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Designing the Feng Shui Way, Pt. 2

In our previous post, we shared one of our latest home remodel projects. Denise Johnson, one of our talented team members here at The Black Goose Design, helped the homeowner weave color into every room of this vibrant home. But they didn’t use just any colors. Every shade was used intentionally, all in an effort to create a Feng Shui finish. Previously, we shared how reds and pinks were used in the main living areas, adding ...

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Designing the Feng Shui Way, Pt. 1

Using specific tones to SET specific tones is behind the design of this beautiful home. Following Feng Shui guidance, color has been intentionally placed throughout the residence.   Denise Johnson, a senior designer here at The Black Goose Design, worked closely with the homeowner to create a space of intention through strategically placed color. Join us and learn how to choose your perfect feng shui hues. “I’ve been designing for decades, but this is my first time mapping ...

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