10 Things to Update in Your Home RIGHT NOW!
Wednesday Jul 10 2024 by Stacey Beyer

While every home has its tried and true, last-a-lifetime pieces, there are also elements that should come and go over time. Pieces that begin to show age or date your space in a way that’s far from romantic. Don’t fret. This is an easy fix. At The Black Goose Design, we always look at the following 10 areas first: 

1. Poly Pillow Inserts

You know we appreciate a good pillow chop to give pillows personality. Alas, poly-fill pillow inserts cannot be chopped. Gasp! Instead, they often end up misshapen over time. Whether you get all new pillows or simply upgrade your inserts to down, it’s time you breathe new life into those chopless chaps.

TIP: Down allergies are, well, a downer! Fortunately, there are very well made down-alternative options that offer just as much fluff potential.

accent pillows 

2.  Outdated Drapery

Outdated draperies are a don’t. And don’t even get us started on ill-fitting window dressings. With the proper material and placement/length, even department store draperies can look high-end.

TIP: To get your draperies looking their best, you want them touching the floor or even puddling on the floor.

TIP: Steer clear of overly bulky, outdate drapery fabrics. Less is very often more.

drapery how to

image credit: Lindsay Salazar Photography 

3. The Bed in a Bag

Yes, so they’re a quick, easy department store purchase. We get the appeal. But the benefits of hand-selected bedding far outweigh the ease of the all-in-one bedding bundle. Let’s upgrade to luxury. Even if you don’t spend a fortune, buying individual bedding items ups the cozy vibe.  Enjoy pairing patterns, colors, and textures until you have the bed of your dreams.

TIP: Don’t stop at the main bed. Upgrade every bed in the home. You won’t regret it!

4.  Builder-grade Lighting

We get it, using the builder’s baseline lighting option saves a bundle. And you likely had the best of intentions to replace those unfortunate fixtures once you were moved in. Alas, those lights are still sitting not-so-pretty, bringing the rest of your home down. Sound familiar? Whether you’ve recently (or not so recently) built a home or moved into one that has the infamous build-grades in place, now’s the time for a glow up.

TIP: Changing your light fixtures will make your home feel more custom.

custom light fixtures 

5. All Those Accessories

Accents give a shelf life, but they also HAVE a shelf life. Take a look at the décor lining your shelves and/or mantel. Is the space showing its age or looking a little cluttered? Now’s a great time to do a little de-cluttering.

TIP: Group items and use various sizes. This gives your accessorizing a starting point and structure. Plus, it creates more movement and interest to the eye. Of course, this could mean it’s time to purchase a few new larger accessories.

TIP: Want an easy way to group? Trays are chic. The can wrangle various pieces in a way that feels intentional and interesting.  


6.  Hokey Hardware

Outdated hardware? Hard pass! Time to switch out those old knobs and pulls for newer models. This can be expensive or reasonable, depending on the look you’re after and the method of install (self or hired out). 

hardware upgrade

TIP: The kitchen hardware and bathroom are obvious places to start, but don’t overlook the doorknobs.

TIP: Remember, if you’re switching hardware colors, update your hinges to match.

cabinet pulls

7. Word Sayings

Time to say goodbye to wooden letters, vinyl sticker quotes, and word signs. We had them. We loved them. But the time has come to replace them. Don’t let word art date-stamp your walls.

8. Un-framed Canvas Art

There’s a reason we love our canvases. This kind of art can be purchased anywhere and can easily elevate your walls. Unfortunately, it can also have the reverse effect. Don’t let unframed canvas art bring your home down. A nice quality frame makes all the difference and will make any design feel more elite.

framed canvas

art upgrade

9. Matching Furniture Sets

Sure, matching your sofa to your loveseat is the easy way to go when buying furniture, but easy isn’t always easy on the eyes. Why limit yourself when collected pieces can bring in so much character?

TIP: Not sure how to pair items that aren’t identical? Look for a common color or color family as a starting point.

TIP: Use throw pillows to pull different furniture items together in a way that feels cohesive.

10. Matching Rugs

What can we say? Matching is limiting. The same is true for rugs as furniture – variety adds personality. You want rugs that coordinate, not rugs that match. This approach adds interest and depth that can be lacking in lookalikes.

We aren’t saying you need to do every item on this list immediately. Any place you choose to start will make a big impact. Give it a try and enjoy the momentum you’ll feel when the task is complete. We’re willing to bet you’ll want to keep at it until you’ve completed all 10 of our go-to suggestions. Pssstt… We’re always here to help. Stop by The Black Goose Design and check out our gorgeous lighting, pretty pillows (and inserts!), durable rug designs, wall art wows, the latest in mix-and-match furniture trends, and so much more. We’d love to help you get your upgrades underway!

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Dining Table
Thursday Jun 13 2024 by Stacey Beyer

When it comes to picking a new dining table, you have many options. This can make the shopping experience both fun and, at times, overwhelming. At The Black Goose Design, we want to keep the focus on the fun, so we’re sharing our fav go-to table tips. They’ll help you narrow down your choices and ensure you find the perfect piece for your dining needs.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar

TABLE TIP 1: Take a Moment to Measure

Shopping is the fun part, but you’ll want to do a little homework first. Grab your measuring tape and identify your table space. With the area identified, you’ll know what will and won’t work for you. This brings us to tip 2…

TABLE TIP 2: Leave Room to Walk

Don’t select a table that’s too big to accommodate traffic space. The rule of thumb is leaving 36” from your table to the nearest wall. This ensures you have enough room to easily pass by and also pull chairs out to comfortably get seated.


TABLE TIP 3: Get in Shape

The most common table shapes are rectangle and round, but there are also square and oval options depending on the room you have to work with. Did you know, there are many instances where we can order a table in a shape other than that on our showroom. Always ask. You never know what expanded options you might discover.


TABLE TIP 4: Save Me a Seat

How many do you plan to seat on a day-to-day basis? What about special occasions? Reserve an area of at least 24” for each person/chair at the table. Most tables offer a leaf option to go from day-to-day accommodations to larger gatherings. When using a leaf to host more guests, there’s a chance you’ll break your 36-inch-from-the-wall rule. That’s okay. If a tighter fit means more can break bread with you at your next celebration, pack those chairs in and live your best life!

image credit: Lindsay Salazar 

TABLE TIP 5: Know Your Table Types

There are many different table finishes to choose from. We’ve listed the most common types below, complete with features, so you can decide on the right material for your mealtime.

  • SOLID WOOD: These are built to last. Unfortunately, they can also be damaged by heat marks, water rings, and dents/stains. On the bright side, they can be sanded down and refinished, making them good as new again! Solid wood is beautiful and unique. Because it’s a natural material, no two tables are going to look identical. The woods will stain slightly differently and have different movement in the grain. Of course, these pros do come with an obvious con – a higher price point. Expect to pay more for solid wood than you will veneer.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar

  • VENEER: Hello, versatility! Veneer designs offer a wide variety of looks and styles. Plus, they’re less expensive. Like wood, these tables can also get damaged by heat marks, water rings, and dents/stains. If that happens, they can be repaired to some degree, but can’t be sanded down and refinished.

  • STONE: It probably comes as no surprise that stone tables can withstand a lot. The most common stone option you’ll find is marble, which is beautiful and strong. The downside is that marble can stain and needs to be resealed regularly. Because this is another natural material, you’ll find that stone tables are typically a higher price point.

  • CONCRETE: These tables are extremely durable, as well as extremely HEAVY. Because they can withstand the elements and won’t blow away, they’re commonly used outdoors. Styles are more limited than the other options, making concrete less common indoors. Like stone, concrete can stain and needs to be sealed. Leaf options are not available.


There you have it – all the table talk before you shop. Still need help picking the perfect piece? We'd love to help. Give us a call. One of our experienced designers can come to your home, help you measure, and select the perfect table for your home and needs.

5 Quick Ways to Elevate Your Home
Thursday May 9 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Want to give your surroundings an update without even touching a paint roller or forking out a huge chunk of change? We have five ideas to try that are simple to do but have a BIG impact.

NOTE: All images featured in this post were taken by the talented Lindsay Salazar.  


Art is a must! Adding some new artwork to your walls is a quick way to make the space feel more current. Here are a few tips to remember when hanging your new pieces:

 tips for hanging art

  • Hang your art at the correct height. You want your art to be at eye level. On average, this ends up putting the center of your image at about 57” up from the floor.
  • When hanging art above furniture, the general rule of thumb is to position your piece about four to eight inches above the highest point on the furniture item.
  • How large should your art be? Well, if hanging above furniture, it should be approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture piece.
    • Note: These placements aren’t an exact science, but they do offer a great starting point.

Remember, you don't have to get new art to adjust placement. If your art feels off, try applying this advice and re-hanging your items. It could make all the difference. 


A nice rug can instantly warm up a space, especially if it’s a space with hard flooring. Other rug benefits? Well, they ground an area and tie the surrounding items together. They’re a great way to introduce color, texture, and pattern.

 designing with rugs

Rug Wisdom: Don’t be afraid to place a rug on carpet. We do it all the time, and it completely changes the look of the room.

Rug Wisdom: When in doubt on size, size up. It’s usually best to go big and have some wiggle room to work with.


The quickest way to give your home that designer look? Drapes! Here are a few tips for  hanging them correctly:

  • Panels should go to the floor, whether that be even with the floor or slightly longer and in a puddle.
  • Rods should typically be hung as high as you can and scale out past the sides of the window.

how to properly hang draperies 

There is definitely a right and a wrong way to do this one, and it is very common to make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you’re unsure. Our designers at The Black Goose Design can give you specific advice for getting your window treatments right and take away all guesswork.



If you want to make your home feel updated in the flip of a switch, upgrade your lights. Replacing fixed, dated lighting will make an immediate impact.

lighting ideas 

Lightbulb Moment: Think beyond the ceiling. Rooms NEED accent lighting. This means table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and picture lighting.



Updating tired, old throw pillows can take a room to new heights. In fact, this is our favorite thing to do when you want new furniture but it's not in the budget. Replaced throw pillows can make that same old sofa look refreshed and inviting again.

throw pillow placement 

If you know you want something different where you live, but you just can’t put your finger on what that is or you simply don’t have the time and/or money for a massive overhaul, start with any of these budget-friendly ideas. They’re approachable, affordable, and a fun way to breathe new life into your surroundings. We know they’ll leave you loving your home a little more.

For the Love of Pillows
Thursday Apr 11 2024 by Stacey Beyer

At the Black Goose Design, we’re always up for a little pillow talk. How about you? Let’s take a look at the latest in trends and styles for this must-have accent element.


Color, Color, Color!

Huzzah! Color is back! And pillows are the perfect way to introduce the hues you choose without a significant room makeover. Because color is on trend, you should have no problem finding the ideal combo for your home.


Play Up Patterns

Bold patterns are big, and not just in the literal sense. They’re also hugely popular this season. Adding at least one bold print to your pillow mix will add new energy to your space. This goes double if you’ve been leaning into the neutrals for a while now. We’ve certainly found ourselves on neutral ground these past many months, so we can’t wait to see more powerful prints in play.


TIP: Want to work more patterns into your decorating? Start with one major statement piece first and then incorporate colors and smaller prints that complement the focal piece. This will allow you to work up to a look you want and keep things from feeling too busy or overwhelming.


Make It Multi-Color

With colors back in a beautiful way, it’s fun to weave more vibrant shades throughout your entire house. A great place to start is with a focal patterned piece that has several colors. It will give you many options to pull from and use elsewhere in the home.


Texture Time

You know we love an opportunity to add texture, and pillow placement is an easy way to make it happen. Texture seamlessly adds a new design element without having to coordinate a color or pattern.


Mix It Up

Ready for this? You can mix multiple patterns on a single sofa or bed. We know, we know, this can be a tricky one to embrace at first thought, but there are ways to combine different patterns successfully. The balance comes from being thoughtful about the patterns you choose. For example, a busy floral print is likely going to pair easier with a striped pattern than it would another floral, which could end up competing for attention. Sure, pillow fights can be fun, but not when it’s accent pillows, fighting for the spotlight.

TIP: Besides considering pattern types when combining several, you’ll also want to keep scale in mind. Having a balance of small, medium, and large patterns is definitely the way to go. Too much of any single size will either start competing, which can be exhausting to the eye, or it will all blend together, which lacks impact and likely isn’t the vibe you seek.




Ready to play with your pillows and breathe some new life into your home this spring? Stop by and see our latest assortment of must-have spring styles, prints, colors, and textures. We always enjoy helping clients mix and match, whether you’re working with all new options or simply want a few new items to add to your existing lineup. That said, if you are looking to enhance your current look (vs. replacing), don’t forget to either bring your pillows with you or at least snap a few pics first.


We can’t wait to see you soon, beautiful pillow people! 

Arranging Artificial Flowers Like a Pro
Friday Mar 22 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Sure, our gardens aren’t quite ready to put on a show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the full flower effect all year long. Bring your blooms indoors and brighten up your interior with artificial florals. They’re low maintenance, and they look so lifelike that the artificial factor can be our little secret. Here are the tricks to arranging and maintaining your flowers like a pro:

 spring 2024 decorating ideas

Step 1: Select a Container

Okay, so this goes without saying, but … we’re gonna say it all the same. Finding the perfect vessel for your space is half the fun, and we have so many stylish options at The Black Goose Design right now. Here’s some vessel advice to consider: 

The Black Goose Design

  • Do you want your stems showing?
  • Is the scale appropriate? The last thing you want is a big, brilliant vase that holds one bitty bloom. Or, on the flip side, a brilliant bouquet that looks as if it’s gonna topple over in its small vase. Select a size that complements the arrangement.
  • If you’re looking beyond traditional vases, don’t forget to evaluate openings. Jars and other containers can add to your overall look, but the mouth should be wide enough to comfortable hold your stems.


Step 2: Start With Your Greens

This is your neutral, so it’s easiest to build with greenery as your foundation.

flower arrangement tips 

Step 3: Work from Biggest to Smallest

It’s easier to add smaller florals to fill in holes than it is to try to cram in a bigger statement stem. Start big!

how to arrange artificial flowers 

Step 4: Finish with Filler

The last stem is the smaller detail pieces. This can be smaller florals, sticks, or other decorative stems.

 seasonal centerpiece ideas


•Before adding anything to your vase, use clear tape to create a grid across the opening. This is a quick way to add volume to your arrangement, as it gives each stem a slot to occupy.

•If your vase is too tall for your flowers, crumple up paper and add it to the bottom first. This little booster allows you to customize where your focal point lands. Of course, this doesn’t work with clear containers, but you can try things like decorative glass, shells, etc. to achieve a similar effect.

•Don’t be afraid to trim. If you have a specific arrangement that goes with a specific vessel, don’t hesitate to trim your stems when they’re too long. This is the best way to make the fit exact.

timeless flower arrangements

•Rotate your vase as you’re arranging. Continue looking at the grouping from all sides to ensure it feels balanced from any viewing angle. You’ll likely have a favorite side, even with this tip in mind. That’s normal. And that’s the side you showcase to the main viewing direction.

•Fluff those florals. Faux flowers typically ship in plastic sleeves. Once you have yours, give them a full fluffing to get them looking their best. Don’t be afraid to gently bend and move aspects until they feel separated and full of life.

•This is the least fun tip in the bunch but a worthwhile one nonetheless. Don’t forget to dust. Artificial flowers, just like any decorative pieces in the home, will collect dust over time. You don’t want this blowing their lifelike cover. Keep ‘em clean and looking their best.

 spring decorating

Spring is here! It just doesn’t look like it quite yet. Not in Utah, at least. We’d love to help you change that with some “fresh” flower arrangements. Stop by soon to pick your favorites!

Shining a Light On the Mini Lamp Trend
Friday Mar 8 2024 by Stacey Beyer

These lamps may be mini, but their impact is mega! No wonder they’re a big trend in home décor at the moment. For starters, the accent lighting a smaller lamp provides immediately softens the overall mood, making it a frequent go-to choice over “big lights.” In other words, if cozy is your vibe, this is the light to try. Better yet, add several smaller lamps throughout a room and watch how the space warms right up.

small lamp trend 

Of course, we can’t ignore the fact that small lamps are also loaded with design potential. Let’s explore a few of our favorite ways to style these trendy fixtures.

 accent lighting for kitchen

1. On a Kitchen or Bathroom Counter

We all know that custom cabinet lighting is popular. If you have an older home or don't have the budget for custom lit cabinets, add a mini lamp. Because of their petite size, they tend to fit nicely below upper cabinets.  

countertop lighting


2. On a Shelf

Again, because of their low profile, smaller lamps tend to sit securely on shelving. This can be in built-ins, open kitchen shelves, or an etagere.

how to style shelving 


3. On a Small Table or Console

Think that accent table or console is too small for a lamp? Enter the mini lamp! Thanks to these mini-but-mighty lights, you can now illuminate so many areas. At The Black Goose Design, we like any opportunity to add accent lighting, and a mini lamp is a great way to help fill negative space.

entryway design ideas 


4. Add It to a Stack

A fun way to style a mini lamp is to place it on a stack of books. This is a quick trick to add more height if your display is feeling to level.

decorating with books 


Now that we’ve shed some light on the impact mini lamps can make, we’d love to help you find your perfect petite piece. Stop by The Black Goose Design soon and see the latest looks we have in store.

Three Tips for Making a Cozy Bed
Friday Feb 23 2024 by Stacey Beyer

Want your bed to look inviting and cozy? We have the solution. Let’s talk the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating a bed that feels beautifully made.

make a cozy bed 


Layering is the way to go. Adding layers allows you to build on the base layer of your bedding by introducing different patterns, textures, colors, and an overall loftiness.

2024 bedding trends

Our favorite way to layer at The Black Goose Design is to fold a duvet at the end of the bed. Other go-to approaches that we turn to often when layering a bed include:

  • Multiple Coverlets
  • Quilts
  • Even Folding Back Your Sheets

The Black Goose Design

Let the layering continue with pillows. Give your bed that “crawl into” quality with added pillows. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Sleeping pillows and decorative pillows come together like a comfortable puzzle. You can position your decorative options in front of your sleeping pillows to conceal them slightly, or you can conceal them completely. Whatever feels better to you is the way to go. Speaking of, if you’re a minimalist and prefer fewer pillows, that works too. Let our team of designers help you make the most of the pillows to ensure you pack a comfy punch with the few pillows you choose.

 mixing patterns


Down fills and high-quality down alternatives are a wonderful way to elevate your bed. This kind of pillow sits much nicer than a poly-filled option, which can appear flat.

layered quilt

Using down gives the pillow more shape. When chopped, this pillow type takes a shape that allows the base layer of pillows to peek through, adding dimension and creating a fuller look.

down pillows

Beyond the cosmetic appeal, down pillows actually FEEL cozier than their poly fill counterparts. Because they’re feather filled, they contour to your body when you lay on them, almost as if they’re giving you an embrace.

Sure, down pillows are a bit more maintenance, but we feel the extra bit of pillow fluffing required is well worth it!



Don’t forget the finishing touch of a little extra texture. Our top trick is to layer the foot of the bed with a decorative throw.

textured bedding

For a little added flavor, toss in a smaller accent pillow or two. These final pieces seal the deal when it comes to making the best kind of bed.

decorative pillows

Ready to give your bedding an update? We’re here to make your sweet dreams come true! Stop by for a little bedding chit chat soon!

Five Post Holiday Home Decor Tips
Thursday Jan 11 2024 by Stacey Beyer

If Taylor Swift says it, it must be true. You CAN leave the Christmas lights (and décor!) up ‘til January. When it’s your place, you certainly do make the rules. That being said, it never hurts to weave in a few friendly suggestions and tips when you decide it’s time to take your beloved holiday décor down for another year. Even if you’re an everything-is-down-by-December-26th person, you’ll find some helpful nuggets below to get your 2024 off to an organized start. Take a look!

 holiday decor ideas

Five Tips for Your Post-holiday Home

1. Dig Deep with a Deep Clean

When you’re in between holidays, it’s the perfect time to give your surroundings an extra bit of elbow grease. As you’re taking down your twinkly lights and baubles, clean those surfaces. Don’t forget the hidden trouble spots, such as inside and beneath furniture. While you’re at it, wipe down your mantels and baseboards. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new year.

new years deep cleaning 

tv stand

2. Keep or Donate? Time to Re-evaluate Your Décor

You have all your surfaces clear, now's the time to decide if you still love your everyday décor. Does something feel tired and dated? Now’s the time to donate and replace.

natural christmas look and feel

If replacing décor isn’t in your budget, see what kind of new energy you can give old items simply by displaying it in a different area or pairing it with a different piece. Some of our fav tricks to try include stacking some books beneath a décor piece or positioning it next to a painting or lamp for a quick refresh.  

 how to decorate your home

3. Brrrr… Warm Things Up by Creating a Cozy Vibe

It may not be Christmas anymore, but the weather outside remains frightful. Warm things up indoors with added textures and layers. This can be done with accent pillows, throw blankets, fur hides, warm lighting, and candles. If you remember this post from last year, we’re all about gorgeous flameless candles, which offer battery-operated ambiance and never melt away.  

 winter 2024 design trends

4. It’s All in How You Organize It

You’re already in cleaning mode. Seize the day and throw in a little organizing. Does that sideboard look cluttered because you can see your kids toys through the glass? Add baskets or totes to tidy things up. Containers can come in unexpected ways. We even have faux books that look beautiful on a shelf while doubling as remote control holders. Finding pretty ways to keep the clutter from feeling cluttered is a fun game to play. Come on in. We’ll join you for a round and find your ideal storage solutions.

hollow book 

unique storage ideas

Extend this organizing opportunity to your holiday décor. Make this the year you put a little extra thought into how you put your stuff away. Add labels. Make groups of like items. Organize things by how they’re displayed in the home. Even consider snapping a pic of the display before you take it down and adding it in with the tote of décor for reference next year. Putting in the time now will make the busy holiday season that much more enjoyable 11 months from now. While you’re at it, set aside anything that simply doesn’t inspire you anymore. Donating beats storing if you know you won’t get it out again. Someone will be delighted to give the piece a new home and new life!

how to hang stockings 


5. Strength in Numbers … Hire an Interior Designer

If you realize after taking down your seasonal décor that your home needs a lot more than a few new accessories, hire an interior designer. We can help you with a renovation, fresh paint, updated flooring, and new furniture. If doing this work sounds like it would take more time than you have, you should know that we also do accessory installs. Let one of our designers help you transform your space.

christmas decor for the kitchen 

how to style open kitchen shelving

Join us and raise a glass. Here’s to a happy, organized, clean new year. Cheers! 

Top 10 Tips for Hanging Wall Art and Mirrors
Wednesday Jun 21 2023 by Stacey Beyer

Where should I hang my art? What about my mirrors? At The Black Goose Design, we get asked these questions all the time. It’s easy to understand why this is a common conundrum. After all, a blank wall is a big space to tackle. Hanging height can make or break the look. Fortunately, we’re here to help with our top 10 placement pointers. Thanks for hanging out!


TIP 1: Sight Before Height

This, of course, makes sense for mirrors. If a mirror is placed too high, it becomes useless. But did you know the same is true for art? When hanging an art piece, a wise rule of thumb is to place the midpoint of the picture about 57" from the floor. Depending on the size of the art this can vary, but this should keep the focal point at eye level, where it can be most enjoyed. After all, nobody wants to kink their neck to take in the sights.

Universal Furniture

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 2: Become One with the Art

Okay, this advice is actually for your furniture, but we’re all for any Zen appreciation you have for your surroundings. In this instance, we encourage you to create a single unit between your wall hanging and the surrounding structures. Where you hang your items makes all the difference. If pieces on the wall are too far from the furniture, it will feel disjointed and like two separate collections. Grouping them together provides a more collected collection.

 how to hang a mirror

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

When hanging something above a console, for example, we recommend defaulting to 4-10" above. Again, this distance can differ a bit depending on the size of the art or the height of the accessories on the console, but less than a foot is typically pleasing and unifying. The same is true when hanging items above sofas and other significant pieces.


TIP 3: Center-Shmenter

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a technical term, but we want to bust the belief that everything has to be directly centered between the floor and the ceiling. Let’s say, for example, you have 10’ ceilings and a 5’ headboard. You don’t want to also center your art at headboard level. Nor do you want to center wall pieces at equal distance between the headboard and the ceiling. Going back to our previous tip, this could feel disjointed. Instead, sticking with this example, hang the item(s) approximately 4-8” above the headboard. Rather than finding your perfect floor-to-ceiling center, consider the surrounding items and place accordingly.

how to decorate space above headboard

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 4: Purpose First

A mirror is often a beautiful art installment all on its own, but it pulls double duty as a tool. When adding a full-length mirror to the home – something super on trend at the moment, BTW – put function first. Position the mirror in such a way that it will reflect your full reflection back. Seems obvious, but you’d be amazed at how quickly mirror placement can go wrong. This is no reflection on the home owner. It’s an easy mistake to make. Avoid it by always putting function first.


TIP 5: All Hail Scale

When choosing an art piece, you want it to be a minimum of 2/3 the width of the furniture piece it is going over. Anything smaller and you would need multiple items to create a sense of balance. Of course, you don’t want to go too far in the opposite direction either. If the wall art is wider than the furniture beneath, it could feel too heavy and looming.

art above dresser

photo credit: Hooker Furniture 

TIP 6: Let It Lean

Who says you have to hang your accents? We’re all about the perch. Art can be set on a piece of furniture or leaned up against the wall. It’s still a good idea to secure your item(s) to the wall for safety’s sake.


TIP 7: The Stack Is Where It’s At

If you aren’t hanging and are instead placing, give the layered look a try. We love stacked art. Whether you place art in front of art or slightly overlapping a mirror, the collected look introduces interest and depth.

stacking art

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 8: Remain Seated, Please

In dining rooms, you are sitting much of the time, making this one space in the home where you’ll want to hang things a little lower than is otherwise considered normal. Lower placement brings the pieces closer to eye level for seated guests.

 grouping art

photo credit: Universal Furniture 

TIP 9: Won’t You Be My Neighbor

When hanging a group of pictures, make sure to hang them between 2-4" inches apart. Anything more and items begin to feel disjointed and floaty. Again, this is all about helping the collection come together.


TIP 10: Common Margin Magic

The eye appreciates balance, which is why it’s never a bad idea to create equal spacing around your grouped art. By this, we mean common margins from one item to the next and on all sides. For example, if you have a mirror grouped with a canvas grouped with a framed photo, keep the spacing between each equal. This is especially important when creating a collage wall with numerous pieces. The margins above, below, and in between each item should be the same. Yes, like any rule, there are exceptions to this, but common margins are a smart place to start if you’re unsure of placement.

Hooker Furniture

photo credit: Hooker Furniture 

Bonus Tip: If you need a margins guide, painters tape is the tops. Add strips between your pieces when hanging for consistent spacing.


Thanks for hanging out today! We hope this roundup of our top 10 placement pointers will take the guesswork out of bringing your walls to life with art and mirrors. If you remain unsure or would simply like to discuss options, stop by The Black Goose Design. We’d love to take a look at your unique space and offer suggestions.

Finding the Right Fabric for Your Next Sofa or Sectional
Wednesday Jun 7 2023 by Stacey Beyer

A sofa is a significant investment, so it’s important you do your homework. Consider this your place to start when it comes to prepping for your purchase – how to choose the right fabric. Our team at The Black Goose Design has prepared a list of dos and don’ts to remember when it comes time to shop for your next sectional, sofa, or any other upholstered piece.



Consider Your Sitters

If kiddos or pets will be regular resters on your sofa, performance fabrics are the way to go. Each brand of performance fabrics has different qualities, so you should look into each to determine what is best for your space. If you aren’t sure where to begin, give us a call or stop by to discuss your performance options.



Here’s the Rub

Fabrics go through what is called an abrasion test, which determines the durability of the fabric. The results are referred to as double rubs. A low number of double rubs means the fabric wears through quickly and will not be a great sofa/sectional option. Anything over 40,000 double rubs falls into the “heavy” category and should be a good option.



Clean is King

Any fabric that is not cleanable is one to avoid. Yes, this seems pretty obvious, but it’s always good to double check a fabric’s cleanability factor.  


Viscose Can Be Vicious

High viscose quantity won’t hold up well to stains of any kind, so you’ll want to do your research in this area.


High Maintenance

Some fabrics will pile and require being shaved every so often. If you don't want to shave your sofa, make sure to ask for fabrics that are lower maintenance in the shaving department.



This one can sound silly, but consider what looks and feels like you, even if it’s not on trend or in all the home décor magazines. Truth is, we all have our personal preferences. With those, it’s important to remember that different fabric types can wear differently. Velvet, for example, often looks more formal, while linen feels more casual. Selecting a fabric that aligns with the style of your home and those who live there is your best bet. We just encourage you to do a little research in the process to ensure you’re getting something you adore that also stands the test of time. If you’re unsure, the designers at The Black Goose Design can help steer you in the right direction. Stop by today to see fabric swatches, do some test sitting on our sofas, and walk away confident you’re ready to make an informed decision. 

Create a Designer Christmas Tree in Three Easy Steps
Wednesday Nov 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Decorate a tree that sparkles in three easy steps. The expert designers at The Black Goose Design have tips to create an evergreen look that’s on point!

 tree trends 2022

Before we get into the our three tree steps, we have a few go-to tips we use at The Black Goose Design.

Tree Tip 1: Balance your size. Include larger items (stems, large bulbs, paper chains, etc.), medium elements (traditional bulbs, trims, etc.), and small elements (lights, tinsel, etc.). Thinking in this S/M/L way helps the tree feel balanced. 

Tree Tip 2: Once your tree is lit, start with a few key large items and then fill in with medium and small items.

Tree Tip 3: Blend a few new favs (if you wish) with some classic family favs to keep your tree feeling special and uniquely yours.

Tree Tip 4: If you love the look of a tall tree but don’t have one, place the tree on a small end table. Use a stylish tree skirt or throw (we love faux fir at the bottom of a tree!) to disguise the left. Not only will this give your tree a boost, it leaves more room to easily get to the gifts beneath.

Tree Tip 5: Flock is fun. If you're looking for extra texture, consider this cool faux snow option.

Three Tree Tips

Okay, now that we have a few key tree tips in place, let’s get to decorating! If you want to light your tree, begin by adding lights, from there, we suggest taking the following approach: 

tree flocking 

1. Start with stems. Stems, also known as picks, are a larger focal point, so it makes sense to start here. Place a few in strategic spots around the tree. Your tree will instantly start to fill in with texture and color.

tree stems 

Stem Tip: Feel free to stick with the same style or mix and match in styles that complement.


2. Time for the larger ornaments. These can be harder to place, so it’s’ wise to get them on early.

 how to decorate a tree

3. Finish off your look with the small details. Fill any remaining holes with small bulbs and trinkets. For extra texture, try tying small ribbons to the branches. We adore a slim velvet trim!

 new christmas ornaments

There you have it! In three simple steps, your Christmas tree is holiday perfection. Of course, we’d be remiss if we failed to mention a fourth and ever-so-important tip – HAVE FUN! Don’t overthink it or get too caught up in trends and “perfection.”

 holiday metallics

Happy holidays from your friends at The Black Goose Design! 

Welcome Sweater Weather with these Quick Design Tips
Wednesday Sep 14 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Fall into a cozy at-home vibe without going “in your face” with autumn additions. These simple updates will give your home a seasonal shift without feeling overdone. Take a look at some of what we're loving right now at The Black Goose Design!

fall 2022 trends

Set the Tone

Adding earth tones is on trend right now, no matter the season, but this is an ideal time to get on board with the idea if you haven’t done so already. Look to natural wood finishes and warmer hues to add some autumn elegance.

home decor baskets

Switch Up Your Greens

No, we aren’t talking your latest smoothie ingredient. This is all about swapping out florals. You can reuse jars and pots and simply add some fall-inspired arrangements. Our go-tos are fall berries and, of course, autumn leaves!

autumn wreaths

Let’s Layer

Adding a few extra throws and swapping out your accent pillows instantly ups the cozy level.

fall accent pillows 

how to decorate your home in September

Accessory Recess(ory)

Don’t forget to put away accessories that don’t work with your fall décor. It’s okay if some items need to hibernate for the winter. Rather than working around colors that don’t evoke a fall feel, swap them out for more season-appropriate looks. Or, if you prefer a look that lasts, turn to metallic neutrals, like these gorgeous gold canisters. 

gold canisters 

Light it Up

Candle light is always a good idea. Especially now, when candles are battery/remote operated, making them convenient to use. You know such light is the perfect fall finishing touch. Plus, candles are a gorgeous fixture to use throughout the upcoming holiday season. Get them out now and have one less thing to do later.

candle trio

Come in and check out our Radiance Candles in ivory and champagne. These gorgeous neutral shades complement so many décor styles and seasons!

autumn ambiance

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to go nuts with décor updates. In this in-between time, as we eagerly await the coming holiday decorating season, try making a few adjustments using any of the ideas above. It will get you thinking sweater weather without layering on a bunch of extra work. Visit The Black Goose Design today for more looks you're sure to, ahem, fall for. 

Why Wallcoverings Are a MODERN Design Solution
Wednesday Jul 13 2022 by Stacey Beyer

What comes to mind when you think “wallpaper?” Grandma’s kitchen, perhaps? Actually, this is no longer a look of the past. Today’s wallcoverings are modern and amazing. Perhaps you’re already on the wallcovering wagon? We’re right there with you! We love the way this modern design solution can transform a space!  

bathroom accent wall 

wall texture


Why not? There is MUCH to love about wallcoverings. Here are just a few of the many benefits:


Whether you want a bold hue without the mess of paint or you want to take it even further and add an entire mural to your wall, wallcoverings provide the solution!

floral wallpaper

modern wallcovering 



These aren’t your grandma’s wallcoverings. Today’s designs are far from flat. Available textures include linen, vinyl, leather, grass cloth, cork, silk, raffia and more!

textured wallpaper

pink wall paper


Thanks to the dynamic designs and textures, wallcoverings can take a flat wall and bring it to life!

2022 design trends 

elegant bathroom


Ready to welcome wallcoverings into your home? We’re here to help. Stop by The Black Goose Design today to flip through our many samples. If you aren’t sure what look would be best, we can offer helpful tips, or you can hire one of our trained team members to do a site visit and work on a more complete design plan with you. After all, we love sharing our wallcovering wisdom and would be thrilled to talk options with you soon!  

How to Select the Right Rug for Your Space
Wednesday Apr 27 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome to this magic carpet ride! We compiled our go-to rug rules of thumb. From size and material to care and maintenance, consider this your go-to source for rug wisdom. 


Like any other textile, rugs come in various fibers and finishes. Understanding your different options and what to put where will help ensure your rug stands the test of time.

image credit: Lindsay Salazar  



Placement: High-traffic areas, such as entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

Quality: Extremely durable.

Avoid: Outdoor usage — wool is best for indoor use.

Pricing: Varies, depending on construction. Machine-made is the less expensive option, while hand tufted means a price increase.

Maintenance: Wool will shed but does so less and less with time. You can vacuum wool, making it easy to clean.

Note: Hand-knotted wool rugs will sprout. When this happens, simply trim the pulled areas with scissors.



Placement: Great in high and low traffic areas.

Quality: Durable, lightweight, and soft.

Pricing: Pricing varies depending on construction, pattern, and blends. Cotton is typically less expensive than wool.

Maintenance: Hand wash or professional cleaning. 

Note: This is typically a thinner rug, which makes it great for layering!



Placement: Great in high and low traffic areas, both inside and out (when under a covered porch). 

Quality: Durable.

Maintenance: Jute can be “dusty” and frequently shed. Avoid spot cleaning. 

Note: Jute rugs are dyed with vegetable oil, which means they’ll fade in the sun. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight.



Placement: Best in high to low-traffic areas.

Quality: Durable, but not as durable as their wool counterparts.

Pricing: Inexpensive option when wool is out of your price range. Offer the look of a high-end traditional rug without the price tag.



Placement: Great for indoor/outdoor use.

Quality: Durable.

Maintenance: Can be hosed off and cleaned with diluted bleach.



Placement: Great in lower traffic areas, such as bedrooms

Quality: Durable and soft but does not tolerate spills well.

Avoid: Getting it wet.

Maintenance: Any liquid, including water, can discolor a viscose rug. Avoid damp forms of cleaning.

Note: This is the softest rug you can get your feet on. If you love the idea of walking on butter, you’ll love a viscose rug.           


One of the most common questions we get is about size. What size rug should you get for your space. Here are a few helpful points of reference:


Beneath a Bed

Queen Bed: Minimum rug size is 6x9; ideal size is 8x10

King Bed: Minimum rug size is 8x10; ideal size is 9x12


Beneath Living Room Furniture

This one has many variables to consider (size of room, placement of furniture, etc.). With that, it’s best to look at your rug as an anchor. As long as the front legs of your furniture items are on the rug a minimum of 4-6 inches, you’re in good shape!


image credit: Lindsay Salazar


Beneath a Dining Table

A dining room rug should extend 24 inches past the edges of the table. Ideally, you want the legs of your dining chairs to be on the rug. Specifically, the side chairs, which can sometimes mean placing a custom rug order to get the perfect size. For tables extending longer than 8’, 9x12 rugs can come up short. We know not everyone can afford a custom rug. Don't fret. If your host chairs hang off the rug just a bit, we won’t tell.


Dining Tip: Select a rug with a low pile to keep chairs from catching as they slide in and out. Ideally, one that cleans easily.


In the Entry

Go big! Avoid 2’x3’ rugs in this area to keep the rug from looking like a door mat. A larger rug in your entry will elevate the look and create a more inviting space. Since this is where people enter the home from outside, durable and cleanable are a must! If it can fit, 5x7 is a great size for this space.



When rug shopping, the main thing to remember is that every space is different. With that, these rug “rules” can vary from space to space. If a typical rug size doesn't fit your space, we have custom rug options.



We always recommend following the care instructions on your rug tag and having your rug professionally cleaned. We also recommend using a rug pad, which helps prevent slipping hazards, adds comfort, and creates added durability.



We have hundreds of rug samples in store. Guess what?! You can even check them out to see how they look in your home before making a purchase. Stop by today and try a few on for size. Rugs are a wonderful way to update the home, create warmth, and make your surroundings all the more inviting. Rugs for the win! 

Pillow Talk: Tips for Flawless Decorative Pillow Placement
Wednesday Feb 23 2022 by Stacey Beyer

It's the final week of February, and love certainly lingers in the air. Perhaps that’s why we long to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Actually… on second thought… this pillow talk is all about the sweet somethings. More specifically, accent pillow pointers! Let's look at a few tips and tricks for accenting your sofa with this decorative dream:


Step 1: Bring on the Bookends

When adding decorative pillows to your seating, a safe approach is to begin with a foundation pair of matching pillows. We like to refer to these as your bookends, as they create a strong anchor, a pleasing sense of balance, and an obvious frame for everything to come afterward.

pillow pointers to remember 

PILLOW POINTER: Bookends can be solid or patterned. There's no right or wrong option.

bookend pillows 

Pilow Pointer: Here's some budget-friendly buzz to note. A neutral bookend, like these divine white pillows, can sit pretty all year long, while those that come after can change with the seasons. 

living room looks that last all year long

Step 2: Add Accents

This second pillow layer is a great place to break away from mirror images and instead select two pillows that complement.

 decorating with gold

PILLOW POINTER: A good rule of thumb to keep in mind here is the overall size of the print. Opt for small, medium, and large patterns for easy movement. If you were to use all large-patterned pillows, the eye wouldn’t know where to look, whereas a progression in size is easy for the eye to follow.


Step 3: Do you, pillow, take these pillows…

Want to tie your look together? If your answers is an enthusiastic “I do!,” the marriage pillow is key. This bridge connects all of your pillows, typically through color. In true matrimony fashion, a marriage pillow creates unity by representing shades from each of the pillows in play. 

how to place decorative pillows on a couch

Commitment issues clearly aren't a problem for this handsome fella. With shades of blue and gold, he's the family man of pillow, here for the long haul. 

 the marriage pillow


Just like that, you’ve mastered flawless sofa styling! Not wanting this love fest to end, we’ll leave you with a bit more pillow talk and tips to try:

1. We know, we know... Again with the texture. What can we say, it just feels right. ;) Pillows are an excellent place to incorporate different finishes. Whether you’re pairing linen with knit or velvet with cotton, combining different finishes is always a good idea!

 2022 pillow trends

2. Monochromatic doesn’t mean monochro-boring. A single color scheme is classy and calming. To ensure this solo approach doesn’t turn into a sofa blah, vary your prints. Pssst… Don’t forget to keep the scale/size of your patterns in mind and vary those, too.

positioning pillows on a sofa 

3. Say yes to solids. As much as we adore patterns, weaving in a solid is a, well, solid choice. It offers grounding and allows the surrounding patterns to shine.

how to style accent pillows 

4. Little lumbars are like the team-building exercise of pillows. They’re there to support the whole gang as another unifying option to consider. Have fun mixing up the height of your pillow tops from time to time!  

pillow pointers

Want to mix and match pillows until you find your perfect match? Stop by The Black Goose Design, here in Midvale, Utah, and try ours on for size. We’re happy to help and offer suggestions or simply let you do it to it until you’ve found perfect pillow placement.

 The Black Goose Design

3 Easy Post-holiday Design Ideas to Refresh the Home
Tuesday Jan 11 2022 by Stacey Beyer

Putting the holiday décor away is a bittersweet experience. It’s nice to have things back in order, but it can also leave things feeling… bare. After all, glitter and lights and packages galore can be a tough act to follow! If you now find yourself feeling the post-holiday void (or you simply want a new ‘do for 2022), try these three simple tricks:


A common design slip comes when décor items used are all the same (or nearly the same) height. It’s one of the great things about a Christmas tree — it adds height to a space. Follow the pine’s flair for design and introduce another taller element into your space and see if it doesn’t create some more interest.

The Black Goose Design 

Height to Try:

  • A tall furniture item, such as a cabinet or
  • Draperies
  • Floor lamp
  • Plants: Why should evergreens have all the fun? Try a faux tree. Olive is one of our favs! (available at The Black Goose Design). If you have a green thumb, you can always go for the real deal, which is good for you and good looking!



Just as the holidays warm a space with furs and flannels and all the warmth of winter, texture can continue to create a cozy vibe well into spring.

 winter bedding looks

Texture to Try:

  • Add a throw to your sofa
  • Try new throw pillows on for size
  • Update an area rug



Kids aren’t the only ones who love a good game of dress up. Dress those windows with new window treatments. Like icing on the cake, this is a sweet way to transform a space with a perfect finishing touch!

roman drapers 

Treatments to Try:

  • Drapery panels on larger windows
  • Roman shades in the kitchen

 2022 looks for the home

Chase those winter blues away with these easy-to-apply ideas. They’ll add instant warmth to your home and fill that holiday void in no time. Our designers at The Black Goose Design in Midvale, Utah are always happy to meet and discuss your unique space and ideal solutions. Call to schedule a consultation today.

Modern Meets Traditional, Part Two
Wednesday Aug 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Welcome back to the fab Canyon Residence, one of our latest new-build home projects to reach completion at The Black Goose Design. This attractive transitional design blends modern lines and prints with more classic curves and traditional colors.

All images provided by Lindsay Salazar Photography.

2021 canyons home trends 

In our previous post, we were inspired at the home’s seamless inside/outside living space, as well as the way its mountainous surroundings influenced the overall look and feel. Today, we’re taking in the details and more of the inviting interior.

 indoor outdoor living space

The dining room is an ideal example of transitional design. The curve and style of the chairs paired with the contemporary fabric beautifully illustrates the blend of modern and traditional.

transitional style dining room 

You’ll find another example of transitional chair styling in the living room. We love how modern complements traditional!

 living room ideas

In this attractive arrangement, the traditional finish of the warm white oak seamlessly joins the modern upholstery on the bench and the more dramatic dark wall.

white oak mud room 

If this remarkable home teaches us anything, it’s that anything can work with design. You don’t have to fit a set mold or trend to create a home that feels current yet classic. Don’t ever shy away from your style. Instead, stop by The Black Goose Design and let’s explore it. Together, we’ll come up with fresh takes for the looks and pieces you love. It’s a process we enjoy so much, and we can’t wait to experience it with you soon!

See more of this stunning Canyons Home reveal here

Window Treatment Wisdom
Tuesday May 25 2021 by Stacey Beyer

It’s no wonder window dressings are commonly referred to as “treatments.” If there’s an important player in a home that should be treated well, it’s the windows. That said, your treatment choices should accent your space and not act as focal points. Let’s remove the blind(s)fold and take a look at various treatment options and why they work well.

roman shades in kitchen 


Whether your window treatments are strictly decorative or serve a functioning purpose, they bring the benefits. Check out these window-treatment pros:  

  • Add color
  • Present pattern possibility
  • Create texture
  • Soften external noise
  • Increase insulation
  • Reduce internal noise (echo, vibration)
  • Provide privacy
  • Enhance or block light (depending on finish)



As a general rule of thumb, it’s smart to place curtain rods close to the ceiling, as it makes the room appear larger. We also advise extending the length of your rod beyond your window so your panels can sit past the opening and not in front of it. This will make your window look better and maximize light flow. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, including these golden guidelines. It’s why we encourage you to consult one of our team members at The Black Goose Design when choosing window treatments and placing hardware.

The Black Goose Design 

Speaking of hardware, it’s not as simple has hanging a curtain from a rod. Your hardware options vary depending on the purpose and type of treatment you’re adding. Let’s take a closer look at one of our go-to rod options…  


Traverse curtain rods use an internal track and slide system and clips or curtain pins to pull curtains/panels open and shut. They’re ideal for:

  • Functioning window treatments that are opened and closed regularly
  • High/tall windows
  • Heavy panels/curtains

 traverse rod

when a traverse rod makes sense


…Do as the roman shades do. At The Black Goose Design, we’re big fans of this low-profile option. It’s ideal for spots with limited surrounding wall space, such as kitchen and bathroom windows, as well as windows that share real estate with surrounding furnishings (bed, sofa, table, etc.).

small window treatment ideas

how to dress windows behind furniture 



Why should walled windows have all the fun? Don't forget to dress those doors! Contact one of our designers to discuss your door design ideas.

window treatments for doors 


Let’s close the window on this conversation by reiterating our top treatment tip — draperies and dressings of all kinds should serve to enhance your overall space, not steal the show. Don’t be shy if you’re feeling stuck or unsure. We’re here to enhance your window wisdom and help you come up with the perfect treatment plan for your home. Stop by, call, or even reach out via DM on Instagram.

Design To YOUR Tastes and Create a Space You'll LOVE
Wednesday May 12 2021 by Stacey Beyer

At The Black Goose Design, it's no secret we like talking trends. Part of being good at our jobs is knowing what styles are in, what’s coming our way, and what's cycling out. That said, we’d like to take this opportunity for a little PSA, if you will.


Always decorate to your tastes first. Trends come and go, but your unique likes reflect you and, therefore, serve as a source of joy.


Take this year’s Pantone colors — sunny yellow (Illuminating) and Ultimate Gray. While this is a classic combination, it isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! Love blue? Decorate in blue! All about vibrant colors and strong prints? Embrace the bold!

After all, how boring would life be if we were all doing the same thing? In the spirit of such variety, let’s take a look at a few looks we love right now that aren’t necessarily on any expert’s hip list but remain gorgeous nonetheless!

 designing a space you'll love


Starting with a neutral foundation is a great way to incorporate color, because you can easily swap those colors out as your interests and seasons change.

 add pops of color to a bedroom



Blue seems to be the superhero of the color community, as it can pop as an accent color AND also step in as a neutral. Check out how it plays that neutral role beautifully here!

 design with blue as a neutral


Scrolling Pinterest and Instagram, it’s clear neutrals are having their day (which we fully support!), but it’s not a one-or-the-other game. As much as we appreciate classic neutrals, we still get excited to see clients using bold colors and prints. They can add such energy and delight to a space.

 decorate with rich colors

 image credit: Wesley Hall

Clearly, there’s plenty of room in the design sandbox for all styles. Stop worrying about the "shoulds" and "dont's" and simply embrace your own wonderful interests and tastes. It's key in creating a space you'll love for years to come! Perhaps you've started down this path but find yourself feeling a little stuck? That's what we're here for. We delight in getting to know you and, as part of that, understanding what speaks to you from a design point of view. Stop by so we can get the conversation started and help you put more YOU into your beautiful surroundings!

7 Lighting Tips to Update Your Home (and a SALE)
Wednesday Mar 24 2021 by Stacey Beyer

Ah ha! Like the flip of a switch, new lighting easily updates any home. After a year spent indoors, it’s only natural to desire a breath of fresh air. Unlike bigger cosmetic changes, such as paint and flooring, lighting changes can be completed quickly. Plus, we're having our popular Spring Sale event at The Black Goose Design, making now the bright time to make such updates!


Seven Lighting Tips to Update Your Home


Both indoors and out, your main entry lighting is important. For its function, of course, but also because it communicates your style to your guests before they’ve even set foot inside.

entryway lighting 

exterior home light fixtures

TIP: Chandeliers are a common choice in this space, but it depends on the amount of room you have. Our team at The Black Goose Design can help you figure out the best size and style for your home.


BRIGHT IDEA #2: Light Attracts Light

Think about where your family gathers. How is the lighting in those areas? If you plan on updating your home’s lighting in stages, communal spots are a natural first choice.

 dining room lighting

TIP: For your dining space, select a fixture that complements your table. If you have a long table, consider a longer option. If your table is round, on the other hand, and the area surrounding it is limited, a more compact choice, such as a striking drum, makes sense.

 overhead lighting for small dining area

BRIGHT IDEA #3: Mood Matters

From bulb tone (warm vs. cool) and intensity to the style of your fixture, lighting choices will vary from room to room and area to area of your home. The master bedroom is a wonderful example. Being where you go to unwind, warm light is a calming choice. For your fixture, opt for something that supports the overall look of your space. This chandelier, for example, is understated and romantic in its design, which goes beautifully with the neutral color scheme and soft florals.

 master bedroom chandelier ideas

TIP: Ceiling height plays a part, but please don’t feel as if you’re out of luck if your ceilings aren’t vaulted. The Black Goose Design has pieces for all floorplans.

TAKE NOTE: We love lights with a temperature of 2700-3000 Kelvin! 


BRIGHT IDEA #4: Add Wall Wow

Wall sconces are an on-trend choice that will immediately up the class and sophistication of your space. Of course, the added light they introduce is always nice! And being on the wall (or even the mirror!), they free up table and counter space -- another sconce score!

sitting area in master bedroom

 bathroom sconces

TIP: Consider your power source. If your sconce needs to be plugged in, there’s the chance you’ll have unsightly cords to contend with. Fortunately, with the help of an electrician, sconces can be hardwired, which means they don't have to be plugged in. If you don't want to cut your wall, however, you can can strategically hide your cords to keep your space looking sleek. 

BRIGHT IDEA #5: Enhance the Details

Shelf lighting brings in yet another light source without the need for any major electrical updates. At The Black Goose Design, we have numerous cabinets and display pieces available with built-in lighting, as well as options with lighting attached. This allows you to up the ambiance while giving your precious photos and keepsakes the spotlight they deserve.


TIP: You can also add lighting to existing furniture. Ask our designers how this simple trick is done.


BRIGHT IDEA #6: Consider Closets

While your closet might not be the first spot you consider when making lighting selections, it shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides furthering the overall style of your home, it also serves an important role. After all, this is where you go to glow. It's important to see your style choices in full brilliance. 


TIP: Even the closet is worthy of an overhead wow, but it’s the lights IN the cabinets that are the real show stoppers. Add these touches and your accessories will really sparkle!


BRIGHT IDEA #7: Play with Pattern

Why have one fixture when you can add three? Fill the space in larger rooms with smaller repeating fixtures, such as pendant lighting.

kitchen lighting 

TIP: Hanging multiple pendant lights above a kitchen counter is common, but this patterned approach also looks great in entry ways, halls, game rooms, and even outdoor living areas. 

entry way design ideas 

Yes, if you want your home’s design to really shine, lighting is an important factor. Stop by during our Spring Sale and discover how to give your home a brilliant update. Bring pics of your space, inspiration you love, and questions you have, and our team at The Black Goose Design will help you find your ideal illumination.