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Join us in Welcoming Molly Shupe
Thursday Oct 29 2020

The Black Goose Design has recently welcomed three new interior designers to the team, and we’re delighted to introduce them to you over the next three weeks. To kick things off, let’s meet Molly Shupe, our new assistant manager and designer.

Being in Utah, one of the first things we’ll get out of the way is Molly’s connection to Ryan Shupe (of Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand).

“This is a question I get all the time,” Molly laughed. “We are related in some distant, convoluted way, but I’m afraid I can’t give you specifics.”

No specifics needed, Molly. Just a fun tidbit of trivia to get this party started. :) Now, onto matters of design. Molly comes to us from the event/wedding industry, where she worked at Stein Eriksen Lodge for six years. As an event planner, she definitely exercised her design muscle, even setting up home-like spaces at many of her celebrations.

“It’s amazing what adding a living room will do to a humongous ballroom,” Molly said. “It changes the entire space, making it feel much warmer and more intimate.”

Bringing warmth to a space is always a goal of Molly’s, which explains why lighting is her favorite design element to incorporate.


“I just love lighting,” Molly remarked. “I think it transforms a space like nothing else can. I first noticed this in the events world, and I see the same being true with interior design. No wonder I want all the lamps… and pillows!”


Image credit: Floral Palette

Along the same warm lines, Molly’s favorite space to design in a home is the kitchen.

“Everyone ends up in the kitchen… I guess it’s because everyone loves to eat,” Molly laughed. “The kitchen is typically the home’s focal point, making it my favorite area to work on. I want it to be the perfect place for every family I assist.”


“My current go-to tip for anyone wanting to refresh their space is to use color,” Molly said. "Don’t be afraid of color. Even cabinets can get away from more traditional neutrals in exchange for a classic hue. Forest green with gold hardware, for example, is so striking. I recently read an article in Architectural Digest featuring Kendall Jenner’s home. She had green cabinets, and it was one of the most beautiful kitchens I’ve ever seen.”

Photo credit: William Abranowciz for Architectural Digest

Like her vibrant tip, Molly herself brings a happy energy to The Black Goose Design. We love her unique perspective and modern eye.

Welcome, Molly Shupe (Ryan Shupe's distant relative). ;) We’re delighted you’re here!

Stop by The Black Goose Design or give us a call to schedule a meeting with Molly or any of our designers.

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