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Meet Amy, Our New Designer
Thursday Nov 14 2019

Let’s say “hey” with a Q&A. Meet Amy, our newest designer at The Black Goose Design. We’ve asked her a few Qs so you can get to know her better. Beyond background, her As will provide helpful pointers and give you design tips, tricks, and trends to try in your home.


Q. What is your go-to color scheme?

A. Blue! I love the many moods blue can create. It can be a beautiful grayed down navy, a rich-looking teal, or a soft, cool steel blue… there are so many striking options! Combine different shades to create an attractive monochromatic scheme, or use blue as a solid foundation shade that’s easy to mix with other colors. I appreciate blue’s flexibility and the calmness it adds to a space.

Benjamin Moore

image credit: Benjamin Moore


I just had my husband's home office painted in a lovely color from Benjamin Moore called Blue Note, which pairs beautifully with the warm woods and blacks that are on trend right now.


Q. What is your favorite room to design?

A. I don't know how to answer this one. It feels like being asked to name a favorite child. I love bedrooms, because they are intimate, and we can infuse the personality of the person a little more deeply within those walls.

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Family rooms are fun because it’s more about creating warmth, comfort, and togetherness,

Living and dining and kitchens are a joy because they are more often seen by guests and are a great way the homeowner can express themselves in a a public space within their home.


Q. What interior trends are you eyeing right now?

A. There are three: warmth, black, and texture! 


warm interior design trends


I love that we’re moving back to warmer colors—browns, taupes, and individual colors like olive green add a welcoming feel. 


Black is back and getting more attention in our spaces. It’s like the little black dress, always classy. Plus, it’s a great way to add depth to nearly any space. 


Texture is always a favorite, because it adds life and interest to a space. Right now, there are many divine options to choose from, especially when it comes to upholstered furniture and pillows. An added benefit: Texture makes everything feel cozier, which is nice as we move into the cooler time of year.


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Q. What’s one pro tip you feel anyone can benefit from?

A. Don’t forgo color but also be smart about adding it! Color is a crucial part of design and really makes a space when it’s done right. The trick is making sure the color(s) you’ve selected works with your unique surroundings. Often, we’re tempted to buy a paint color based off of an image we’ve seen online, but it isn’t always that easy. Shades don't necessarily translate well. There are simply too many factors involved (lighting [both natural and artificial], furnishings, flooring, the amount of space you have, etc.). It pays huge dividends to spend the extra time necessary to sample the color(s) you want to use in a space before committing to and buying paint. You’ll cut down on mistakes and ensure you’ve found the right color(s) for your unique needs. 

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For those who are looking to start a business or update a space, let’s talk office space for a moment. In addition to residential design, Amy has an extensive background in commercial design, including proficiency in AutoCAD and Revit programs.


While Amy is thrilled to come back to her love of residential design with The Black Goose Design, she is also more than happy to assist you with any business-related projects. And her program knowledge will absolutely come in handy when it comes to deciding how to arrange the puzzle that is your home. 


Q. How does approaching a commercial differ from a residential one?

A. How we approach the style and how it translates to those using the space is definitely different. When focusing on commercial, it’s most often how the company wants to be perceived by customers and employees and how branding can successfully be incorporated into that. For residential design, however, the focus is on how the people using the space want to feel and interact, while infusing their personality into the design.


Q. What is your favorite thing about designing a commercial space?

A. The best part about designing commercial spaces is realizing how much of a person's waking hours are spent at work. You’re affecting a lot of people in how they work and live much of their day.


Q. What tips do you have for anyone setting up a commercial space?

A. The biggest trend that is still ongoing is open workspaces, but even with enclosed spaces, noise is a huge consideration. It is best addressed early when designing a space. Many options can be incorporated to minimize sound issues. If we address noise after a space is finished, it's more difficult to address and adjust. 



Q. What about this new position with The Black Goose Design has you the most excited?

A. I have always loved shopping The Black Goose Design for myself. I know we carry high-quality furnishings and accessories that add value and last. Plus, I absolutely adore the people I get to work with! They’re a top-notch, talented team!

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We’re so happy Amy has joined us. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a gentle warmth about her we know you’re going to appreciate. Stop by and get to know her better sometime soon. 

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