-to shades. That’s because it blends so beautifully with other colors. 



pink rug

image credit: Dash & Albert


Of course, First Light isn't the only shade in the spotlight. It joins the following Benjamin Moore shades to make up their 10 Color Trends 2020 Pallete:


benjamin moore 2020 color trends

image credit: Benjamin Moore 

We love this blend of soothing pastels against deeper shades of blues and greens. The contrast created when these hues come together is always striking and interesting. 


home decor looks on trend

image credit: Wesley Hall


Of course, sticking with either lighter or darker shades exclusively also has eye-catching results.


2020 bedroom trends

 image credit: Wesley Hall


how to work with green paint

image credit: Wesley Hall


Don't shy away from color in every area of your home. Whether you update your paint or simply incorporate new accent elements (decorative pillows, rugs, etc.), it's an easy way to freshen up your surroundings.


soothing bedroom style 

image credit: Gabby


how to decorate a living room

image credit: Wesley Hall



area rug

image credit: Dash & Albert


Whether you’re already a #fangirl or you could use some further convincing, we invite you stop in The Black Goose Design. You can even bring a piece you own with you if you want to see how it pairs with these featured hues (or any colors, for that matter). Adding a breath of fresh air to your space is such a fun and imaginative experience when color is the catalyst. And, who knows?! You just might surprise yourself with the results. Coming back to the wise words of the brilliant team at Benjamin Moore, “a revitalized spirit” awaits!


Learn more about Benjamin Moore color forecasting here. 

Add Warmth to a Clean and Modern Design
Thursday Oct 24 2019 by Stacey Beyer

The fire burning in this gorgeous fireplace isn't the only source of warmth in this beautiful home. The entire house has that favorite-blanket vibe. You can't help but feel wrapped up in it and immediately put at ease as soon as you set foot in the door. 

Welcome to Michelle & Mike's home, designed by Denise Johnson at The Black Goose Design!

“As a professional electrician, I see new builds all the time,” Mike said. “There is definitely a trend towards bright and white right now. I like the open, airy feeling such a look creates but didn’t want to sacrifice the inviting feel warmer tones add. From a building point of view, it's why we paired large windows and glass doors, which keep our space feeling bright, with darker cabinets that add a richness. From there, it was up to a designer to put the finishing touches in place. Michelle and I have worked with The Black Goose Design on past projects, and they were a natural choice here."

A modern, bright environment that’s also warm and rich isn't an impossible goal. It's a beautiful aesthetic and choice to make. Denise Johnson was excited to work on this project and find decorative touches that would continue to add the warmth.

living room2

 “Denise directed us down the right path right away,” Michelle said with a smile. “With her help, we were able to pick just what we wanted from options she provided." 


Michelle has learned from past design experiences that having the right fit with your designer is crucial. 

This place is on fire!  

 “You HAVE to match your designer” Michelle said with certainty. “You have to be able to say ‘I don’t like that’ and feel free to have an open, honest conversation with them. We have that kind of trust with Denise and it has made such a difference."

 sign art

"Admittedly, I wasn't too eager to enter into the designing phase of our home," Michelle continued. "Even knowing I adore Denise, it seemed like a giant chore. But Denise turned those hard feelings around quickly. I warmed up to the idea almost immediately, because I felt such a wonderful connection to Denise. She made things fun!”

sofa sectional

mom balance

“There’s a lot of trust involved,” Denise added. “That trust and an open dialogue are what give you the big picture and put you on the right track."

win barrel chairs and table 

"With any space, I begin with a conversation," Denise said. "My goal is to get to the heart of what our client wants. I want to know the function of the house. Do those living in it have lots of kids? Do they like to entertain? Etc. With initial conversations such as these, I better understand the client’s style and needs.”

 Family of Four in Salt Lake area

“With Mike and Michelle, for example, I know that a big part of their world is their dogs,” Denise added. “They’re done with mashed cushions and sofas that won’t hold up to their pups. This meant a sofa with a tight back.”

“The sofa material was also important,” Michelle added. “Because of our big windows, we knew we needed a high-performance fabric that would withstand sunlight and not fade with time.”

 large living room ideas

“With such specific sofa needs, I was worried our style options would be too limited,” Mike said. “But The Black Goose Design offers more options than I realized. Plus, we were able to customize. We ended up with a sofa we love. What they did for us throughout our home not only met, but far exceeded my expectations!” 

Denise Johnson Black Goose Design 

“Denise was so good about getting me into the process,” Michelle added. “She’s really quick to know what I like and don’t like.” 


One of Michelle’s likes: cooking. It’s a love of hers, actually. This meant the kitchen needed to have a welcoming feel. 

kitchen counter ideas 

FUN TIDBIT: Mike actually installed lighting in their countertops! What a cool effect!

light up counter tops

“We wanted a big kitchen, because it’s the heart of our home,” Michelle said. “I wasn’t sure how we’d make such a large space feel warm and cozy, but Denise had perfect ideas and suggestions.”

thanksgiving looks


From the living room and kitchen, Michelle, Mike, and Denise went on to design the master bath, the entryway, and other areas of the home. Working with a single designer/design firm, makes it easier to create a cohesive look throughout.

BathRoom Remodel2 

“We’ve actually worked with Denise on different projects over the years,” Michelle said. “She truly gets us. When I find that in a designer, I hang onto it. It makes everything easier and the outcome better!”

bathroom remodel1 

bathroom remodel


We couldn’t agree more, Michelle. The client/designer relationship is everything. Knowing that you and Mike are happy with your outcome means we’ve done our jobs well, and that’s everything to us! 

entryway table

“Denise just made this whole experience feel good,” Michelle said. “We love how everything turned out, and, best of all, our kids just gravitate to this house. Now, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!”

Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas 

Mike and Michelle are such a special couple and family. We’ve loved helping this chapter of their beautiful story take flight. Are you ready to embark on a new chapter of your own? If so, give us a call at 801.562.1933. We’d love to help you turn your ideas into your dream home. 

Melissa and Mike

Enhance your Home with Designer Wallpaper
Thursday Jun 6 2019

Are you ready to enhance and bring some design drama into your space? Today The Black Goose Design is spotlighting a simple way to dress up those walls by adding color, pattern and texture in your home. Wallpaper is delightfully on trend throughout the design industry and with good reason! 

Today's wallpaper is most definitely not your grandmother's wallpaper. This modern wall treatment brings beautiful prints, gorgeous textures and eye-catching color with high designer style into a space. Wallpaper also adds incredible depth and dimension to your home that plain paint just cannot. Many wallpapers today are extremely durable, stain-resistant, washable and eco-friendly. Incorporating wallpaper into your home is a simple way to add a unique and chic design style.

 powder bath wallpaper

Going from painted walls to wallpaper can be a big step, and knowing where to start can be a challenge. That is where our expert designers come in! We are here to get you excited about creating a distinct space with wallpaper, a place that defines your design personality.

Wallpaper is a wonderful work of art for walls, the wallpapers that are featured today are from one of our adored wallpaper companies that we proudly carry, Thibaut. This company has endless stunning styles, colors and textured wallpapers to select from. Thibaut has the very best in fine wallpapering treatments and we love to utilize them for our clients. Styling a room with wallpaper will instantly transform the entire look of any space with ease. Wallpaper is powerful, visually stunning and sets the mood, tone and ambiance for your home.

neutral wallpaper

If you are not up to committing to an entire room of wallpaper, try applying paper to single wall or a small powder bath. This can be a helpful way to gently introduce pattern on your walls.

geometric wallpaper bathroom

Smaller prints like geometrics will make a large impact with a clean and modern feel. Visual interest is key to a well-designed room, and printed patterns are a fantastic way to add specific interest with out overpowering a room.

black and white wallpaper

geometric wallpaper desing

Striking pattern, combined with sharp coloring, is an impressive way to display design style. This gorgeous geometric wallpaper is flocked, which also adds a deep dimensional element of texture as well.

flocked wallpaper

Many modern wallpaper designs are simple but still pack a huge punch of designer personality! Anyone can incorporate this charming wall treatment into many spaces within the home.

modern wallpaper design

Luxurious printed wallpaper defines sophistication that can give a touch of glam! There are many styles that have beautiful sheens and metallic textures to highlight your walls.

damask wallapaper

metallic wallpaper

textured wallpaper

Floral wallpaper has always been a classic print, and these modern floral prints have been refined for a look of simplicity. A floral pattern can be applied in many spaces within your home. We are seeing a huge rise in floral wallpaper in bedrooms, bathrooms and even laundry rooms! Be brave and bold with the application of wallpaper. It makes an impactful, stylish statement!

fern leaf wallpaper

floral wallpaper

colorful wallpaper

As interior designers, we all agree adding texture to a room is so important. A grasscloth woven wallpaper will deliver appealing texture and depth. A natural organic-like texture provides a dimensional quality that will instantly warm-up any space.

grasscloth wallpaper

woven wallpaper design


trellis design wallpaper

Wallpaper is all about creating shape and movement that embraces fresh design. 

vine striped wallpaper

natural floral wallpaper

Wallpaper is not only for walls, ceilings are an excellent way to showcase a beautiful print and it will add an unexpected element to a room. Also, try lining the backing of bookcases with a fun wallpaper print, even with a small amount of wallpapering, you will be surprised how big of an impact it will have in your space.

wallpaper hallway

traditional wallpaper

Create a space within your home that is truly unique with wallpaper! Now is the time to revisit wall coverings. Wallpaper offers so many delightful options, and there are sure to be styles just for you. Allow our expert interior designers to assist you in selecting the perfect wall covering for your home! Visit our showroom located in Midvale, Utah where our design team will show you the latest in designer wallpaper.

Our Top Dark and Dramatic Designer Paint Picks Pt.2
Thursday May 23 2019

Welcome back to part two of our favorite top dark paint picks from our expert designers. We are excited to be sharing more gorgeous rich paint colors that we love and that you can utilize in your own space! As interior designers, we always say new paint will deliver the biggest bang for your buck. A fresh coat of paint will instantly change the entire look and feel of your room with minimal investment. 

Rich, dark colors are predominantly on trend in the design industry. Be bold and capture that design drama in your home with some of these intense and beautiful paint colors.

home office





Danielle Atkin interior designer


  • Sherwin Williams - Shamrock -  "In one of my design projects I used this paint color in a master bedroom with an Aspen tree mural. It truly felt like an escape, the color is calming, rich and welcoming."


Shamrock Sherwin Williams

Deep coloring does not always have to be black or navy. This intense green is saturated with gorgeous pigmentation and will deliver spectacular ambiance in a room. 

dark green accent wall

*photo from Apartment Therapy


Ali Thompson interior designer

  • Benjamin Moore - Cheating Heart -  "Whenever I use this paint color, my clients cannot get enough of it! Typically, they absolutely love the look and richness of its deep coloring and will use it in a few areas in their home."

Think of creative and unique ways to incorporate rich color into your home. Paint does not always have to be applied to walls, interior doors, ceilings and cabinetry are all splendid ways to add big personality with designer flair.

dark kitchen cabinets

*photo from Remodelaholic


The Black Goose Design Staff Favorite


The Black Goose Design store


  • Sherwin Williams - Roycroft Pewter  We all agree as a design team that this stunning paint color has incredible depth to it. With intense pigmentation and just a hint of blue, it is extremely versatile! This paint color also mimics a very popular wood finish from Redford House Furniture, a high-quality and unique furniture company that we proudly carry. We adore incorporating stunning dark-painted wood furniture pieces into design plans for our clients.

Roycroft Pewter

Painted architectural elements within your home will create a huge visual interest and design statement. Darker colors on your walls produce a fabulous backdrop that will allow you to play up your upholstery and other accents in the space.  

painted wainscoting

*photo from Houzz
navy blue painted cabinets

We also all absolutely admire Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams! When renovations recently took place at historic Gardner VillageCF Home received a fresh new look to the exterior of their storefront. This appealing color was used on the beams outlining this charming store. Iron Ore gives a sharp and handsome contrast against the bright white wood and textured stone exterior.

CF home

Another captivating dark paint color is Greenblack by Sherwin Williams. This deep and dramatic color was used by Randi, our store manager and buyer, in her own home! A bold stripe of Greenblack was painted in a cozy corner that is an eye-catching feature within this room. Painting a pattern on an accent wall like this classic stripe will add an interesting visual element to your space.

striped wall

Go ahead and embrace the dark side with these designer approved paints! Painting a room a new color is the easiest way to totally transform your space. Be on top of the latest design trend and incorporate rich, moody color within your home. Our expert designers are always eager to assist you in all of your interior design needs. We would love to pick the perfect paint color for your home and create a space that you truly love!

Our Top Dark and Dramatic Designer Paint Picks Pt.1
Wednesday May 15 2019

Our expert designers are spilling their favorite dark and dramatic colored paint picks! We are seeing beautiful, bold paint colors popping up within the design industry, especially in wall color! Incorporating deep rich paint colors in your home will instantly and effortlessly add serious design drama to any space! Our talented designers are thrilled to share their favorite dark paints they use in their design plans with you today!


Randi Smith interior designer


  • Benjamin Moore - Gentlemen's Grey - "I first saw this paint color on my neighbor's door, a red brick tudor home. I loved how it incorporated grey, blue and green hues, so fresh and classic. I chose the same color for the new door at The Black Goose Design!"


Gentlemens Grey


painted front door

Be bold with a dark paint on the exterior of your home, the front door is an excellent way to display rich color! A colorful door always adds charm and major curb appeal.

The Black Goose Design



Denise Johnson interior designer


  • Sherwin Williams - Urban Bronze " This rich color is so stunning, I gasped when I saw it on custom cabinetry at the St. George, Utah Parade of Homes. It has been a favorite paint of mine ever since!"

Urban Bronze

A lavishly colored wall with a crisp white trim will give you a handsome contrast and enhance your space highlighting mouldings.

dark grey walls

*photo from Ballard Designs




Jenny Hair interior designer

  • Benjamin Moore's - Hale Navy "This paint color truly is the perfect navy blue. You can dress this gorgeous color up or down. It also looks so chic with brass hardware and accessories."

Hale Navy

This striking navy color blends beautifully with many other accent colors. This favorite paint pick is so versatile and is flattering in any room! 

custom woodwork

*photo from Houzz photo credit City Homes, LLC


Kelly Winn


  • Benjamin Moore - Chrome Green "This paint color is a true green, there are no yellow or blue hues to it. This is a truly unifying color because it reads as an organic color. This paint flows with neutrals, warm or cool colors. It presents itself as fresh, clean and crisp."

Chrome Green

A deep green paint color is so simple to intermix within your home. Green pairs easily with both neutral coloring and vivid hues.

green stairs

*photo by House Beautiful

Our entire design team agrees on one very special (and favorite) paint color, Soot by Benjamin Moore. We used this gorgeous color in our Parade of Homes, Banbury Manor on some of the cabinetry. This rich coloring perfectly complemented the home with a classic, yet fresh style.

soot benjamin moore


home office painted cabinets

We adore incorporating noteworthy paint colors in many spaces and encourage you to be bold with your paint color. Whether you want to make a statement in a room or create an eye-catching exterior accent, a deep paint color will always deliver the designer look you crave. Including rich paint colors in your home has always been an excellent way to pack a huge punch of design drama that gives life to any area of your space!

It is always our pleasure to assist all of our wonderful clients with any and every design need. We love sharing  helpful interior design information and ideas with you, our loyal readers! Our blog is the perfect way to stay up on the latest in designer trends and obtain exclusive designer tips from The Black Goose Design! 

*Due to individual device monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect  Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin More  paint colors. To confirm your color choices, visit with one of our interior design professionals.

Lovely Lighting Ideas to Refresh Your Home
Thursday Apr 11 2019

When it comes to interior design, most of us desire to create the biggest visual impact we can achieve with minimal cost. Our focus today is interior lighting, and we will be showing you some simple ways to acquire a high-design look for less!

Lighting is one of the most important and powerful elements of interior design, and it is key for a well-designed home. The lighting used in your space will strongly affect the overall feel and ambiance of your space. These wonderful ideas will help you illuminate your home with layers of beautiful, inviting lighting.

 accent lighting

If you are thinking of switching up some lighting within your home, the entryway is an ideal area to showcase a new lighting feature. The entry is one of the first places your guests will see in your home, so make a visual impact with a beautiful lighting fixture. Select a striking chandelier, one that will set the tone and style for your home. A dramatic lighting piece will also draw special attention to any architectual details you may have in your entryway.

entryway interior design

wood ceiling

Suspend a light and airy lighting fixture above a staircase! Keeping with a simplistic yet notable stylish feature will enhance the entire area with soft luminous light.

gold chandelier

Selecting new lighting for your home should be exciting and fun! You do not have to spend a fortune to upgrade your space with a gorgeous accent light. A smart (and inexpensive) way to contribute additional light is to intermix varied table and floor lamps, they will make a huge difference within your space. Additional lamps scatter light throughout your room that will add height, fullness and create a cozy atmosphere. 

lighting interior design

An often overlooked area for lighting fixtures are in hallways. This is a great place to add a bit of sparkling dazzle with distinct lighting features. A lit hallway brings beautiful brilliance to an otherwise dreary space. Be mindful of fixtures that will create a soft glow and that will suit the height of the hallway without overwhelming it.


hallway lighting features

Add in a few recessed lights to your room to create highlight and ambiance. Recessed lights are visually sleek and give fantastic light coverage when installed correctly. It is also a great idea to incorporate a dimmer switch, this gives you the flexibility to adjust the brightness of illumination in your room.

recessed lighting

When lighting fixtures are used correctly, it can accentuate particular elements in your space creating an inviting atmosphere. Consider adding a mini chandelier over your tub, this will cast beautiful shadows in the evening and will give charm to your home.

mini chandelier

Statement lighting features, such as an oversized chandelier, make a dramatic focal point in any space. Our gorgeous showroom located in Midvale, Utah is always brimming with new, unique lighting features! These unique and impressive lighting pieces always give such lovely lighting inspiration, and it is such a pleasure to share them with our wonderful clients and you.

globe chandelier

A stylish way to add a distinct lighting element is to ditch the over-the-mirror vanity lighting fixture for an extraordinary pendant light. Adding a "non-traditional" lighting feature instantly creates a custom look to your bathroom.

unique pendant lighting

vanity lighting

Do not shy away from illuminating your space with many different lighting applications. Adding in layers of light will always emphasize and highlight areas of your home. Use under cabinet lighting to contribute warm, subtle lighting. This soft lighting gives off such a radiant feeling. With so many options of cabinet lighting, there is sure to be a choice that will fit any budget. 

glass pendant lighting

Our talented designers are always eager to assist you in your lighting needs. Whether you are thinking of selecting a new lighting piece for your entryway, or creating a lighting plan for your home, we have the lighting expertise and product you are searching for! The Black Goose Design also offers expert interior design services to help you achieve your home design goals. Allow our skilled designers to execute a master design plan to give you a solid foundation to accomplish any design project. 

One Sofa: Four Delightful Designer Looks
Thursday Apr 4 2019

Today we are excited to share with you four fabulous looks to spruce up your sofa! The season of spring is upon us and there is no better time to refresh your space (or sofa) with gorgeous throw pillows! Changing the look of your entire room can easily be achieved by simply switching out your throw pillows. Incorporating a pop-of-pattern, vibrant color and rich texture are essential elements for a well-balanced room, and you can include all of these elements within your throw pillows! Revamp your sofa with a few new plush pillows to create a chic designer look with ease.

floral pattern interior design

By using varied throw pillows a sofa can take on many different looks, especially when starting with a versatile base. Starting with a neutral sofa allows for flexibility when you want to change up pattern and coloring in your home. As designers, we adore switching out and refreshing pillows, especially seasonally! The slightest change within coloring can create an entirely different ambiance within a room. Our suggestion for spring and summer months is to use lighter, brighter colors which feel rejuvenating, and keep richer color tones displayed for those cozy winter months. We are thrilled to show you some gorgeous designer looks that will inspire you to play around with patterned pillows.

Fabulous Florals

There is nothing better than a fabulous fresh floral print showcased on a sofa! Floral prints are a classic way to add color and a punch of pattern to your room. 

custom neutral sofa

If you find it challenging to pair other pillows with a floral print, allow us to share a design secret! Use the varied coloring within the floral print itself to define your color palette within your room. Pulling out specific coloring in a main print is a great way to simplify selecting colors for other throw pillows and color accents in your room.

floral pattern throw pillow

spring florals

Noteable Neutrals

Neutrals are always a gorgeous way to display a relaxed and organic feel atop your sofa. Keeping with lighter subtle tones is a great way to pull a room together without having color being too invasive.

neutral throw pillows

When we hear the word neutral, often times think  "boring beige," and boring is not the case at all! Neutrals do not always have to be a solid beige color as nifty neutral patterns can create a beautiful vignette for your sofa. We love this light textured pillow that reminds us of a playful animal print. Luxurious leather throw pillows can also be an option when utilizing a neutral color palette. Leather is a timeless texture and always gives a presence of rich refinement.

linen custom sofa

Pretty Plaid

Handsome plaids have made a huge presence within the design industry. A modern plaid is an enduring print that when combined with other playful patterns becomes an instant classic!

navy blue plaid

Pair sophisticated palids with a bold, larger-scaled print for a design savvy look. We adore this whimsical fabric with its moody blues and crisp refreshing presence.

floral throw pillow

Tantalizing Textures

Incorporating texture within your space is key to attain a welcoming and cozy look. Textured thow pillows will introduce plenty of visual interest without overwhelming your room.  

textured throw pillows

Thick, chunky weaved pillows are so inviting and add tactile contrast! They give depth and dimension to your sofa, and we adore any added trimmings, tassels and fringe detailing on plush pillows. Oversized tassles and nubby textures are always a fun element to incorporate on your sofa! 


Keep in mind to use varied sizes of throw pillows when dressing your sofa. This will help to achieve correct balance and scale within your room. We suggest using larger pillows such as a 24" pillow at the ends of your sofa. From there, you can mix in 22", 20" and 18" pillows for eye-pleasing proportions.


throw pillow fringe

Placing an unexpected lumbar pillow with designer detailing can add a punch of personality. Throw pillows can also be a form of art, so be bold in your pillow selections!

lumbar pillow

As designers, we gently remind our clients to remember that the inside of a pillow is just as important as what is on the outside! At The Black Goose Design, our throw pillows are made from the highest-quality fabrics and are always filled with a goose down insert. Using a down fill insert will give you that plush, plump yummy designer look that a regular polyester fill just cannot. A down fill insert will remain fluffed, full and look fabulous on your sofa!

interior design custom sofa

The talented interior designers at The Black Goose Design are happy to assist you in finding your perfect pillow combination for your personal style. Our stunning showroom located in Midvale, Utah is filled with gorgeous throw pillows ready to complement your sofa! We have extraordinary throw pillows and rich textured pieces that will grace your home with incredible designer flare that you will be sure to love for years to come. 

How to Create Layered Bedding like a Designer: Expert Tips
Thursday Feb 14 2019

It is with great delight we're sharing some designer secrets today on how to layer your bed like an expert! Last week on the blog we gave some insight on the importance of creating a tranquil and serene space in the master bedroom. With these helpful designer tips, you will be well on your way to completing your restful master retreat with the perfect bedding! 

1. Foundation

Start off with the correct foundation for your bedding, invest in an excellent mattress. We spend a fair amount of time in our beds so why not be kind and rejuvenate your body with a great night's rest on a high-quality mattress! Our expert designers agree that bedding can be beautiful, but overall it must be functional. Heather suggests to select the best fills and inserts for your pillows and duvet. This will make a tremendous difference on the overall appearance, we always suggest goose down fills! We promise you will not regret it, a down fill will add the perfect plumpness to your bedding look!

upholstered headboard


2. Selecting a "Base"

The first layer is key as this will determine a "base" color for your bedding. A good idea is to keep your main pieces in the bedding neutral. This allows for flexiblity to add color in other areas. Color or pattern can be applied within your throw pillows or an additional duvet at the foot of your bed. Selecting a neutral base will also prevent the overall presentation of the bedding from looking too busy. Heather also adds if your sheets have a pattern, place your top sheet upside down, so that when you fold back the sheet the pattern is showing!

master bedroom bedding

3. Add in Plush Pillows

Now let’s talk pillow configurations, you want to create height and fullness throughout bed because it is essential for keeping visual appeal. This can be attained by using larger sham pillows as a starting point. Keep in mind the scale of the bed. If you happen to have a large bed, it is best to use a larger-scaled pillow or sham to set as your background. This will keep the balance throughout your bedding grouping.

Wlove to layer in oversized pillows, which we call Dutch Euros. They are bigger than a typical Euro and only two are needed on a king bed. Below is a fantastic example of a Dutch Euro from Amity Home, a company that we proudly carry. Just look at those beautiful ivory knit pillows, what a dream!

dutch euro sham

To give you a size reference, throw pillows can be approximately 23"x23" or 21"x21". Size and scale are always important in overall design, and we recommend sticking with these larger sizes and trying to avoid going any smaller than these suggestions. 

textured throw pillows

Blending all of those lovely throw pillows together can be a breeze! Bedding comes to life when varied patterns and color are mixed together, so do not shy away from practicing this expert method. When collaborating your throw pillows, remember to balance larger patterns with some smaller prints and solids. This an excellent designer guideline to follow. Vary sizes of your pillows as this keeps visual interest and will create a cohesive look to your bedding.

master bedroom pillows

upholstered headboard

4. Layer Unique Details

There is one final touch to make your bedding look elegant and finished with designer flair. Be sure to include a unique and eye-catching detail atop the bed. Be bold and display a fun throw pillow or two. Mingling in a dramatic textured throw can also add a stunning element that defines a designer look. A few extra details are a welcome invitation to cuddle up in all of those glorious bedding layers. We love putting a bolster or lumbar pillow up front so that the pillows gradually decrease in size and because they are oh so pretty! 

embroidered pillow

If extra "fluff" is what you desire, incorporate a feather insert into your duvet, sometimes two! This simple trick will make a world of difference in achieving the results you want! A feather bed will contribute depth, dimension and drama. These three elements are important factors when creating perfectly put-together bedding.

Tailored, short bedskirts are a trend of the past. A fresh new alternative to explore is a waterfall drop bedspread. This stunning new trend in bedding covers from Pine Cone Hill and is a great solution as it enlongates the bed and visually adds fullness. 

We proudly work with Pine Cone Hill and Amity Home. These companies are at the top in the bedding industry. Beautiful bedding with all of the extra details can be special ordered to your personal design style. Selecting your perfect bedding is important and should be as unique as you are! Heather, as well as our entire design team, are eager to assist you in creating your ideal bedding collection with chic style.

 neutral bedding

These few simple tips will allow your bed to look incredibly inviting and make your room a dream come true! At The Black Goose Design, we have a gorgeous selection of beautiful bedding to suit your design style. We are happy to assist you in putting together the ultimate bedding ensemble to ensure sweet dreams! 


Designer Tips for Creating a Restful Master Retreat
Thursday Feb 7 2019

Today we are addressing one of the most personal spaces within the home, the master bedroom. This intimate space should be the one space you always look forward coming home to. We are so excited to be sharing some helpful designer tips to make your bedroom into a restful retreat. The bedroom is a frequently overlooked space, and the last to be completed but we are here to inspire you to change that. When it comes to master design planning, the bedroom should be one of your top priorities. Why? With so much of our valuable time being spent within this space, it is important to create a place where the soul feels completely comfortable and relaxed in every way possible. 

master bedroom

To create a calm and serene space, it is important to keep in mind the color palette of the overall space. Be sure to use soothing colors that will evoke a feeling of relaxation for you. Neutrals and softer colored hues are usually a great place to start when selecting your color choices. Softer, smooth colors blend effortlessly together and are key to encompassing a "zen" like feeling.

accent throw pillows

Every master bedroom needs a comfy spot where you are able to sit and enjoy the ambiance of a private space away from the rest of the busy home. A small chair or even a petite bench at the foot of the bed can be the perfect solution to create an inviting haven just for you.

master bedroom settee

master bedroom bedding


Selecting the perfect bed can be a tough choice with so many options to select from. Not to worry, our talented designers are happy to assist you in finding a bed that is your dream come true! Keep in mind what style will work best for you, your space and lifestyle. Master bedroom planning is not only about serene beauty but functionality as well. One of our favorite bed choices is an upholstered headboard. The soft, cushioned back of the upholstery will give you comfortable support while leaning back or reading in bed! Your bed should envelop you in total "cloud 9" comfort!

upholstered headboard

Bedding is also a large part of making your master retreat complete. Layered detailed bedding will make a substantial difference in how your bed not only looks but feels! Luxurious and subduded bedding atop this amazing upholstered bed gives a sophisticated yet welcoming look. Textured throw pillows paired wtih a simple striped quilt are a match made in designer heaven! Adding texture within your bedroom is vital. The texture may be within wall treatments, accent pillows or an area rug, it is vital to create visual substance and interest within the room.

master bedroom bedding

Use a combination of light sources in your bedroom to promote gorgeous illumination from every angle. The master bedroom lighting is all about creating a delicate mood where you can unwind with a soft glow about your space. A large chandelier can be a decorative focal point that produces overall ambient lighting. Bedside lamps or pendants are also a great way to include accent lighting around the room. Layering many types of light is essential for cozy atmosphere. 

bedroom natural lighting

Another helpful tip is to install a dimmer switch. This allows you to be in control of how much light is generated within the room. 

bedroom chandelier


Detailed furniture pieces will contribute character and charm to your serene space. It is always a great idea to incorporate larger scaled pieces if your space can accomodate it. This gives a dramatic effect to your room and an added bonus of storage space! Unique nightstands or small bedside chests are also an exceptional way to add a touch of elegance and show personal style.

large furniture sideboard

Let's face it, we all work extremely hard, you deserve a place of ultimate beauty to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Make your master bedroom a refreshing space that is blissful to you. Allow our talented interior designers to assist you in making your designer dream home or master suite a reality! 

Designer Spotlight Kelly Winn: Top Design Trend for 2019
Thursday Jan 31 2019

Welcome back to our final designer spotlight highlighting interior design trends in 2019. Today we are ecstatic to be hearing from the talented Kelly Winn. Her top trend focus for this year is all about incorporating vivid color throughout the home especially within artwork. We are seeing a large rise in rich and vibrant color incorporated throughout the home. Kelly is enthusiastic about the varied mediums of artwork and vibrant coloring being introduced to neutral palettes. These absolutely gorgeous art pieces Kelly is sharing on our blog today are from a wonderful art company with enjoy working with, the Soicher Marin Gallery. This stunning artwork is on display at our beautiful showroom floor located in Midvale, Utah and also can be special ordered.


Kelly Winn interior designer

Artwork can showcase your true designer style and personality. A large amount of wall space within the home is dedicated to displaying visual images that you adore, so make the best use of that prime real estate. Graphic prints, pen and ink drawings always peek a visual interest with chic style. Black and white coloring with simple shapes add great interest not only in the subject matter but in the amazing quality of the calligraphy itself!


simplistic artwork


calligraphy artwork

Grouping these simplistic art pieces together can make a large impact in a room. These elegant prints flow perfectly in this space and complement the beautiful bedding. Muted coloring will give sophisticated and sleek presence when combining multiple art pieces together.

artwork grouping

Larger scaled art prints can really brighten up a room and give a fresh perspective to a space. Switching up your artwork is a wonderful way to add a splash of color and give an entirely new appearance to your room.



transitional artwork

black and white print

Another trend Kelly is seeing is the introduction of photography in a unique and unexpected subject matter. Photography is such a classic accent to use in a home, and we are excited to be seeing a fresh "untraditional" take on artwork for 2019. Interesting photographs are art pieces that make fantastic conversation pieces to grace your home. These captivating photos will intrigue your guests and will add great visual interest to your space.


photography artwork

photography artwork

Finally, Kelly adores that watercolors are back! This exquisite method has been missing from interiors for years but this medium is largely on trend and making a beautiful impression in many forms. One of the best features of watercolor is the variety of shades and color tones that can be displayed. Many magnificent colors can be present in a single painting, and these various colors will allow you to easily complement your furniture, area rugs and home accents that you may have in the room.


watercolor artwork

watercolor sketch

Artwork with both vibrant and ombre coloring that flows effortlessly together will be forever an eye catching focal point in any space. Play off of the many colors that are found in watercolor paintings within the accents you have in your home. Incorporating small doses of color throughout your space will create consistency with seamless design.

large colorful artwork

This stunning medium is not only for artwork displayed on a wall, but it is largely being used within accents of the home as well. Phenomenal textiles are also included in this artistic manner. These incredible chairs showcase a large watercolor print that enriches and gives zest to this fabulous space.

accent watercolor chairs

Watercolor paintings and prints are visually impressive and expressive. The many colors, that flow cohesively together within a watercolor piece, create fluidity and bring a lightness into the room. 


watercolor textile

Lastly, another unique way color is being introduced in art is through reproductions of fabulous textiles and ornate wallpapers. The everlasting beauty of a classic cruel needlework is now being framed as art and we completely are smitten with this idea. Gorgeous creations of hand-stitched art should be cherished and admired. Framing and displaying extraordinary textiles will add depth and dimension to your walls.

needlework art

cruel needlepoint pillow

Wall art in many forms is a key element that will pull together a space and make it feel complete. It is important to select art pieces that speak to you and will make your heart happy everytime you see them. Selecting your perfect artwork should be an enjoyable process and admiring your choice pieces will give you joy for many years to come! 


large bird artwork

Balancing your home with many types of artwork is vital to acheive superior design. Using a variety of mediums with artwork in your home will spark visual interest and complete your overall interior design. Adorn your walls with captivating artwork that will bring you delight with each new day. Our skilled designers are eager to assist you in selecting magnificent artwork to grace your home for years to come. 


Designer Spotlight Sam Atkinson: Top Design Trend for 2019
Thursday Jan 24 2019

We are back today and are thrilled to hear from one of our expert designers, Sam Atkinson. Sam is dishing her top interior design trend of 2019 which is going bold within your interior! Bold color and pattern is back in a big way, and we are delighted to show you some amazing ways you can bring bold back into your home with a few inspirational ideas.


Sam Atkinson interior designer

Make a design statement with bolder elements of color on walls and in the kitchen. Sam mentions homeowners are craving a little bit of "pop" in their kitchens to make a gorgeous presentation within their spaces. A wonderful way to incorporate vivid pattern and color is bolder backsplashes of tilework paired with deep colored cabinetry in the kitchen. There are so many intriguing patterns, and we are delighted to share some beautiful examples from a few industry professionals who we admire.


patterned backsplash

*photo from HomeKemiri 

A popular interior design trend we are seeing is more fabulous geometric patterns with richly colored subway and hex tiles. The industry is abundant with unique patterned tile, and there are so many gorgeous options to suit the personal design taste within your home. 

geometric tile

*photo from Home Kemiri

Over the last several years, we have seen a large rise in white and neutral coloring. Although still popular, bold color and distinct patterned tile is on the rise. Backsplashes can expand from the countertop all the way up to the ceiling, and the bolder the better!

tiled backsplash

kitchen backsplash tile

*photo from Home Kemiri

This same principal of going bold with patterned tile could also be applied to a fireplace surround. Not only will this create a stunning focal point, it is beautiful bold artwork built right into your space.


pattern tile fireplace surround Veneer Design

*photo from Veneer Design 
starburst tile
*photo from Cement Tile Shop

mexican pattern tile

*photo from Cement Tile Shop

Particular tiles can even be adjusted and installed to a pattern that suits you best simply by flipping the direction it runs. Playful pattern is always a visual delight and instantly brings a backdrop of art into your space.

geometric tile backsplash

*photo from Chateau Kitchens

Another helpful designer tip Sam suggests is go for bolder color with deeply-hued cabinetry. Color palettes are transitioning from bright white to sharp blacks! Whether you choose the lower cabinets or both upper and lower to have a bold and appealing look, this is a great way to stay on trend with a bit of modern flare.

colored cabinetry

*photo from Flora Soames

A great paint suggestion would be Black Berry by Benjamin Moore. This color is deeply saturated and will deliver that urban and edgy classy feel to your space.

blalck and white kitchen

The key to achieving a sharp and crisp bolder presence within a room is to create contrast! Keep your walls light and neutral as this allows for those bolder colors to be showcased with designer finesse.

black kitchen cabinets

*photo from Apartment Therapy photo credit Emily Johnston

Black is the ultimate bold, but if you are feeling it may be too much for your space, try a deeper forest green or an intense navy blue. Proufound color will give you the same dramatic effect without sacrificing style.


navy blue cabinetry

*photo from Studio Surface

A fresh new idea this year is to ditch the traditional bold accent wall. Instead, Sam has a great tip to paint every wall in the room with a bolder "on trend" color such  as Benjamin Moore's Newburg Green! This gorgeous color will give you all the design drama you crave and will complement your space perfectly. Try rich coloring in a hallway or powder bath. Experimenting with smaller spaces first will lead to an easier transition when applying color to other areas of your home.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

*photo from Kristina Crestin Design

Trim and crown moulding can also be included with beautiful bold colors. Expanding the paint color to your mouldings will make an impressive showing that is sure to have your guests intrigued!

bold colored living room

This year allow your creativity to flow within your home and do it with accents of bright, bold and beautiful color. Incorporate large scaled pattern and showcase a refreshing new designer look by selecting colors that spark delight!

bright colored custom living room

As we journey into 2019 with so many stunning interior design trends, we would love to partner with you to create a bright, bold and beautiful space you dream of living in! Our talented designers are always on top of the latest designer trends and are eager to share them with you. Thank you Sam for the helpful designer tips to create a bolder more vibrant space! The Black Goose Design is delighted to bring on the bold this coming year within interior spaces!


Expert Designer Tips for Custom Millwork in your Home
Thursday Jan 10 2019

We all know the moment your heart skips a beat when you see a perfectly designed space with all the stunning finishwork and details. In that dreamy moment we think, "Wow, how can I recreate this designer look?" The Black Goose Design is sharing some expert designer tips on how to create a custom look in your home with detailed millwork!



First off, what exactly is millwork? Millwork is all of those dramatic designer details that gives a spectacular custom look and complements the overall architectural design of a home. Millwork can include crown moulding, finished trimwork, interior doors, shiplap, board and batten and wainscoting. Basically any type of woodwork that is made from raw lumber and that is cut or trimmed in a saw mill defines the term, millwork.

coffered ceiling


Ceiling details are always a unique and unexpected way to showcase beautiful millwork. Incorporating wood planking or a stunning coffered design detail can impact a room and create a beautiful design element.

double door entryway

We adore the contrast of the crisp white mouldings with the inlay of this warm natural wood planking. Ceiling detailing can add a subtle accent to your space and will create a distinct and unanticipated custom look to your room. 

wood inlayed ceiling

double french doors

Wood Beams

Exposed wood beams are visually stunning and can be a tremendous feature within a room. Wood beams add so much character and charm to a home. There are many ways to style wood beams that will cohesively and effortlessly blend with your design style. A vertical or horizontal pattern can elongate and suit your space perfectly. Another option is to match the pitch of your ceilings with the beams. This will give a glorious outline with architectural detail. Natural wood color brings a warm, rustic texture. However, if sleek transitional design is what you desire, painting the wood beams will still give you a beautiful custom feature that is bright and airy.

custom wood beams


The crisp and uniform look of shiplap, nickleboard and wood paneling can be seen everywhere throughout the design industry and for good reason! This sleek wall treatment can intermix with any design style giving an eye-catching custom look to any wall. Installing shiplap horizontally will give an expansive feel to the room. This beautiful board also gives a lustrous texture that plain or painted dry wall just cannot. 

shiplap staircase

This millwork treatment is an ideal way to create a custom look in your home. Adding millwork to your home may seem overwhelming or a large project, but it is relatively simple and can make a huge difference in the overall look of a space. A helpful suggestion is to start in an entryway, bedroom or hallway. Keep in mind key areas and focal points within your home. These particular areas may be the perfect place to apply this distinct treatment without overwhelming a space.

master bedroom shiplap

master bathroom nickleboard

custom wall treatment

Shiplap is so versatile when it comes to design styling. A deep and moody paint color can instantly bring a modern and transitional look. Mix up paint colors with millwork on an accent wall to create depth and add a distinct design feature. Another helpful tip is to ensure you are selecting the correct width of the planks you are using for your space. When it comes to sizing, generally speaking a five to six inch board is used. Do not shy away from using a variety of mixed-width boards both in flooring and on your walls. Remember they do not need to be the same size. 

shiplap fireplace

Wood Paneling 

Wood paneling in many applications gives a room a sophisticated and special detailing that is always impressive. A variety of panel styles can be used to complete the overall fashion and design of your home. Wood paneling, board and batten and wainscoting are all exceptional and custom treatments you can easily incorporate.

board and batten wall

A flat recessed panel will give you a clean, smooth transitional feel while raised panels with decorative moulding tend to be a bit more formal and traditional in style. Wainscoting gives your home that classic, "high-end" appeal and will allow you to admire those custom details for years to come.

board and batten staircase

diamond wood paneling

Wood paneling can visually break up larger wall expanses while still adding a decorative element. We adore this intricate pattern and design on the ceiling. This is a great way to tie a room together nicely.

wainscoting wall treatment

custom wainscoting

custom cabinetry

Crown Moulding

Decorative mouldings and crown mouldings also give an impactful presence to any room. This delightful trim is simple, yet adds so much elegance and appeal to this master suite. 

master bedroom wainscoting

Essentially, incorporating any type of beautiful millwork into your space will instantly bring in a key tonal texture within the walls (or ceilings) of your home. As designers, we always suggested selecting specific millwork you really love! Millwork will be a part of your home forever so selecting a style that makes you feel the happiest will, in the end, be the very best choice for you and aesthetically for your home. We offer the very best professional interior design services in Utah to assist you in your design needs. Our talented designers are always eager to create a personalized design plan you will adore! 


*Disclaimer some photos from MadebyMood, Houzz, Elizabethstreet post, Lowes and Emily Henderson Design

Helpful Designer Tips to Refresh your Home after the Holidays
Thursday Jan 3 2019

As the cheerful holiday decorations are back into storage, we start to feel a little blue and our homes begin to look a bit sparse. Our talented designers are here to help you to keep those wintery blues from starting to settle in. The Black Goose Design is excited today to share some helpful designer tips to keep your home looking refreshed and renewed for the upcoming year! We are delighted to spill some useful designer advice on how to breathe life back into your space and keep your home looking beautiful.

1. Incorporate Organic Elements

We all adore the gorgeous boughs of the Christmas tree, garlands and holiday greenery but as they are tucked away our homes are feeling a little scant. An excellent way to invigorate your space is to add some organic elements and greenery back into your room. Allow pops of greenery and organic texture to flow thoughout your home. A fiddle leaf fig tree is a perfect solution to add an adundance of height and fullness into your room. Fill in with smaller to medium sized plants and greenery sprays within your accessory groupings. Greenery accents are so versatile and will instantly bring vitality to any room.

fiddle leaf fig tree


large tray on ottoman


interior design Utah


2. Refresh Throw Pillows and Home Decor 

Brighten up your surroundings with fresh new throw pillows! An easy way to refresh your decor is simply by switching up your pillows with some energetic color and textiles. This small change will completely change the entire look and feel of your space and spruce up that sofa! Try introducing a new bold color scheme, pattern or playful texture within your decor to add visual interest and dimension.

custom upholstered chair

Another helpful tip is to take this opportunity to eliminate clutter and rearrange your home accessories. With the holiday decorations clear, it is the perfect opportunity to "regroup" your home decor and switch some things around. Layer in some pretty pottery or large statement pieces into your room to create an eye-catching vignette. We always suggest grouping accessories together atop a large tray. This is a great way to keep things looking simplified and organized with design-savvy style.

interior design accessories

custom living room furniture

textured throw pillows

white brick fireplace


 3. Layer your Home with Warm Lighting

Accent lighting is always so inviting and brings a feeling a comfort, especially when the holiday lights were all aglow. Bring back that warm ambiance within your home by layering with key lighting pieces. Lighting is a powerful and vital element of interior design and it can elevate, highlight and set the tone for your entire space. Treat your home to a new lighting feature such as a stunning chandelier or gorgeous accent lamps. When lighting is used correctly, it can enhance and accent your space.


dining chandelier

accent lighting

interior design great room

painted cabinetry

interior design Utah


5. Create a Focal Point with Key Pieces

Starting with a fresh space will give you the option to create a stunning focal point within your room. A mantel tends to be a natural focal point so why not layer it with some fabulous accessories? Showcase a large sparkling mirror or two! A mirror reflects beautiful light and gives the appearance of a brighter, lighter space! Incorporating dramatic designer accessories with varied sizes will assist in creating a harmonious balance. 

mantel accessories

Treat yourself and your space this new year to a fabulous furniture piece! A small splurge on a stunning piece such as a large sideboard or even some smaller accent ottomans is a great way to make a design statement. Unique furntiure pieces will visually give you change you crave and can impact your room in an exciting new way. 

large sideboard

interior design Salt Lake City

Perk up those walls and add some new artwork! Artwork is a wonderful way to easily expand coloring and interest in a room without overwhelming it. Layering in art pieces will allow for visual balance and flow throughout the room.


bedroom furniture

Now is the perfect time to embrace the feeling of an open and refreshed space during 2019! Allow our talented designers to assist you in renewing your home for the new year! We are always eager to assist you to acheive your interior design goals. We are ecstatic to share wonderful design inspiration and ideas to refresh your home. It is always a pleasure to share with our readers exclusive designer tips! Cheers to the new year!

Revive your Home with a Ravishing Rug
Thursday Dec 13 2018

As designers, we always want to inspire and give the best tips when it comes to interior design. Today we are sharing one of the most powerful pieces that can impact your overall space, an area rug! Placing this one simple piece within your space will instantly bring all the elements of your room together.

  custom living room furniture

Area rugs make a huge design statement and are vital to a well-designed room. Reviving your space with a rug assists in "grounding" all the furniture and prevents the feeling as if your furniture was "floating." When it comes to ensuring a space will come together perfectly, is critical that you have a solid grounding feature within the room such as an area rug.

 area rugs

Rugs are a vibrant visual focal point and will aid in defining your space. A fun way to think of an area rug is a stunning piece of artwork for your floor! It can add playful pattern, a burst of color and neccessary texture, enriching your room with designer style.

 iron bed

twin beds interior design

Well-designed rooms always have a definite conversation or seating area. An area rug will naturally allow your furniture pieces to come together creating a cohesive feel.  

 white brick fireplace

custom tufted chair

Area rugs always will also add a layer of warmth, texture and give a welcoming feeling to a space. These are all choice elements that we strive for when putting together a room. Pretty pattern and detaling within an area rug will give vitality to your room! 

interior design dining area

master bedroom

An rug is the foundation to your living area so remember to select the correct scale suitable for your room. Choosing the right size of rug is critical to a well-balanced space. A helpful tip is to make sure the key furniture pieces in the room are all touching the area rug.

 home office interior design


As mentioned before, rugs can also speak as art and not all art belongs on a wall! This specific and unique artwork for your floor adds warmth, depth and definition to home design.

 large area rug

The Black Goose Design carries the highest quality and selection of area rugs. With an extensive selection of pattern, style and durability our interior designers would love to find the perfect rug to suit your space. Revive and refresh your home with the ideal area rug. You can be assured it will make all the difference within your home!

The Value of Investing in an Interior Designer
Thursday Dec 6 2018

At The Black Goose Design we are passionate about designing interior spaces. There are so many benefits that come from partnering with an interior designer when taking on a home project, remodel or even selecting a paint color. Taking on a design project may seem a bit overwhelming, there are so many critical choices and elements that go into designing surrounding spaces. We all want to feel assured that the best possible decisions were made when designing any space within your own home. 

custom upholstered chairs

You may have given some thought about hiring an interior designer, and we are here today to give you some helpful reasons why you should hire an experienced designer. There is tremendous value in partnering with an interior designer when starting a home design project. With a skilled designer by your side, you can feel at ease knowing you will save time and avoid costly mistakes. Most importantly, you will be investing in your overall lifestyle!

Utah interior design services

Our designers understand your time is valuable. By collaborating with an expert designer, we can assist you in your project and ease the decision-making process. Having an experienced designer by your side throughout the entire design process will give you reassurance that every detail of your project will come together perfectly. Starting with a master design plan that a professional interior design will create for you puts you on a path for design planning success!

interior design custom furniture

Interior designers have trained eyes and are professionals in every aspect of design. We love creating and sharing the overall vision of home design. Having a clear master design plan will ensure that every detail of a room will cohesively flow with ease.

bright colored living room

Our elite design knowledge ensures that what we create with our clients will remain true and timeless to their design preference and lifestyle. Design done well gives you the pleasure of being surrounded in a beautifully-designed home that is tailored to how you actually live in it.

 interior design accessories

Hiring a designer will help you experience the feeling of being confident. Your investment in your home is important and knowing it will be taken care of and managed properly can give you great peace of mind.  You also will be certain the end result will be completed just as you had envisioned.

interior design great room

As designers, we thoroughly enjoy the entire design process and are eager to assist you from consultation to finishing the last designer detail! A planned layout for your home is essential for all the design pieces to come together with proficiency and style. Our goal is to create an entire vision for your space from start to finish with a plan and a purpose. Take the first step toward achieving your design dreams by collaborating with an expert interior designer at The Black Goose Design.

family room design plan

We would love to help you with all of your interior design needs. A simple consultation eases the stress of the design process, and we are delighted to talk through your design goals and expectations. We offer the very best in interior design services in the Salt Lake City area. Contact one of our talented designers here, and start your design journey today.  

How to Mix Patterns in Your Home: Designer Tips from Ali
Thursday Jul 12 2018 by Stacey Beyer

Mixing patterns within your space can sometimes be a challenging task! So, how do you mix patterns like a pro? Well, today we are thrilled to hear from expert designer Ali on how to correctly mix all those gorgeous patterns in your home. 

We sometimes can feel overwhelmed with so many fabric choices when selecting upholstery or when you are trying to create a perfectly balanced look with a punch of personality in your space. Ali has some helpful tips to guide you in the right direction when it comes to mixing patterns and color within your home. 

Mixing varied patterns in your home can bring out the indiviuality of your design style in a big way. Incorporating assorted colors and diverse patterns with varied scales can take your home from ordinary to looking like a professional designer has worked marvelous magic!

Here are a few simple design tips from expert interior designer, Ali, that will help you begin to mix and match patterns within your home with ease. 

interior designer Ali Thompson



Start with two colors which will work delightfully in your space. This will keep the task simplified and will add the desired color and contrast to your space without "over-doing" it. Refrain from adding a third color (yet). Live with the two colors for a few weeks and see if you really like the mix.

orange and navy blue pattern 

(our inspiration image with bright orange and navy blue hues)

white and blue pattern



After you have lived with your two color selection and really like the combination, you can then blend in a third color and/or pattern! Flirty florals, stunning stripes, perfect plaids and gorgeous geometric prints are all classic patterns to select from. Do not be shy about your third selection, take a walk on the wild side and even mix in an animal print!

 animal print pillows

geometric pattern


Here is a big design secret when it comes to "tying" your patterns together. Be sure to select at least one fabric that has two of your selected colors in it. This is key to correctly blending and mixing patterns and color with simplicity. This one step will help incorporate and allow your room to cohesively flow together.

 bold pink pattern


Be sure to integrate varied size and scale of your patterns. For example, if you desire stripes and floral patterns, do not use ALL stripes and florals that are the same size. Mix up the scale by doing a large buffalo check, a smaller stripe ticking and a medium-sized floral. This will give the space a united feel and will enhance the color pattern play.

 interior design pattern and scale

geometric rug pattern



As designers, we do break the rules (gasp!).  If you fall in love with a floral or conflicting patterns, it is alright! By being unique and occasionally breaking the rules, you can still create stunning design. These are just some general guidelines to help you achieve an expert look of mixing color and patterns together. If you happen to gravitate toward several striped patterns you adore, by all means do what you love the most in your surroundings and enjoy it! 

 interior design mixing pattern

interior design mixing color

Seeing beautiful interiors are always a great way to get inspired! Ali mentions an exquisite and expressive blog, I Suwanee. They feature a designer, Lila Hobogood, whose home is full of ideas for mixing and matching patterns. Lila's home is an expression of her personality and passions in life.  Take a look inside of her home here for ideas on mixing and matching patterns like a pro! Designer Lila Hobogood's does an outstanding job of allowing her design style and her passions to come flying through with her smart use of color and patterns. 

If you desire to take your room up a notch, consider adding bold colors and mixing in those pretty patterns! Combine complementary patterns to bring vitality into your room, refresh your current pillows, rugs and artwork with lively color. 

interior design bold color

Whatever designer style suits you, allow the patterns and color to fit your personality! The designers at The Black Goose Design are eager to hear your ideas and help you achieve your vision. Let the pop-of-pattern shape your space into a comfortable haven that will define home to you.

 *Disclaimer photos from Pink Chandelier, I Suwanee Design

Our Top Designer Classic White Paint Picks
Thursday Jul 5 2018

This month we are surrounded with our nation's bold and bright colors. Ravishing reds, beautiful blues and fresh, crisp whites! With these eye-catching colors proudly displayed, it is only fitting that The Black Goose Design is sharing our top classic white paint picks!

Our talented designers Jessika and Sam are giving us their top white paint colors that are sure to renew any space.

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls can impact your space in a big way! These classic white paints will instantly brighten and promote a feeling of fresh airiness into your home.


 Sam Atkinson interior designer

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore - "Swiss Coffee is a warmer whtie that will give walls color without being too harsh or cold. This paint is an excellent choice to apply throughout the home, but my personal favorite is in a great room or a master bedroom."

swiss coffee paint

swiss coffee paint living room

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore - "Chantilly Lace is a bright yet cool white. This white looks beautiful on cabinetry, especially in the kitchen! I love this paint paired with gold hardware and natural wood accents."


chantilly lace paint

chantilly lace kitchen

Spanish White by Benjamin Moore - "Spanish White is a warmer white with slight undertones of grey, and this paint pairs beautifully with Chantilly Lace. The best application for Spanish White is to use as a main wall color with Chantilly Lace as the trim for a gorgeous contrast."

 spanish white paint

 Image result for benjamin moore spanish white

Crisp, white walls are versatile and blend well with any color pallete allowing flexibility for accent colors in furniture, accent pieces, artwork or draperies. 




Alabaster White by Sherwin-Williams - "I love Alabaster White because of its extreme versatility! This color comes off beautifully in just about any room or level of light. Be sure to stop by our Parade of Homes, Banbury Manor, in August to see in person just how gorgeous this color looks in a number of different spaces."


alabaster white paint

alabaster white paint great room


Cloud White by Benjamin Moore - " I have always been drawn to Cloud White by Benjamin Moore because of the subtle sophistication that it brings to a space. Cloud White is a cooler white, a color that is sure to bring a fresh and renewed look to any space."


 cloud white paint


cloud white paint built in cabinets

Pink Damask by Benjamin Moore - "For those of you craving your wall color to be neutral with just a hint of pop, I would absolutely recommend Pink Damask by Benjamin Moore. This color has the slightest undertones of a pale pink and brings great warmth to a room. This color is dynamite in a bedroom, master or powder bathroom or even a nursery Try painting Pink Damaks with Chantilly Lace trim and it will be love a first sight!"

 pink damask benjamin moore


pink damask benjamin moore great room

Incoporating paint color, (yes, white is a color) into your home has always been an excellent way to pack a huge punch of design drama that gives life to any area of your space!

It is always our pleasure to assist all of our wonderful clients with any and every design need. We love sharing  helpful interior design information and ideas with you, our loyal readers! Our blog is the perfect way to stay up on the latest in designer trends and obtain exclusive designer tips from The Black Goose Design!  

*Due to individual device monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect  Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin More  paint colors. To confirm your color choices, visit with one of our interior design professionals.
*Disclaimber photos from Bungalow Home, Decorpad, Popsugar, Babywatchhome, Houzz, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams


Designer Tips for Creating a Cozy Coastal Home
Thursday Jun 28 2018

Today we have the pleasure of hearing from one of our expert designers Denise. She is dishing some of her top tips on how to create a fresh coastal feel within your home. When it comes to designing clients homes, Denise is always ecstatic when they request a crisp coastal style. Her amazing talent and adoration for all things coastal showcases beautifully in her many design projects.

To Denise, coastal is defining a specific "feeling" of a space rather than a theme of seashells and palm trees. It is all about loving your surroundings and creating a relaxed tranquil feeling in your space.

A light and serene color palette sets the mood for a peaceful retreat. Refreshing, soothing colors like moody blue-green hues and natural textures are always a must for achieving a coastal look!

Utah interior design

Incorporating a contrast of crisp white details will always give a hint of coastal atmosphere within your space.


accent chairs


custom draperies

Denise has been in the design industry for over 20 plus years, and with many diverse styling trends she feels as the coastal look has always felt like "home" to her. She adores nautical finds like unique sea glass bottles, white worn accessories, and oversized shells. Her favorite coastal detail is her collection of sanddollars that are beautifully displayed in a large glass jar with white sand. Denise recently purchased a home with gorgeous original wood flooring which flowed perfectly with her white casual slipcovered sofas. Adding just an inkling of coastal touches can go a long way without feeling overwhelming or a defining "beach house" look. 

coastal accessories

coastal style

interior design coastal style

custom upholstry

Combine natural light wood tones and touches of texture throughout the space. Using soothing colors will help transform any home into a cozy place to relax.

master design planning

Pairing deep sea blues with warm wood tones creates visual interest with a bold statement of color. 

wood barstools

Do not limit your coastal vibe exclusively to the interior of your home, the exterior of your home can define your style as well. A refreshed painted pale blue door is a welcomed sight to greet friends and family. Adding charming details such as a simple lanterns or a natural jute rug will also complement your coastal look.


front door custom color

white home exterior


master bedroom

Add in accent pieces such as oversized seaglass jar and eclectic vintage artwork in unexpected places. These small details will help to bring in the tranquil and calming sense of the ocean.

coastal accessories


custom chairs

The Black Goose Design is always delighted to create a cozy coastal space tailored to your personal style. We all want to have a sense of serenity and relaxation within our homes. There is no better way to love your surroundings and feel like you are on vacation everyday than with coastal touches throughout your home. Thank you Denise for your helpful tips on creating a composed coastal space! 

Top Home Building Tips from Expert Designer Michelle
Thursday Mar 22 2018

Today we are pleased to hear from one of our expert interior designers, Michelle. She is dishing out her top design tips when it comes to new home construction. Taking on a design project like building a home can feel overwhelming, but don't worry! Michelle is here to help give some great main points for tackling a new home build. Every great design ending starts with solid design planning.

1. Creating a Master Plan and Budget

  • First, choose the size of home that will fit your needs. Factor in what specific spaces will be utilized the most! Consider choosing a larger gathering area if entertaining is important to you or a bigger mud/laundry room for busy, active kids. Essentially, choose a plan that fits your lifestyle. 

new construction plans

  • You can modify any basic plan with the assistance of a civil engineer. A basic outline can be a helpful guide when selecting a final floor plan. Make a list of what your absolutes are and what you are willing to negotiate with the builder. Clear communication is crucial for a successful build.

home framing planning



  • Consider splurging on a separate electrical plan. Outlet and lighting placement are not fully thought through. Avoid the costly mistake and inconvenience of any electrical changes after completion by having a great plan in place from the beginning.electrical planning for homehome lighting design
  • Budget for window coverings, furniture and landscaping. These items are very important but often get pushed aside simply because the funds were not part of the original planning process. 

 home space planning

2. Select the Right Builder

  • Remember to get referrals for a good builder as this is so important. Set interviews with several builders before making your selection. Some key questions may be - are they a hands-on builder or do they have superintendents? Do they exclusively use loyal subcontractors or tend to get the best price for subs?

home exterior

  • Feel like you have clear and honest communication with the builder you choose. Ensure your building experience will be a positive one. This starts with making a good choice of who you build with.
  • Know that your builder takes absolute pride in their product, and most importantly in your home. 

 interior design elevation plan

3. Expect the Unexpected

  • Expect that there will be unforseen circumstances when building it is all part of the process. 
  • Many people and products are involved in the home construction so you can guarantee a few things may not go exactly as planned but will work out in the end.
  • Set clear communication with your builder. You may want to establish ahead of time how you would like to work through a complication if it arises.

master bathroom design


With a good plan, budget, and builder you trust, your new home build can be a great success and turn out better than you ever imagined! Our expert designers at The Black Goose Design can create a master design plan to work with you and your builder in creating the home you have always dreamed of! Thank you Michelle for these delightful designer tips and helpful guidelines on the topic of new home construction.



Complete Your Room with Designer Draperies: Expert Tips from Kelly
Thursday Jan 25 2018

Today we are thrilled to hear from one of our talented designers, Kelly. She is giving some helpful design advice on how she works with clients to achieve the perfect finishing touch to a room with window treatments.  

dining room draperies

As designers, it is our goal to complete the room with every designer detail including window treatments. Dressing your windows is like the icing on the cake, or the perfect accessory to your fashionable outfit, it just feels complete!

The same rule applies to draperies. After investing in a room full of gorgeous furniture, accessories and artwork, you want the space to feel finished to perfection. That can be accomplished with the final touch of window treatments.

custom roman shades

We all strive for the room that we see in a designer magazine, or perhaps on social media. Kelly mentions, "At times, there may be  a client who purchases a room full of beautiful furniture, but are still feeling like the space is not completed. To eliminate this feeling, window treatments are the solution to finishing off the room." Every room and window are unique, and it is helpful to collaborate with a designer when it comes to window treatments. This ensures the right treatment will be installed, also that the design style, coloring and pattern will complement the room.

custom chair

There are many styles of window treatments, from Roman shades to dramatic drapery panels. Partnering with an expert designer is key. Kelly listens and guides her clients to the best application of window treatments that will give them that beautiful, functional and finished look. Window treatments are a great way to introduce pattern, color or soft texture into a space. 

red roman shades

Blinds or shutters are great for privacy and light control, but it is the window detailing that really showcase the room and make it shine! Kelly adds, "the truth is, even if you do have blinds or shutters, you need draperies to soften the hard surfaces of the room. They aid in sound absorption, especially if you have higher ceilings or hardwood flooring. Draperies also add key texture and vital color to the space." 

family room sectional

"By establishing the need for a window treatment, I can then work with a client to achieve the overall look and feel they desire in the space." By engaging with the client and asking what their personal needs are for window treatments, we can focus on what will work for them. The client may want the focal point to be on the window treatment itself. In this case, we would select a high contrasting or patterned fabric to really highlight the windows.

modern interior design

If a softer look is desired by the client, a subdued window treatment can be applied. Window treatments can also provide more of a supporting look that blends in and harmonizes with other furnishings. 

tufted upholstered bed

It is always a great pleasure to work with every single client and assist them in achieving the designer look they dream of! Dress up those windows and complete your space with the perfect designer draperies from The Black Goose Design!


Complement your Home with Designer Artwork
Thursday Jan 4 2018

The Christmas tree is down, those holiday decorations are tucked away, and your mantel is bare. Suddenly your home is feeling a bit sparse. Not to worry, our interior designers have the perfect remedy for curing those wintery blues! 

large round mirror

Warm up your space with eye-catching artwork that will be sure to complement any wall in your home.

floral artwork

Incorporating artwork into your home will instantly add color, texture and visual interest. 

modern farmhouse artwork

blue colored modern art

 Large dramatic pieces always demand attention and make a stunning design statement.

floral artwork

signage artwork

Select artwork pieces that you are drawn to and that you love. Artwork is an essential accessory for your home as it is something that you will look at day after day so choose art that you absolutely adore! 

black and white modern art

modern landscape art

hello sunshine artwork

Big walls need big interest! Group or stack art pieces together to make a noticeable focal point. 

animal artwork print

gallery artwork wall

blossom artwork

Be sure to include a common theme throughout your grouping. Matting, framing, coloring and subject matter should all flow creating a harmonious look.

gallery wall art

black and white modern art

The Black Goose Design has the most spectacular and stunning artwork ready to grace your home. Give your walls the color and creativity they crave. Our unique wall pieces are specially priced through the end of January 2018. Stop by our spectacular showroom floor to search out your favorite art piece today!

Designer Tips on Selecting a Stunning Sectional
Thursday Nov 16 2017

A stunning sectional is the coziest and most complementary piece when it comes to custom upholstery! Sectional seating has many seating arrangement options giving you the flexibility to create a personalized upholstered piece tailored exclusively for your space.    

custom sectional

Sectionals are a great solution when extra seating is needed no matter how large or petite your space may be. You can comfortably seat many guests in your space with a vareity of pieces configured to an ideal seating arrangement. Our expert designers are eager to put together the perfect sectional pieces for your room and create a gorgeous gathering area! (and just in time for the holidays)

interior design great room

Full size sofa lengths, loveseats and "apartment sized" sofa pieces (meaning in-between a full size sofa and a loveseat) can be configured to suit your design needs. All of our custom sectionals are made with high-quality upholstery fabrics, sturdy construction and plush, ultra-comfortable cushioning for those lounge worthy evenings indoors. 

custom sectional seating

Keep in mind the overall styling of the actual sectional frame. There are many beautiful styles to select from but choose a frame that will fit your personal design taste. Clean-lined and modern pieces are versitile for a transitional type settings and a classic tapered english-arm style is wonderful for a traditional and timeless look.

transitional sectional 

leather ottoman accent

When you think of a sectional you may think your space cannot accomodate such a large piece of furniture, but this is not always the case! Even the tightest of spaces can benefit from sectional seating and visually can give the illusion of making the space appear larger. Placing a sectional in your room will set the scene for a clean and simplistic look with definitive design-savvy style!

loveseat sectional

An appropriate sized sectional verses trying to fit a larger sofa with some chairs can sometimes be the best solution when additional seating is needed. Extra seating is always an added bonus without the bulk!

sectional with chaise lounge

Style your sectional with fabulous fabrics and a luxurious variety of throw pillows to bring out your personal design style. Incorporating texture with a pop of pattern will really showcase your sectional and display your homes personal style.

accent throw pillows

textured throw pillows

It is always encouraged to consider the cushioning depth of the sectional, you will want the cushion to feel what is most comfortable and best to you. Typically a sectional is designed for more of a "lounge type" setting so  seat cushions tend to be a little deeper resulting in added comfort!

deep sectional seating

chaise lounge sectional

A chaise lounge can also be added to your sectional piece with ease. A chaise piece allows for you to really indulge and stretch out, or for sneaking in an afternoon nap! A helpful tip is to place the chaise portion on the side of the room that has the least amount of traffic if possible.

bolster pillow sectional

loveseat sectional

box cushion sectional

custom box cushion sectional

Snuggle-up with a custom stunning sectional and enjoy the winter months ahead. Our expert designers have mastered the art of creating the perfect sectional configuation with functionality and dramatic designer flare!  These gorgeous high-quality sectionals are specially priced at The Black Goose Design, just in time for all of those happy holiday gatherings! 

Our Top Designer Paint Picks for a Fabulous Front Door
Thursday Nov 9 2017

Are you ready to perk up the personality of your home with one easy designer trick?! That's right, with a simple paint change to your front door, you can completely change the entire look and enhance the curb appeal of your home instantly.

Today our designers are inspiring you to make a fabulous front door impression with our top designer paint picks! The front door is easily one of the greatest focal points on the exterior of any home, so why not let it represent your home's personal style?

Color can make a huge impact on a front door of a home. A simple splash of vibrant color will instantly add character to one of the most important places of the home, the entry.


blue entry door


Welcome friends and family with a design-savvy door that defines the style of what awaits inside of your home.

 front door with window

modern farmhouse door

Sophisticated rich colors like deep navy, black and jeweled-toned paint colors can complement any exterior showcasing a classic look.

black front door

Bold and bright colors look best with neutral exteriors and creates a cheerful accent.

 colored front exterior door

Pairing crisp whites with striking black is always a showstopper, and this combination creates beautiful balance and brings brightness to your home.

 black and white home exterior door

Adding unique hardware is also a great way to give your home a designer presence. Whether your hardware selection is traditional and elegant or simple and modern, a hint of handsome hardware is always a great idea.


front door hardware


wood grain front door

Our top designer paint picks to flaunt your front door are as follows:


    Hale Navy - Benjamin Moore      

hale navy paint


 Pale Smoke - Benjamin Moore

pale smoke paint

Barefoot in the Grass - Benjamin Moore

barefoot on the grass

           Revere Pewter- Benjamin Moore   

revere pewter paint

         Ravishing Red- Benjamin Moore

ravishing red paint

Paint is such a powerful tool, it has the ability to change the look and feel of the entire exterior of a home. For example, this classic door is painted a midnight black, but what if you were feeling a little more of a moody blue, a graceful grey or a ravishing red?

front door paint options

blue front door exterior

grey front door exterior

red front exterior door

Painting your front door can significantly alter the entire appearance of your home and entryway in a snap! Take a dramtic design leap and break out of boring beige! Flaunt your front door with a complementary paint color. It is the ideal place to display your design style. Meet with one of our skilled designers today and we can select the perfect paint color that will suit your individual design style giving your home the most beautiful front door on the block!


*disclaimer some photos from houzz,thisoldhouse,countryasides,magnoliamarket,homebunchdesign,copycatchic,elementsofstyle

How to Create a Designer Lighting Plan: Expert Tips from our Designer Pt. 2
Thursday Nov 2 2017

The Black Goose Design welcomes you back to part two of helpful lighting designer tips from our expert interior designer, Heather. We are thrilled to share these key points when it comes to creating the perfect layers of warm lighting for your home. Lighting is a powerful and vital element of interior design, and it can enhance, highlight and set the tone for your entire space. 



  • Give particular thought about the type of bulb you may be using in the areas of your home. Choosing the correct bulb for a particular space can make a big difference in both appearance and function. 
  • Warm incandescent lighting is always flattering (think soft restaurant lighting). This lighting is best applied for softer accents and not for bathrooms. Use a bulb that will mimic or give off light closest to natural daylight for a bathroom or vanity area. This type of bulb will especially help when it comes to putting make up on. The best bulb for achieving this daylight effect is a halogen bulb.
  • Color temperature is measured in Kelvins, and the lower the number the warmer the color. Natural daylight is measured at 6500K, but a romantic date night it may be 2700K. When installing bulbs in your bathroom, opt for the higher number giving you beautiful, natural-looking light.


interior lighting


Overhead Lighting

  • Recessed can lighting can really help increase the lighting in your home while accomplishing a sleek, streamlined look. By matching the size of the can itself, you can determine how far apart they should be installed. A 4" can should be placed 4' apart, 5" placed 5' apart and so on. 6" can can look a bit dated so we prefer a 4" or 5" can size.
  • A common mistake when installing cans is to space the cans evenly between the walls and with each other. This creates uneven distributing of light. A can closest to a wall should be about half of the distance between the other lights but keeping a safe distance of 32" from the wall.
  • We recommend painting the trim of the recessed can the same color as your ceiling to give an even and seamless look.


task lighting



Artwork Lighting

  • Lighting your favorite piece of artwork not only brings the art to life but also adds another lovely layer of light. With so many fixture options to choose from, wall lighting can really highlight and add an unexpected design element in your space.
  • Use a low-voltage MR16 bulb. This will really make your colors pop because these bulbs have a high color temperature.
  • Be sure to plan ahead when lighting your artwork by using the light in the correct application, fixture, type of bulb and using a non-reflective glass if applicable.


art lighting


Be sure to balance lighting effectively by spreading light throughout your room. Correct balance and flow will be accomplished when incorporating the correct aspects of lighting. 




accent lighting


Our expert designers would love to help in any of your lighting design needs. From creating a master design lighting plan, adding new ceiling fixtures, or even introducing soft warm accent lighting with our gorgeous lamps. The Black Goose Design is always delighted to assist our wonderful clients. We have beautiful lighting pieces in-stock ready to adorn your home at our showroom located in the Salt Lake Valley.


 *disclaimer some photos from HGliving, JanturnerinteriorDesign and Lonny Design

How to Create a Designer Lighting Plan: Expert Tips from our Designer Pt. 1
Thursday Oct 26 2017

Today one of our talented designers, Heather, is spilling some expert tips on how to create a master plan for lighting your home! Lighting is one of the most important and powerful elements of interior design, and it is key for a well-designed home. The lighting used in your space will strongly affect the overall feel and ambiance of your space. We are excited to present these wonderful tips to help you illuminate your home with layers of beautiful, inviting lighting.


Pendant Lights

  • A great way to add style and additional task lighting in a kitchen or dining area is with pendant lights! We suggest hanging your perfect pendants 36" above the countertop allowing for ample lighting for your task space. 
  • Incorporate a light above your sink area whether it is a can light, small pendant or a sconce. The added light will not only highlight this area but will provide additional task lighting.
  • Under cabinet lighting will brighten up your kitchen. Mount your lighting as close to the front of the cabinet as possible. This will help prevent glare that may show on your work surface.
  • Use lighting inside of cabinetry with glass door fronts. Installing lights inside of the cabinets will allow for an amazing accent with an extra soft glow. If you are feeling extra fancy, add an LED light strip inside of your drawers.



When lighting is used correctly, it can enhance and accent particular aspects in your space creating an inviting atmosphere. Consider adding a mini chandelier over your tub, this will cast beautiful shadows in the evening and will give charm to your home.


Chandelier Fixtures

  • Use the length and width of the room as a guideline to determine an adequate size of a chandelier for your dining space. Be sure to select a size that will fit the scale of the room. Avoid selecting a piece that may be too small or too large for the dining table and overall area.
  • For a pleasing proportion, place your lighting piece between half and three quarters of the table's length to ensure the best lighting when dining, or consider placing two pieces over your table.
  • The dining table should be the focal point of your dining room;  therefore, it should be illuminated well. If other lighting is used in the room, put them on a dimmer. This will make the walkways visually look like a secondary accent space. 

Bathroom Lighting

  • Install sidelights in a bathroom. This placement will be the most flattering to your face so consider using sconces. Lighting shining from above creates shadows. By using sconces, this will help you to look your best!
  • A general rule is to place the sconces 36-40" apart and take note not to place them too high to avoid the glare of the light in your eye. Hang the bottom of the shade approximatley at eye level, 60-65" is a good standard.
  • For a designer look, consider using a backlit mirror in a powder bath for a little ambiance. Another nice touch would be adding in a toe-kick light to illuminate the entire space.

Be inspired by bold beautiful layers of light, do not shy away from illuminating your space with soft ambiant lighting. Adding in layers of light will always enhance and highlight areas of your home. Warm lighting gives off such a refreshed  and brightening feeling.


Our talented designers are always eager to assist you in creating a lighting plan that is tailored to your exact design needs. The Black Goose Design also offers expert interior design services to help you achieve your design goals. Allow our skilled designers to execute a master design plan to give you a solid foundation to accomplish any design project. 


 *disclaimer some photos from HGliving, JanturnerinteriorDesign and Lonny Design

How to Select the Perfect Carpet: Helpful Expert Design Tips from Kelly
Thursday Sep 21 2017

Choosing quality carpet is an extremely important factor for your home especially when it comes to functionality, durability, and achieving the overall look that you desire in your space. Today we delighted to share some helpful tips from our own expert designer, Kelly Winn.

First, you need to know the basics; the fiber type, choosing a style or pattern and the color of the carpet. A big factor you may want to consider is the warranty and longevity of the carpet . By checking off each item on the "basics" list, you will be able to evaluate what style and the carpet type that would be most functional for your home and lifestyle.

1.Fiber Type

Nylon- The most well-known fiber when it comes to synthetic carpet. It has a strong resiliency and is extremely durable, meaning your carpet will keep its shape making it less likely to mat or crush. Will perform the best over time.

Polyester- Polyester has built-in stain resistance and is soft to the touch. Polyester is less expensive but can be prone to matting and crushing. Best applied in light traffic areas.

Olefin- Resistent to mildew and will not absorb liquids making clean up easy. It has a great softness to it and is mostly manufactured in a looped style to look like wool. It is also resistant to sun fading.

Triexta- Think durability of nylon, resistance of polyester and the softness of olefin. This fiber is stain resistant and will not absorb water allowing for spills to puddle on top of your carpet. With its fade and UV resistance, its comfortable softness makes triexta a good value for the cost.

Once you have selected your desired fiber, be sure to look at varied carpets and brands to compare warranties. Some carpets may look very similar but the warranties will give you a greater clue on how they will perform over time. One may be 10 years and another 20 years. Be sure to select wisely if you are investing in a carpet that you want to last.


geometric carpet



2. Style, Pattern and Color

Now you are ready for the fun part, choosing the color pattern and design that is just right for your home! A helpful tip would be to bring along your paint color, fabrics and wood samples to the showroom. This will provide aid in selecting the best choice and color coordination. When it comes to coloring, consider the overall look. The entire room of the carpet will look a lot lighter than just the small sample.

trellis pattern carpet


Another helpful idea is to ask the dealer to order samples so that you will be able to see the coloring and pattern in your own home. Your own lighting will affect the color and may look different than what appeared in the store. Also, very light colors and very dark colors show more wear than the midtone colors. 

low-cut pile carpet

transitional style carpet

Lighter carpet coloring and very dark coloring will show more wear than a midtone color. Neutral colors will give you a longer shelf life to coordinate with different trends in design. You might want to make your fashion statement with a pop-of-color in an accent throw pillow rather than a bolder statement in your carpet.


runner on staircase


The current designer trends in carpeting are showing plentiful low pile patterns, mixing textures together and even combining colors. My favorite brand for these patterns are Tuftex carpet. We love using the style "only natural" on stairs. it has the look of a great Sisal and is supremely design savvy.


herringbone pattern carpet

textured carpet


When investing in your carpet, we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing a high-quality carpet pad! Simply put, do not skimp on a great pad! A durable pad will help with the overall wear and tear on your carpet giving you longevity of your flooring. A good carpet pad will be more comfortable to walk on, and let's face it we all want happy feet! An excellent pad will also help your carpet to look its best for a much longer period of time.

neutral carpeting


mixed colored carpeting


textured low pile carpet

If wall to wall carpeting does not suit your space or style but you still admire the softness, color and pattern it brings into your home, consider getting a carpet that can be custom sized and bound to specific measurements.  Our client adored this gorgeous patterned carpet and wanted to incorporate it into her home. A large rug was needed to ground this living area but was a challenge to find such a large size. As designers, we always want to achieve our clients' desires and create a look that is beautiful yet cost effective, so a custom carpet was a great option! 

custom rug size



custom sectional

There are many considerations when it comes to selecting carpet, and we are hopeful we could give some clarity as to what selection would be best for you and your lifestyle. Our talented designers at The Black Goose Design are always eager to assist our clients with a master design plan that suits your individual style. We want to make your designer dreams become a reality!

*Disclaimer: some photos from Tuftex carpet

Ask A Designer: To Match or Not to Match?
Thursday Aug 31 2017

Thank you for all your kind comments and suggestions for our "Ask A Designer" series. We are delighted to share with you today expert design advice so get those pencils ready for some serious note taking.  

One question stood out to us, “How can I mix patterns and not be matchy matchy.” This is a question that our designers at The Black Goose Design get asked daily! We have selected a few of our favorite spaces to show you to how to pattern mix like a pro!

Holladay Master Bedroom Remodel

Our client’s dream was to have a master suite that was calm and serene. The white shiplap walls were the perfect place to start. This consistent white throughout was our canvas on which to paint. The pop of color from the sea salt cabinet, the bold pattern of the grey buffalo check, all work to counteract the calm simple bedding. 




With such simple walls and bedding, we needed a rug to break up the solids and give life to the floor. This rug is like artwork and helps tie all the individual colors and patterns together.

upholstered bed


Daybreak Retreat

We love how much our Daybreak client loves bold colors and patterns. Ali was perfect to help our client make all of these patterns come together flawlessly. It is important when mixing patterns to choose patterns of different sizes. We love that she mixed three various sized stripes in one room.

 clock wall


The dining room rug has a bold, large scale pattern, so to balance this Ali selected one color from the rug, and choose a pattern of a smaller scale to coordinate on the drapes.

bright dining room drapery


The Black Goose Design Remodeled Showroom

Designing a showroom is always different than designing a home. Our showroom changes weekly, so we needed a neutral backdrop to show off our furniture. We at The Black Goose Design are obsessed with the paint color Swiss Coffee from  Benjamin Moore and this was our selection of paint for our stunning shiplap walls. We admire this handsome dark grey cabinet for this particular space, the size and scale fits perfectly in this room. We also loved how it anchored and gives depth to this wall that is 20 feet wide and 10 feet tall! We always are delighted when we can layer such a large space with amazing artwork. The new shiplap walls that were installed gives such a crisp feeling and adds textured interest. With such neutral walls and a custom light upholstered sectional, it is always important that the throw pillows, accessories and rugs have bold patterns that helped anchor the space and show off this classic style.



remodel showroom

We hope that we have given you some helpful tips on how to mix patterns effortlessly without being perfectly matched. As designers, we always encourage our clients to be adventurous by incorporating playful patterns in your own home.

As designers, we are confident in assisting each one of our clients in achieving their design dreams and are always eager in making those dreams become a reality! We would be delighted to partner with you to create a master design plan for your space.

Remodel or Rebuild? Helpful Hints from a Designer
Wednesday Aug 23 2017

When the time comes to update your space we all seem to be in the same big debate, whether to start over and build a new home or to remodel your existing home? Perhaps you are thinking you might want to give your existing space a little "TLC" with a remodel update if you are not ready to take a giant step and build new. Not to worry, The Black Goose Design is here to give you some helpful hints and clarity in weighing out the options. We are hopeful that we can help you to find the answer to the ever frequently asked question, should you remodel or rebuild?

great room


It is always beneficial to start with a list of your needs are and ask the following questions...

  • What is the amount of living space I desire, do I need to scale up or down?
  • Is my existing structure sound?
  • Does the layout of my home work for my lifestyle presently and for the future?
  • Is the styling of your home what you would like it to be?

By answering these questions honestly this can be a good way to start the process and will help you with your choice whether to start remodeling your home or to build new. 

New Build

Building a new home allows you to "restart" the design clock and gives you a fresh, clean pallete to work with not only from a design standpoint but architectually as well. There are many benefits of working with a clean slate and this may be a better option for you rather than remodeling. If you are feeling like the existing layout of your space is not working at all for your lifestyle, it may be a good indication that a design reset may be in your future. 

new home build

clock gallery wall



It is important to weigh out the factors of what your existing home may need, if you find that your needs can be met with minor changes then remodeling is completely doable. If your existing structure is not sound and cannot meet your personal living needs presently it may be time to rebuild.


custom hallway


A new build means ALL of the physical elements of a home will be reset including new appliances, roof, foundation, windows, flooring, updated kitchen and bathrooms, design savvy-styling and many more benefits can be added to this list of a fresh start. 

 farmhouse kitchen



Perhaps you are a bit hesitant to take a big leap and completely start over with a new build. If your exisiting structure is in good condition and you like the layout of your home but are in need of a few updated changes then remodeling is your answer! From a financial standpoint remodeling tends to be more affordable. Do keep in mind unexpected costs may arrive but sticking to a specific budget will help you stay on track and to prioritize where you want to improve your space. Even a wide-ranging update will still be more cost effective then starting a complete new build. 

remodel before

*client remodel project before


Remodeling also gives you the flexibility to work sections of your home at your own pace. Perhaps upgrading your space size and layout is a priority  by reworking sections at a time this will give you the ability to create a customized space as you live presently and how you will continue to live in your home in the future. 

Updating your home is always a good idea and will increase the value of your home so you cannot go wrong with remodeling. The added bonus of comfort and ease of livability will make a huge improvement in your lifestyle making a remodel a win-win.

plaid chairs

great room remodel

*client remodel after


Be sure to choose a contractor, builder or designer that you work well with. Having a professional understand your needs and desires for either a new home or remodeling project is HUGE and will make all the difference when it comes to the success of your end result. The designers at The Black Goose Design will carefully listen to your needs and create a master design plan that suits your individual needs whether it is a remodel or a new build.



remodel master bath

master bath remodel



master bedroom

Our expert designers are happy to assist you in making your design dreams come true. Our entire design team has tremendous experience in both new home construction and remodel projects and we are eager to help you achieve your design goals.

Whatever your choice may be your surroundings should make you happy, and give you a renewed feeling of tranquility and comfort!

The Importance of Investing in an Interior Designer
Thursday Jul 27 2017

The Black Goose design is always eager to share expert design advice at every opportunity! Today we are thrilled to announce we will be answering your most frequently asked questions by our own manager and buyer,  Randi Smith in future posts! Interior design is our absolute passion along with assisting our wonderful clients, so this combination is perfection! Stay tuned as we dish out delightful designer advice from the very best at The Black Goose Design!


Hello. My name is Randi Smith, I am the manager and buyer for The Black Goose Design. I have been with our parent company, Gardner Mill Company for over twenty-two years, and The Black Goose Design for six years. I have a master’s degree in economics, and was co-winner of the 2014 Salt Lake Parade of Homes Best Interior Design $1.5 million+ category. All of my experiences give me a unique ability to see both the logical and creative process of designing a home.

parade of homes great room

 custom chairs

Parade of Home project Designed by Meagan Rae Interiors in Partnership with The Black Goose Design

Hiring a designer can be exciting, intimidating, stress reliving, and scary – all at the same time. I, and my fellow designers at The Black Goose Design see design first and foremost as a partnership. A designer will see elements you don’t and has the experience to know what questions to ask, what works and what doesn’t.

light remodel

Client home update and remodel

As a designer, my job is to create a home that truly reflects the personality of the people who live in the space. I want to challenge my clients to think outside of the box and their comfort zone, because this is where the best ideas happen. I often tell my clients, you would never wear all your favorite clothes at once. You wear the little black dress, with the statement shoes. The same goes for your home, you need pieces that are stars, and pieces playing a supporting role.

 Archibald's Restaurant and Bar

archibald's remodel

Archibald's Restaurant remodel design project

I am in awe of the design experience of the team at The Black Goose Design, and how they truly care about creating the perfect space for their clients. I often have people say they want their home to look just like mine, until they find out I have all white furniture. I don’t have kids, I don’t have pets, and I only allow for white wine.


Randi Smith home


Randi's personal home design

If you are starting out in the design process, my most important piece of advice is to find a designer who you connect with. Your designer is going to be a part of your home, in your private spaces and the person you call when you just can’t decide what kind of doorknob you want. Many of my clients become my dearest friends. You need a partner who will understands your style and wishes, but who you also trust to challenge you to create the best version of your home.

 sideboard piece

The Black Goose Design storefront remodel design project 

In twenty-two years, I have seen trends come and go and come again (I am looking at you plaid sofas!). Myself and my team, would love to offer our expertise to you. You can learn more about our design services here  We would also love to know what questions you have for us.

  • What are your design challenges?
  • Why do you hire a designer?
  • How can we better serve you?


Be sure to visit our Instgram page to comment and question on this photo. What design aspects about this space would like to know more about? We will be selecting a random winner from those who comment! We look forward to better helping you!


Our Top Designer Color Paint Picks
Thursday Jul 6 2017

Welcome back to part two of our best paint picks. Our talented designers are spilling their top paint choices when it comes to color! This year, the design trend is all about using color throughout your home and our designers saw a lot of it with this year's recent furniture market. Color is making a huge comeback, and there is no better way to incorporate vibrant color than with paint! 

Our expert designers are revealing their favorite classic paint colors and why they are drawn to these rich beauties! 



  • Isle of Pines by Sherwin Williams - " A rich green is a very popular 'go-to' color for 2017. Isle of Pines is one of my favorite green paints for cabinets or used as an accent because it is lively, yet organic."

isle of pines


painted cabinets


  • Gray by Benjamin Moore - "I consider this a charcoal gray paint a "color" not a neutral because it has a slight navy undertone that makes it rich and versatile. It is still a gorgeous dark charcoal paint without being too black or too gray.

gray benjamin moore

gray cabinets




  • Sassy Green by Sherwin Williams - "I love this pop of fresh green, especially coupled with white and navy."


sassy green sherwin williams



  • Romance by Sherwin Williams - "This is a sophisticated blush/coral color that is great for master bedrooms or powder bathrooms."


 romance sherwin williams

soft pink room





  • Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams - "This silvery blue-green is soft, peaceful and serene when paired with whites and neutrals. It pairs beautifully with pops of fresh color for a cheerful and bright space."

 sea salt sherwin williams


tranquil bathroom

  • Quiet Moments by Sherwin Williams - "Tranquil, light, blue-gray that inspires moments of quiet meditation. This soothing shade creates a look of elegance and simplicity."



light great room




  • Flexible Gray by Sherwin Williams - "I have been drawn to this color lately...  it is nice that it can go a blush direction or a hint of purple.  I think it would be spectacular in a girls room or a lady's study."

     flexible gray



  • Stillwater by Sherwin Williams- "I'm naturally a blue girl so this was a simple. I like that you could put any shade of blue with it or cozy up an entire space painting all of your walls.  Darling in a boys room."







  • Rosebud by Sherwin Williams - "The most romantic and feminine color of all time. Looks beautiful in bedrooms and powder baths."





  • Sanguaro by Sherwin Williams - "This color adds a fun earthy element to a bright color palette or jazzes up a neutral scheme." 





  • Wedgewood Gray by Benjamin Moore - "A fabulous grey/green, I've never used it when the client didn't want to see MORE of this color."



  • Woodland White by Benjamin Moore- "The palest hint of green. It's barely there with a soft hue to the green without being overwhelming."


white bathroom




  • Collonade Gray by Sherwin Williams - "I have many clients who want to remodel, but aren’t ready to paint their gorgeous wood trim. Collonade Gray is my go to for blending wood tones with gray. It is warm but feels fresh and current."

 collonade gray

grey kitchen walls


Every paint pick that our designers have shared with you today are all truly classic colors. The design professionals at The Black Goose Design return to these beautiful choices time after time and they never disappoint, always giving the perfect backdrop to any space.

Incoporating paint color into your home has always been an excellent way to pack a huge punch of design drama that gives life to any area of your space!

*Due to individual device monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect  Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin More  paint colors. To confirm your color choices, visit with one of our interior design professionals

*Disclaimer photos from Shae McGee design, Desigerpaint, Creativity Exchange, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Home Coloriste, Houzz and Wordpress.


Our Top Designer Neutral Paint Picks
Thursday Jun 29 2017

Get ready to sharpen those pencils and take some serious notes, we have a wonderful treat on our blog today! Our talented designers are sharing their top neutral paint picks of all-time. 

Paint has the power to impact an entire room, having a strong affect on the overall mood and feeling of the space. If you are looking to make a dramatic impact to your home while getting the biggest bang for your buck, without-a-doubt your solution is as simple as a few cans of paint! 

Our designers are happy to reveal their top neutral paint choices and why they adore the color so much.


  • Simply White by Benjamin Moore- "I love all white walls and all white baseboards and Simply White is a soft white that will give you that clean palette yet will still feel cozy."



  • Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams - "This true black is fantastic for trim, doors or any accents of black in any room."






  • Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams - "I love the warmth that this grey adds to a room. It is aptly named and it agrees with almost any color."


  • Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore - "I consider Hale Navy a great rich neutral. It's the perfect classic navy and complements accent colors in the same way a great navy suit shows off a great colorful tie or scarf." 



  •  Balanced Beige by Sherwin Williams - "A fabulous neutral for all those who are not part of the grey revolution. It's fresh, light and warm without the golden undertones of most beiges."


  • Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams - "Perfectly named, this grey has a lovely warmth to it and pairs well with every color!"   






  • Silver Marlin by Benjamin Moore - "This a spectacular color for a bedroom, so nice in fact you can carry it on into the master bath. It is very serene and one of the closest colors I've seen that is comparable to a Restoration Hardware color."


  • Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore -  "A definite store favorite! We recently remodeled a good portion of our store and we kept going on with it in multiple rooms! A happy combination of cream and white. I recently had a client do her entire kitchen cabinets in it, she is very happy with the way it turned out."  






  • Aesthetic White by Sherwin Williams - "This color is a chameleon! It looks cool against cream colored trim but gives a room an overall soft glow."




  • Creamy by Sherwin Williams - "The perfect classic off white. Not too yellow not too white. It is a fantastic choice for cabinetry."




  • Athena by Benjamin Moore- "This is a warm grey, almost looks like a warm-white.  Looks fantastic next to a bright white crown molding. If you want to try a grey, but are afraid it will look too cool in your home, try Athena!"


  • Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore - "A soft grey, looks excellent in a bathroom next to marble, tile or travertine. Also looks great painted on a vanity and/or island."




  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore - "I love how white dove has a grey undertone. It is perfect for trims or exteriors. I selected White Dove for the exterior of CF Home and Archibald’s Restaurant at Gardner Village, because of how this white translates on an exterior."


  • Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore – "White can truly be a tricky color, because there are so many different tones to white – pink, blue, grey, yellow. When I need a warm white I always start with Mascarpone. It gives a space warmth while remaining neutral."






By incorporating soft neutral color, the overall design and the impact of paint has a powerful payoff.  Revive and refresh your home with one of our favorite neutral paint picks!

*due to individual device monitor limitations, colors seen here may not accurately reflect Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin More  paint colors. To confirm your color choices, visit with one of our interior design professionals.

*discliamer photos from houzz, house and home, wordpress, benchmark studios, juxtapost design, reneakeller designs, Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore

Designer Tips for Outstanding Outdoor Entertaining
Thursday Jun 22 2017

Warmer weather evenings are upon us and we have helpful tips on how to entertain outdoors with serious style this summer! Gather your dearest family and friends and create a memorable outdoor evening filled with simple designer details.

 outdoor entertaining

fresh florals

  • Scatter cozy cushions, throw pillows and snuggle-worthy blankets throughout your party. Guests will feel right at home and will want to linger a little longer!

throw blankets

custom pillows

  • Use light and fresh neutral coloring in table linens. This can give you a good foundation allowing for mixing in a variety of dishes, cups and flatware. This combination always invites a comfortable and casual feel.

light linens

  • Define and soften your entertaining space with a table runner or a patterned tablecloth. This will add color, texture and pattern into your outdoor area. 



  • Create outdoor "stations" that will encourage your guests to mingle throughout the entire space of the party. Perhaps setting up a drink station on a darling bar cart, or a delectable dessert table across the patio giving your guests a chance to tour all of the outdoor details. 

cake pedestal


  • Utilize your entire yard. Whether you have an intimate space or a wide open area, use it to your advantage. Provide casual conversation areas by grouping seating options together like textured wicker chairs or plush ground pillows so guests are comfortable! Always be sure to place plenty of throw blankets throughout your space for chillier evenings.

-outdoor furniture

fresh pink florals

  • Simple centerpieces such as fresh-cut flowers grouped in jars can make a statement without feeling too frilly! Serving edible treats are also an easy way to please your party guests and add color to your table . We see you eyeing those delectable goodies! Check out one of our favorite places to pick up these delightful sweets and fresh-baked goods at the Naborhood Bakery and cafe at Gardner Village, located right around the corner from The Black Goose Design in West Jordan, Utah. 

 gold and black

  • Make sure you keep the ambience going throughout the entire evening by stringing patio lights or dispersing soft glowing candles for mood lighting. A little magical glow goes a long way!

 outdoor lighting

soft candlelight

  • Group large glass jars together for a light and relaxed look, add fresh greenery clippings and your table is set for a cozy and casual evening.

glass jars

glass bottles

A simple summer gathering is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone, even the host. With just a few details you can entertain effortlessly and enjoy having your dearest friends and family all-together for a most memorable outdoor evening!

Helpful Furniture Care and Cleaning Tips
Thursday Jun 1 2017

We all have experienced the excitement of selecting that perfect piece of high-quality furniture and admired it's beautiful details wishing it could stay "new" forever! The Black Goose Design is here to help you always have that feeling when it comes to taking care of your furniture . Today we are giving you some helpful tips on how just a little tender loving care for your furniture will go a long way when it comes to achieving longevity of your most cherished furniture pieces. Just as you care for and clean your home with daily or weekly tasks, furniture should be included on that list as well!

Custom Furniture

When you have finally invested and filled that picture perfect room with furniture you adore, ensure that investment is well-maintained and looking it's best for years to come. It takes a very small amount of your time to properly maintain and keep your furniture looking fresh and renewed. A little love and attention towards your furniture can go a long way and is well worth the extra care.


1. Wood Care

The natural beauty of wood is stunning and with the proper care it will endure many years of use.

dining table


  • Be aware of where your wood pieces will be placed in a room. Make sure that wood is never in direct sunlight for an extended period of time this will help to avoid fading the finish.
  • Keeping wood dry is also essential for good care, be sure to wipe up any spills right away. Wood that may be exposed to moisture leads to warping the structure of the piece and the finish to peel away.
  • Protect your wood table from scratches or dents with a tablecloth or fabric table runner. Never ever place hot pots or pans directly on a wood surface, hot temperatures may bubble and lift the protective finish burning the wood.
  • Avoid placing any type of material on top of your wood that may contain chemicals that could penetrate your piece and potentially leave a permanent mark in the finish. Always make sure wood furntiure is clean and dust free. Dust with a clean cloth or a small amount of quality furniture oil and remember to dust with the grain of the wood this will keep surfaces stratch free, rich and beautiful.



2. Upholstery Care

Show some love to your favorite cozy chair or sofa, these pieces get used daily and can take some wear and tear!

custom sectional

  • Upholstery needs proper care, just because you cannot see it does not mean it is not there. The same amount dust that ends up on your wood surfaces is on your upholstered pieces as well! Frequent vaccuming of your upholstered pieces will help to prevent dust build-up embedded in the fabric fibers.
  • You live on your furniture and spills will happen, when they do be sure to immediately gently blot-up spills, do not rub! Rubbing back and forth will break down the fabric fibers leading to pilling of the fabric and possibly setting the stain.
  • A professional cleaning of your high-quality upholstery at least once a year is recommended and is key for longevity and freshness!
  • Most upholstery fabrics have a cleaning code or a lettering code. Generally most upholstery grade fabrics will have an "S" code cleaning label, meaning it must be cleaned with professional grade cleaning solvents not soap and water. The fibers of an "S" cleaning code will not react well when cleaned by regular detergents. Occasionally fabrics marked with a "W" code can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner, and distilled water is usually recommended. 



3. Cushion Care

Caring for the inner cushioning of your upholstery is just as important as taking care of the outside.

throw pillows

  • Be sure to "fluff" up your inner cushions and throw pillows, this helps with maintaining their proper shape!
  • Always rotate your loose cushions, we know there is always a certain spot you always like to sit so don't let it get saggy! To avoid over-use and sagging try rotating and turning over your cushions. Even wear throughout your sofa or chairs and can really help with extending the life of your inner cushioning.
  • Your cushions will give you the best performance and support when they are consistantly rotated and "fluffed".



4. Leather Care

Leather is supple, rich and a naturally gorgeous product that is so durable. To maintain it's beauty you will need to care for it properly! 

leather sofa

  • Be aware of where your leather may be placed, leather can crack and appear dry when it is placed near a heat source like a furnace vent or a radiator. Keep your leather pieces at least two feet away from heat sources. Avoid keeping leather in exposed sunlight, just like wood and upholstery the sun can potentially ruin your beautiful leather by fading the hide.
  • The use of a good leather cleaner and conditioner every six months is recommended, leather can dry out just like skin. Replenish it's moisture by applying a good leather conditioner to your piece this will aid in bringing back it's richness.
  • Although leather is strong and can take some use, be aware of sharp objects that could potentially puncture or scratch the hide. If a scratch does occur apply a small amount of distilled water and blot with a clean dry cloth.
  • Keep in mind leather will soak up oils so be aware of any overspray of furniture polish.This could damage the leather hide or could leave it feeling sticky.
  • Always clean with a damp cloth, vaccum and dust properly by keeping the surface clean, this allows for the leather to breathe and helps the hide to last longer.


A little love and attention towards your furniture can go a long way and is well worth the extra care. The Black Goose Design offers a furniture protection plan by Guardsman. A protection plan is the best way to care for your furniture investment. Guardsman's Furniture protection plan and cleaning products will give you peace of mind when it comes to lifes "uh-oh" moments like spills, stains and even damage! 

Take care of your furniture investment by properly maintaining each piece! Happy Cleaning!

The Importance of Investing in an Interior Designer Pt.2
Thursday May 25 2017

There are so many benefits that come from partnering with an interior designer when taking on a home project, remodel, or even selecting a paint color. As interior designers we view every project and client tremendously important no matter the size or what the project may entail. Starting any home project may feel overwhelming at first, but with the assistance of an experienced designer by your side you can feel confident that the project will be completed with professional expertise and serious style!

custom upholstery

Whether your current project is building a home or if you are feeling the need for a refreshing update in your space with unique accessories an expert designer can help you achieve your desired look. Creating a master design plan will give you a guide as to what your design style and end goal may be. Our expert designers are eager to be involved from concept to completion of any design project.

Designer Showroom

We are delighted to share a design project with you today that involved a bit of updating, it all started with the idea of giving a refreshed look to some fireplaces. This grand fireplace was a dramatic focal point in the room which we wanted to maintain but brighten-up the entire room a bit. With some reconstruction of the fireplace a new transitional design was achieved that included a clean-lined mantel yet still gave a dramatic look to the space. A fresh new coat of paint instantly illuminated the room making a tremedous difference in the overall styling. Beautiful light and airy custom furniture paired with a ravishing rug and goregous accessories completed this stunning revamped space!

Remodel fireplace


construction fireplace


What an amazing difference from dark and dramatic to light and refreshing! With just a few changes this entire room was instantly transformed giving new life to this space. 

Remodeled great room


Adding perfectly plush pillows into your sofa is a simple and effective way to update the entire look of your room. Mixing in a variety of color, texture and pattern within your throw pillows can change the overall feel of the space.

custom throw pillows

wesley hall upholstery


New lighting features are also a great way to update a space, unique fixtures give such character to a room and are easy to install! A designer can give you amazing ideas on how to ideally illuminate your home with the correct lighting features that introduce ambience and drama to a space.


custom sectional

A design project as simple as incorporating new accessories and artwork into your home will give an updated and refreshed look! Designers have a trained eye for executing correct proportion, scale, styling and functionality when it comes to accesory installation. The best part about having an expert designer install those dramatic designer details is all you have to do is sit back, relax and relish in design perfection!


designer accessories


Our interior designers wll assist you in creating a master design plan making your dream home become a reality. Our designers are committed to deliver big and beautiful designer results no matter what size your project may be!

The Importance of Investing in an Interior Designer Pt.1
Thursday May 18 2017

If there was one valuable piece of design advice our talented designers here at The Black Goose Design would share with a client looking to start a design project, without a doubt it would be to invest in a master design plan with a professional interior designer!

Taking on any design project may seem a bit overwhelming, especially when your are constructing a new home. There are so many critical choices and elements that go into building a home, but in the end you want to feel assured that you made the best decision possible from beginning to end.

Today we are sharing our top five reasons why you should invest in an interior designer for home building success!

1. Time is Valuable

The new construction of a home can consume a fair amount of time...valuable time. You could spend an endless amount of it researching products, selecting materials, trying to coordinate coloring and wondering if what you are selecting is going to be the best choice for your new space. Our designers understand your time is valuable, by partnering with an expert designer we can assist you in your project and ease the decision-making process. Having an experienced designer be by your side throughout the entire building process will give you reassurance that every detail of your new home will come together perfectly. A professional partnership between you, your home builder and an expert designer will ultimately put you on a path for design planning success.


2. Avoid Costly Mistakes

Don't let the "whoops" factor happen to your new project especially when you are building your dream home. Those little mistakes can end up costing you big not only finacially but with time. Interior designers have a trained eye and are professionals in every aspect of design. We can assist in the overall vision of your home. Experience the feeling of being confident that your investment will be taken care of and managed properly, allowing the end result to be completed just as you had envisioned.



3. Professional and Complete Master Design Plan

As designers, we are delighted when are involved throughout the entire design process, from the first consultation to placing the very last interior design detail! Having a complete master design plan where all design elements are incorporated- including exterior finishes, flooring, wall treatments, hardware, lighting features, paint color pallete selection will allow for all the design details to be in place when it comes time to move onto furniture and space planning. A professional plan of action is the key to a successful home build. When you partner with a designer, every detail of your new home will be carefully considered and will be thought through with expertise. 


4. Investing in Your Lifestyle

When constructing a new home, it all comes down to marrying functionality with stylish design to suit your individual lifestyle. It is critical as designers that we reflect our client's personal design style within their home. As interior designers, our experience of assisting with thousands of homes over the years has given us elite experience and ensures that what we create with our clients remain true and timeless to their design preference and lifestyle. Design done well will give you the pleasure being surrounded in a beautifully-designed home that is tailored to how you actually live in it.


5. Product Knowledge and Resources

Building a new home can come with options and a lot of them. A designer has the expertise and knowledge of narrowing down those many choices into smart options specifically for the client and type of home being built. Designers are constantly aware of the latest styles and have access to the highest-quality materials in the industry. When it comes to finding the best products, a designer can accurately manage not only functionality but is also capable of staying within the client's budget without sacrificing designer-styling.  


By partnering with an one of our expert designers at The Black Goose Design, your home investment will be effectively maximized. A master design plan and layout for your home is essential for all the design pieces to come together with ease and style. We can create an entire vision for your space from start to finish with a plan and a purpose that will fit your personal lifestyle for you to enjoy for many years to come!

Expert Tips on How to Reveal a Designer Room with Ravishing Rugs Pt. 2
Thursday Apr 6 2017

Welcome back to the second part of how to select a ravishing rug to complete that desired designer look for your home. In our last post we had touched on the content of the rug and the best application for where your gorgeous new rug may be placed. Let our designers help guide you through the next step of the rug selection process.

Once you have selected your perfect area rug, the next step is selecting your size and placement of the rug. A great question we as designers get time and time again is - "what is the correct size of rug should I be looking at in my space?" Choosing the correct sizing and scale are key when it comes to area rugs. The rug is your foundation to your living area so choosing the right size and placing it correctly is critical to a well-balanced room. 

1. The Placement

Typically you want your rug large enough so that all pieces of furniture placed in the room are connected or touching the rug, creating that grounding effect and defining your seating space. An excellent way to know exactly how large of a rug you will need is to tape off the desired size to see the measurement visually and give you a good idea of how much of the floor would be covered giving the room balance. The sketch below shows a great example of this rule.



2. The Size

When it comes to dining areas, this can be a tad tricky to tackle. A general rule to help guide you for your dining space is to maintain at least 18" to 24" out from the table giving you access to pull your chair from the table yet still be seated on the rug surface. When in doubt it is usually best to go bigger if you are debating between two sizes, and asthetically it is visually pleasing and appears balanced.



Rugs do come in varied sizes depending on the manufacturer. General sizing is usually, 4ft x 6ft, 5ft x 8ft, 7ft x 9ft, 9ft x 12ft and even larger. Have a good idea on the size you are after before you begin your rug hunt because this will help you narrow down your rug choices. 


 3. Complete the Look

Rugs add such a soft warmth and welcoming feeling to a space they also contribute pretty detailing to any room. They are appealing in design, add visual interest and can make all the difference for a beautifully-designed space! An area rug will complete your space and is the must-have item for cohesively bringing together your entire room with ease.

The Black Goose Design carries a large selection of rugs from companies that offer a variety of durablity options, beautifully patterned and vibrant colored rug pieces to suit your personal design style.

Refresh your space, pamper your floors and complete your home with a ravishing rug!

Expert Tips on How to Reveal a Designer Room with Ravishing Rugs
Thursday Mar 30 2017

The Black Goose Design is sharing a little inside designer secret when it comes to the ONE item that will instantly complete a room and bring it to life!

Have you ever felt as if your room was missing something and it just didn't feel complete? Most of the time the missing element is an area rug. This essential piece acts as a grounding feature and a visual focal point in your space. Placing an area rug in a room prevents the feeling as if your furniture was "floating." An area rug will tie your entire floor plan and furniture pieces together with ease, and rugs are a must-have piece to a well-designed room.


The simple element of adding an area rug to a room has the power to pull your entire designer look together creating a cohesive feel into your space. Think of an area rug as stunning artwork for your floor. It can add playful pattern, a burst of color and neccessary texture to your room. The search for the perfect rug can be somewhat of a challenge but our expert designers are here to give you some useful tips on what to look for and helpful sizing guidance when selecting the ideal rug for your space.


 1.Durability and Use 

Consider where the rug will be placed in your home. You will want to feel at ease with the durability and maintenance of the rug especially if it will be located underneath a dining table or a high-traffic area. One of the most durable types of material that is woven into a rug is the celebrated natural wool rug! Wool is naturally thick, strong yet still maintains a softness about it. Wool also contains a built-in protectant called lanolin that acts as a sort-of defense against moisture and it can repel small spills making blotting up those little "uh-oh" type accidents easier. Wool can be a bit on the expensive side but it is more than worth the investment. A well-woven wool rug has natural, amazing attributes that can endure many years of use and eventually become a treasured heirloom piece. Feast you eyes on some of our most luxurious and favorite wool rugs!



Other natural fibers could include cotton, jute, sisal or bamboo. Each is a natural option for area rugs depending on your comfort level and durablity expectations. These particular fibers may be more sensitive when it comes to high-traffic areas, and generally these materials would act as good use for a medium to low traffic area of your home. 

2. Content of the Area Rug

Synthetic fibers are also an option for durable area rug content. Similar to how fabric threads are combined, the same idea is applied here. When synthetic fibers are combined together, they can produce a strong and somewhat durable piece. Acrylic has the ability to clean up easily and can mimic a wool-like feel if a soft rug appeals to you. Polyester, polypropylene, olefin, viscose, rayon and nylon are all good options. They typicallly can retain their color fastness, they are resistant to mold and mildew and also have a soft hand to them. The design industry has even created an evironmentally-friendly material called PET which is made up of a durable polyester fiber and recycled plastic bottles, eco-friendly and extraordinarly exquisite!

These rugs have a blend of viscose and wool giving a patinated vintage look. We love the subded pattern adding just enough interest without overwhelming the room.




3. Designer Style

Now that we have covered the content and durability of the area rug now comes the fun part, selecting the perfect pattern and style for your room. When introducing an area rug into a space it comes down to finding that precise balance of pattern, color and texture. Think about the other pieces in your room, are they neutral based pieces? If so, it may be a good idea to select a rug that will bring life and vitality into your space, perhaps something with an eye-catching pattern. This same idea can be applied if you have bold and dramatic furniture pieces, by bringing in just a touch of color and subdued pattern in your area rug can complement your beautiful furniture pieces and still achieve your desired designer style!

You will not want to miss part two of our ravishing rug post coming soon! We will be spilling expert designer tips on the perfect area rug placement and size for your space. 

Designer Tips for Selecting a Stunning Sofa Pt.2
Tuesday Feb 28 2017

Welcome back to part two of our educational designer tips on how to select the perfect sofa. Our last blog post we had touched on the construction of the frame, inner cushioning and function. Throughout this post, we will be focusing on the visual design of the sofa, the fabric and how to choose the right upholstery and durability level for your needs. First, you really need to know what a textile is, so let us help with the details. Really there are two categories of fibers that make up fabric, natural fibers and synthetic fibers.


Natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool and linen lend a softer touch but have a tendency to be a little less durable. However when they are combined with synthetic threads such as polyester, acrylic or viscose, those softer natural threads can become strengthened yet still provide a cozy welcoming touch.

The combination of these specific fibers are blended together in specific amounts to form what we see as fabric. Certain fibers in the fabric can determine its durability, comfort level, luster, color retention and how easy it is to clean.



Every fabric is made up of a combination of different fiber content bringing us to our next fabric factor, the grade of the fabric. Most upholstery companies separate their fabrics into specific "grades" of fabric. This specific grading system can determine a price point factor when it comes time to determining the price of a custom sofa.

Factors of the grading system can range from performance ability, a printed pattern verses a woven pattern, or the construction and fiber content of the fabric. The grading of fabrics can start from a grade "G" which is usually the least expensive and range up to a double lettering grade which would be more of a complex weave or possibly a higher thread count of the fabric, which would be a bit on the higher end of price.


We all want our beautiful sofa and fabric to withstand the everyday use of our family and friends giving us the longevity we desire in an upholstered piece. Now the question is just how durable of a fabric should you be considering?

The durability of a fabric can be measured, this is called a double-rub. Double-rub refers to how well the fabric can stand up to a constant rub or a wear test before it gives way. Fabric is tested using a machine that passes a pad back and forth over the fabric, each pass is called a "rub". Typically residential fabrics can range between 10,000 - 25,000 double-rubs. For example, if you are looking for a heavier more durable wear you would most likely want to be considering strong blended fibers like a rayon/polyester blend because this would hold up a bit better verses a 100% cotton textile.


The design industry has developed stunning fabrics that have come a long way when it comes to high performance and family-friendly upholstery. The Black Goose Design carries Lee Industries and Wesley Hall both wonderful, custom upholstery companies. These companies offer an amazing selection of these high-performance fabrics that do not look like your typical indoor/outdoor fabric, they are super design savvy! There are so many options when it comes to these amazing durable fabrics that are not only washable but are stain and spill resistant even fade resistant! Yes, you read that correctly - today you can have best of both worlds with pure sofa perfection and practicality.


It is important to note that if your sofa will be a highly-used piece of furniture consider how it is recommended to be cleaned and maintained. Often times most fabrics have a cleaning code or a lettering code. Generally most upholstery grade fabrics will have an "S" code cleaning label, meaning it must be cleaned with professional grade cleaning solvents not soap and water.

The fibers of an "S" cleaning code will not react well when cleaned by regular detergents. Occasionally fabrics marked with a "W" code can be cleaned with a water-based cleaner, and distilled water is usually recommended. This reduces the chances of pulling the pigment out of the fabric color. 

The end result is a gorgeous custom sofa piece to call all your own. With hundreds of fabric choices, your designer should help guide you to a sofa and fabric that will be practical for your daily use and lifestyle. Dramatic detailing can also be applied like a decorative nailhead trim or contrasting fabrics, this will highlight your sofa with distinct details and showcase a unique and custom look. Play up pattern and texture with varied throw pillows that will allow your sofa to show your personal design style.

Every element of how a sofa is put together are all important factors when selecting your perfect sofa. When all of these elements come together cohesively, a stunning work of art is produced. Creating a high-quality sofa takes many labor intensive hours to complete a beautiful piece that is custom made just for you. Committing to a well-made quality piece is worth the investment and you will appreciate its total beauty both inside and out.

The Black Goose Design offers supreme design services from expert interior designers that will create a master plan and assist you every step of the way of the entire design process.  Investing in furniture that holds a standard of the highest quality will give you the longevity of timeless design for years to come.

Designer Tips for Selecting a Stunning Sofa Pt.1
Sunday Feb 26 2017

The Black Goose Design is sharing some excellent educational designer tips when it comes to selecting that stunning sofa you have been dreaming of.  The sofa is likely to be one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in you home, so what really should you be looking for? Size, level of comfort, fabric durability or all of the above? Absolutely all the above, but most of all you want an ultra-comfy functional sofa that suits your every design need within your home. With so many questions it may seem a bit overwhelming but don't worry becuase we can answer all of those need-to-know questions and more in our two-part blog post on some very useful tips on selecting the perfect sofa!

The sofa is a piece of furniture you most likely use everyday. Think about it, that's 365 days just in one year! That is a lot of use so you will want to ensure it stands up to your daily functions and that it is a comfortable high-quality piece of upholstered furniture.


1. Selecting a Frame Style

With the many options of frame styles to select from transitional to traditional our talented designers will help guide you to a sofa frame that will fit your design personality. You want to love the style of the sofa but also think of the functionaly of the sofa. Style is what draws us to a particular piece but it is also important to know what is it constructed of.

  • Think of your sofa as an investment. You want it to perform and give you and your family longevity. A well-constructed sofa should endure everyday use. Make sure the frame is manufactured from a sturdy kiln-dried hardwood. Kiln-dried is a process that removes any moisture from the frame making it less susceptible to possibly distorting the frame shape and also will help with strenghthening the wood. 
  • It is best that the sofa houses a quality suspension system, this is the constructive part that allows you to sit down on the sofa without feeling like you are sinking into a hole. Ideally you should be looking for an "8-way" hand-tied suspension system. This system means each spring beneath your seat is individually hand-tied to eachother and also tied to the frame itself. The 8-way hand tied method distributes your weight evenly when you are sitting preventing your cushions from looking "saggy" overtime. Durable webbing straps should also be placed over this system giving you a sturdy well-built frame.






2. Cozy Cushioning 

Every comfort level varies from person to person but there may be options when it comes to your inner cushioning when ordering a custom sofa. Lee Industries is a wonderful, upholstered furniture company that gives you varied options of inner cushioning for your desired comfort level. A  high-resiliency foam should be used inside of the cushion. This foam will hold up well and give you that little bit of "push-back" when you sit down allowing you to sink in just a bit while the cushion still keeps its shape. There are also options with coils placed into the center of the cushion for an even firmer feel; or if a feather cushion is your preference, that is offered as well. Whatever you select, be sure your cushioning is wrapped in a down-proof ticking or quality dacon wrap as this ensures that your feathers and fill will stay right where you want them to. You can find these wonderful cushion options on Lee Industries website here.




3. Form and Function

We all want our sofas to be pleasing to the eye, but function should also play a large part in your sofa selection.

  • Think in terms of the overall use of your sofa, will it function and serve you properly in the room it will be placed in? Measurements are key and could be a deciding factor when you make your selection. Look at the overall measurements of the piece, be sure it will fit in your space yet still allow for high traffic areas to flow easily.
  • Overall measurments are just one part of the sofa, now you should look at interior measurments. How deep the cushions are, what the seat and arm height might be, would you be more comfortable in a cushion back or a tight-back sofa? These considerations are all vital measurments and factors to fit the right sofa to your comfort level. There are many solutions and options to fit every need. If you need a bit of assistance with this decision, The Black Goose Design offers superior design services. Our talented designers will measure and draft out your space, listen to your needs and help guide you to the ideal sofa size tailored to your exact needs.

You will be ahead of the sofa selection game if you are educated on the type of product you are selecting. Keep in mind these key points when shopping for your dream sofa, you will make a great choice on a sofa that will provide you the longevity you desire!


*Disclaimer: some photos from Lee Industries and Wesley Hall

Expert Designer Tips for Layering Beautiful Bedding
Thursday Feb 23 2017

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to sucessfully creating that perfect bedding look? We all desire that gorgeous bedding ensemble that makes you want to cozy up right in the middle of all of that beautiful bedding!

Well, get ready for some expert designer tips on how to turn your bedding into a luxurious layered slice of heaven!

Creating a designer bedding look can seem complicated, but really this process can easily be achieved by thinking in simplistic layers! Be sure to begin with a quality bed that you truly adore! Whether your style is simple and modern, or timeless and traditional, The Black Goose Design carries an exclusive selection of stunning beds that will complement your beautiful bedding. 


 1. The Foundation

Start off with the correct foundation for your bedding. By "foundation" we mean investing in an excellent mattress. We spend a fair amount of time in our beds so why not be kind and rejuvenate your body with a great night's rest on a high-quality mattress! Our expert designers agree that bedding can be beautiful, but overall it must be functional. The Black Goose Design has well-constructed mattresses that provide ideal support and will suit your level of comfort.



2. Selecting a "Base"

The first layer is key as this will determine a "base" color for your bedding. Our expert designers suggest selecting a duvet that is neutral. This allows for flexiblity in other areas of the bedding where you may want to pull in an accent color or a pattern. Perhaps this particular color or pattern could be applied within your throw pillows or an additional duvet at the foot of your bed. A neutral base will also prevent the overall presentation of the bedding from looking too busy.


Another helpful tip to add "fluff" within your bedding is to incorporate a feather bed into your duvet. This simple trick will make a world of difference in your bedding when completing your look! A feather bed will contribute depth, dimension and drama. These three elements are important factors when creating perfectly put-together bedding.

3. Create Height with Pillows

Now we can begin filling in those essential layers with pillows. You want to create height and fullness throughout bed because it is essential for keeping visual appeal. This can be attained by using larger sham pillows as a starting point. Keep in mind the scale of the bed. If you happen to have a larger scaled bed, it is best to use a larger-scaled pillow or sham to set as your background. This will keep the balance throughout your bedding grouping.

 4. Fill-in with Euro Shams

The second layer of placing 26" Euro shams will naturally allow the eye to fall from the larger background shams toward the front of the bed. This is where color and pattern come into play. Let your personal design style show within the shams. Our design team at The Black Goose Design always suggests using a quality feather down-fill inside of your shams because the down will keep its shape visually, giving a look of fullness.

5. Add Depth with a Duvet

Here comes the extra "fluffy" part, an additional duvet folded at the foot of the bed lends softness and great texture. 

A lighter weight quilt that complements your Euro shams can also be included. This is an ideal way to tie in the coloring or pattern that the Euro shams may have allowing the bedding to flow properly.

6. Include Personality with Pillows

Now here comes the really fun part, blending all of those lovely throw pillows together! Bedding comes to life when mixing in varied patterns and color so do not shy away from mixing different pillows together. When mixing in your gorgeous throw pillows, remember to balance larger patterns with some smaller prints and solids. This an excellent expert guideline to follow. Also change up the sizing of your pillows as this keeps visual interest and will create a cohesive look to your bedding.


7. Placing those Gorgeous Details

Oh yes, there is one final touch, mingling in a dramatic textured throw. This is a welcoming invitation to cuddle up in all of those glorious bedding layers.

Sleep in style and ultimate comfort with cozy bedding layers and perfectly-plumped pillows. The Black Goose Design has one-of-a-kind bedding and extraordinary throw pillows ready to grace your beautiful bed. Allow our expert designers to create a personalized luxurious designer bedding look just as unique as you!