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10 Things to Update in Your Home RIGHT NOW!

While every home has its tried and true, last-a-lifetime pieces, there are also elements that should come and go over time. Pieces that begin to show age or date your space in a way that’s far from romantic. Don’t fret. This is an easy fix. At The Black Goose Design, we always look at the following 10 areas first:  1. Poly Pillow Inserts You know we appreciate a good pillow chop to give pillows personality. Alas, poly-fill ...

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Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Dining Table

When it comes to picking a new dining table, you have many options. This can make the shopping experience both fun and, at times, overwhelming. At The Black Goose Design, we want to keep the focus on the fun, so we’re sharing our fav go-to table tips. They’ll help you narrow down your choices and ensure you find the perfect piece for your dining needs. image credit: Lindsay Salazar TABLE TIP 1: Take a Moment to Measure Shopping is the ...

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Our Favorite Accent Pillow and Why

Meet the Cornelia. Not only is she our best-selling pillow, she’s also one of our absolute favs here at The Black Goose Design! We thought we’d take this opportunity to share what it is that makes her our leading lady in the accent-pillow department.     VERSATILE At first glance, this pillow may look like a specific style that will work only in a specific space, but we’re always shocked at how many colors the Cornelia pairs well with.   RICH With the ...

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5 Quick Ways to Elevate Your Home

Want to give your surroundings an update without even touching a paint roller or forking out a huge chunk of change? We have five ideas to try that are simple to do but have a BIG impact. NOTE: All images featured in this post were taken by the talented Lindsay Salazar.   START WITH ART Art is a must! Adding some new artwork to your walls is a quick way to make the space feel more current. Here are a few ...

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Market Recap and NEW Coming Soon

As we compile our notes from this year’s High Point Market, one word rules them all – customization! As designers, our team at The Black Goose Design couldn’t be more thrilled to see trends going this direction, as it means we have that much more opportunity to make your space uniquely your own.   Join us for this market show-and-tell. You’ll get a look at some of our favorite items and the newest looks coming soon to ...

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