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Designer Tips for Selecting a Stunning Sofa Pt.2

Welcome back to part two of our educational designer tips on how to select the perfect sofa. Our last blog post we had touched on the construction of the frame, inner cushioning and function. Throughout this post, we will be focusing on the visual design of the sofa, the fabric and how to choose the right upholstery and durability level for your needs. First, you really need to know what a textile is, so let ...

Tuesday Feb 28 2017MORE >>

Designer Tips for Selecting a Stunning Sofa Pt.1

The Black Goose Design is sharing some excellent educational designer tips when it comes to selecting that stunning sofa you have been dreaming of.  The sofa is likely to be one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in you home, so what really should you be looking for? Size, level of comfort, fabric durability or all of the above? Absolutely all the above, but most of all you want an ultra-comfy functional sofa that ...

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