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Kevin Murphy Office Project Reveal Pt. 2

Welcome back to the impressive Kevin Murphy North American headquarters in Holladay, Utah. In part one of our reveal, we shared how Del Reanne Lucas Wilson, senior designer at The Black Goose Design, and her team used the company’s core values as her guidepost in designing this space. The result is a fashion-forward design that focuses on environment, performance, and overall employee satisfaction. All photography by Lindsay Salazar. Today, we’re breaking this design down to the custom level and looking ...

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Kevin Murphy Offices Project Reveal Pt. 1

No, this isn’t the Australian coastline, though we totally see how you got that impression. Believe it or not, this serene scene is actually located in Holladay, Utah! It’s the brilliant new North American home of Kevin Murphy, a high-end international haircare brand that originated in Australia.   So, how does a relatively generic office space go from this… To this!? In this case, it was the perfect combination of company core values + handcrafted custom work! Of course, ...

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