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Three Tips for Making a Cozy Bed

Want your bed to look inviting and cozy? We have the solution. Let’s talk the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating a bed that feels beautifully made.   COZY BED TIP #1: LAYERING COVERS Layering is the way to go. Adding layers allows you to build on the base layer of your bedding by introducing different patterns, textures, colors, and an overall loftiness. Our favorite way to layer at The Black Goose Design is to fold ...

Friday Feb 23 2024MORE >>

Creating the Designer Bed of Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think

We’ve all seen those model home beds. Perfectly made. Fabulously fluffed. Every detail fits so seamlessly and effortlessly together. It all seems simple enough, so why do these display beds so often have something our own beds are lacking? It could be something as simple as incorrect sheets or, gasp, too many pillows. Our team at The Black Goose Design is here with five simple tips that will take your bed-making to designer levels.  TIP 1: SHEET ...

Wednesday Feb 1 2023MORE >>