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What's NEW at The Black Goose Design

Sure, Valentine's Day is near, but it's spring design trends that have the hearts in our eyes. BEAUTIFUL new looks are coming to The Black Goose Design. From fresh trends and dreamy textiles to chic new furniture styles and design motifs, now’s a great time to breathe some new life into your space. All of the eye candy you’re about to see will be available at The Black Goose Design in the coming weeks, with some of it ...

Wednesday Feb 10 2021MORE >>

A Look Inside the Newly Remodeled Powderbird Lodge

Just what is a Powderbird, anyway? No, it’s not some rare feathered species. It’s actually an unforgettable heli-skiing (helicopter skiing) experience offered right here in Utah. Skiers and snowboarders come from all over the world to be carried via helicopter to backcountry mountain peaks, where they’re then left to cruise down its slopes. Unfortunately, for as unusual and awesome as this experience is, it’s home-base facility didn’t have that same wow factor. Here’s a look ...

Thursday Apr 9 2020MORE >>

3 Must-Have Chair Frames for 2020

You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Literally. This chair share is going to have you longing for a lounge. Go ahead, sit back. Relax. Kick up those tired feet. This is your time to simply enjoy a little eye candy and our list of must-have chairs for 2020! The Scout by Wesley Hall Why We Love It: The outline! It’s sleek and stylish and we just can’t get enough.  Features to Fancy: Its height. This ...

Thursday Dec 12 2019MORE >>

Introducing New Designer Trends from Wesley Hall

Get ready for an exclusive inside peek at the latest in gorgeous designer fabrics and a showroom tour from upholstery company Wesley Hall! Wesley Hall is a high-quality upholstery line that is proudly manufactured in the USA with supreme craftsmanship. The Black Goose Design proudly carries Wesley Hall and is delighted to work with them to bring you the very latest in interior design textiles and upholstery. This spring market was a sensational success with stunning new fabrics and ...

Thursday May 9 2019MORE >>

An Exclusive Designer Upholstery Factory Tour

At The Black Goose Design we proudly carry high-quality, unique and ultra comfortable upholstered funiture pieces made by Wesley Hall and Lee Industries. Each amazing company offers gorgeous well-crafted upholstered pieces with a large stunning collection of fabrics to select from. Today we invite you to take an exclusive behind-the-scenes factory tour. Made entirely in the USA, with precision and care, each upholstered piece that is created is truly a work of art that will endure many years ...

Friday Apr 20 2018MORE >>