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The House That SHE Built

What happens when a group of driven, talented, smart women put their minds to something? Magic! The House That SHE Built is our proof!   What started out as an empty lot is transforming into a show-stopping home of one lucky family’s dreams in the Oakwood Homes Wander Community in Saratoga Springs, Utah.    It’s a project bringing together talented female professionals to complete every stage of the home-building process, from the moment the first plans were drafted to the ...

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Top Home Building Tips from Expert Designer Michelle

Today we are pleased to hear from one of our expert interior designers, Michelle. She is dishing out her top design tips when it comes to new home construction. Taking on a design project like building a home can feel overwhelming, but don't worry! Michelle is here to help give some great main points for tackling a new home build. Every great design ending starts with solid design planning. 1. Creating a Master Plan and Budget First, choose ...

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