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Madison Johnson Assistant Manager and Buyer
Madison Johnson
Assistant Manager and Buyer

Madi believes design gives people the ability to show personality and passion, without vocalizing it. Giving someone a space to be their authentic self is her goal. Creating spaces, throughout your home that shift your mood, are important. People need separate spaces where they feel productive, feed their creative moments, to host and make memories; and most importantly, relax. Madi specializes in Organic Modern with a flare of European Farmhouse. Texture and natural elements play such important roles in her designs, especially when working with a neutral color pallet. She has experience in kitchen and bath design, but her favorite spots to design are the entry and living room. Madi went to Central Michigan University where she received her degree in Public Relations and Advertising. After years of designing sets for photoshoots and commercials, she began to focus on residential design. With experience in 3D renderings, she is able to help clients visualize the outcome of their homes through every stage of the design process.