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Bell Canyon Home Reveal, Part 2

Welcome back to the brilliant Bell Canyon Hom in Sandy, Utah, one of the latest projects to reach completion for our team at The Black Goose Design.   If you’ll recall from Part 1 of this two-part reveal, this home was the ultimate in collaboration, involving a previous home owner who started the build, our sister company, GV Construction, who completed the build and breathed modern design into the project, and design work by more than one ...

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Bell Canyon Home Reveal, Part 1

Not all projects we take on at The Black Goose Design are new builds and remodels. We like to call this gorgeous Bell Canyon home an inherited project. Welcome to Part 1 of this two-part home reveal!   Lindsay Salazar Photo COLLABORATION = COMPLETION The home started its life in the loving hands of its previous owner more than a decade ago. In that time, construction got underway, but life also happened and the build was never completed. Enter ...

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The Marx/Herr Home Reveal, Part 1

Welcome to the Marx/Herr residence, one of our latest design projects in south Salt Lake County. We’re delighted to unveil this show-stopper home with you and the many inspirational takeaways you can apply to your own design work.   Home: Marx/Herr Residence The Black Goose Design Team Member: Del Reanne Lucas Wilson Photography: Lindsay Salazar Project Timeframe: 20 months Home Style: …It’s complicated HOME STYLE Why complicated? Well, the home was purchased as a nearly-finished new build, so the style was already in place ...

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High Point Furniture Market Recap and Upcoming Trends

High Point Furniture Market is like a crystal ball of good things on the design horizon! We love making this trip to North Carolina to take in the trends, shop for new pieces, and immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of home décor and design.   Will you be our +1? Join us on this walk-through of Market highlights and favs!   Market Must #1: Warm Meets Cool Whether you’re on Team Warm or drool for cool, the upcoming color ...

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Beautiful Basement Remodel Inspiration

Is there an area of your home that triggers the "One of These Things is Not Like the Others" song from our old-school Sesame Street days? The basement is a common contender. This remodel of a 20+ year-old home's basement definitely completes the gorgeous look and feel of the rest of this Kaysville, Utah, home. See how we took this space out of the, ahem, limelight, and into the modern day with impressive before-and-after pics, design rendering ...

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